Balancing blogging & university.

Being a student, either in college or university, gives you a lot of flexibility and can inspire changes in your life that will help you to pursue your blog. Many bloggers study full-time (myself included) alongside working part-time jobs, doing internships and running their blogs. University is a fun and creative environment where you can play around with your independence, figure out who you are, explore different avenues and hobbies in a new city and discover a different way to live your life. 

The university environment is the perfect place to begin nurturing an online platform thanks to how useful it can be for your future career and making your new city, if you’ve moved for your studies, feel like home. 

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My Student Studying Essentials

It is getting to the time of year again where a lot of students can’t quite get into the Christmas spirit yet (I’m putting my tree up this weekend, need to hit Poundland for some more decorations first as I currently have none) thanks to the winter exam period. I no longer have exams at this time of year (I get hit by more in the spring) but I still know and need my student studying essentials thanks to the mountain of coursework.

My dissertation is constantly looking over my shoulder and I have been pulling long days in the library (mostly at weekends because I am fun and exciting) and I need a lot of things to ensure I manage to stay the whole day or else I’ll skulk home before you know it.

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Organisational Tips For Students

I love organisation, organising things and telling people that I’m organised. Feeling in control is really important to me and as someone who gets stressed out over the tiniest things, doing everything I can to maintain control and be on top of things makes all the difference to me and my stress levels.

At the moment I feel like I’m balancing a few different plates whilst trying to catch up with all my friends, exercise and eat healthily and do things just for me such as reading a book or binge watching Peep Show again. The start of the university year can be very overwhelming and I find that doing lots of little things help me to have an organised week, and therefore an organised life.

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How To Stay Sane When Taking University Exams

It is the season for students all over the country to walk around and tell everyone how stressed they are. Or how much revision they’ve done but still no nothing. Or how they can’t wait for their first post-exam pint. Happy May everyone!

This will my third year of taking university exams and it actually a year since I last sat one. I’m nervous, obviously, but after six years of revising and studying and sitting exams I have my pre-exam prep down to a tee. I thought I’d share my tips and tricks for exam season in case anyone is need of a little nudge.

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Tips & Tricks For Managing A Busy Month

April has been one of my busiest months to date! It has been a combination of holiday in the sunshine, celebrations, revision and just trying to stay on top of my shit. University classes subsided at the end of March giving way to the Easter weekend and then I subsequently jetted off to Ibiza for a week with my sister.

As lovely as my week in the sun was I didn’t take my laptop so I got next to no blogging or university revision done. When I landed and headed back in Glasgow I fully expected to be chasing my tail to make up for lost time – especially as I was losing my weekends to a trip home and a hen party in Newcastle.

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