3 Things You Need When Starting University

I’m writing this up on a Sunday morning, my last one at home for a while after the dreamiest of summers in the Scottish Borders, before heading back to Glasgow to start my third year at university. I can’t quite believe it was two years ago when I first moved there to start my studies, two years ago since I met people who shaped me, two years since I became a bit more independent, two years since I left the slow countryside life for a little while.

University is hard, it is scary, it is daunting. It is everything you’ve thought it would be and more. No experience is exactly alike to another, everyone has a different unique journey. You have to be prepared to be unprepared, prepared to be flexible, to change. I’ve come quite a long way since I first stepped into my student accommodation two years ago, sometimes forwards, sometimes backwards but I wouldn’t change anything, good or bad, in a second.

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What’s In My Bag | Uni Edition

These posts are one of my faves. I’ve seen them popping around recently, I really enjoyed Jenny’s YouTube vid version (there was also a cameo from a dachshund, I love dachshunds) and Lis’ one featuring the cutest stationary. One super sunny March afternoon after submitting my classics essay (all my coursework for this semester has been submitted yaaaas, now just actual exams to go), I emptied out my uni bag and TAH DAH, the contents.

I just thought I’d share because I fancied it and tbh this is a tidy bag and purse situation, I usually have loads of train tickets and subway tickets scuttling about the bottom of here to. But I must have cleaned it out recently because none, repeat, NONE.

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10 Things We Feel When Moving Out Of Student Halls

OH MY GOD IT’S ALL OVER. I’m out. Out of Murano. Jeez I’m making it sound like a prison. It’s been an emotional roller-coaster year filled with so many laughs and so many memories, which about 83% have occurred in good ol’ Murano. Ah the place where dreams kind of die but also the place where many dreams are dreamt.

I can’t quite believe I won’t be living in Room 1 of Flat F anymore. It’ll be strange when someone asks where I live I’ll be saying another part of Glasgow instead of Ochil, Murano. Unfortunately the classic “do you live in halls?” won’t be an a-star conversation starter anymore. Damn it. Better start thinking of a few more.

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9 Things University Has Taught Me

Well what a year, I cannot believe that first year is nearly over. As excited and happy as I am that summer is now on it’s way, I can’t help but feel a little downhearted that I won’t be living 0.23 seconds away from some of my favourite people in the world and that I won’t be living in the little “student bubble”.

Summer brings the real world, and work, and saving up again, so we can do the last year all over again in September, only this time with a little more sophistication and class that comes with us all being older and wiser obviously.

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