changing my approach to skincare with your good skin’s #28DayChallenge.

I’m a bit shit at skincare tbh. I have all the bits and bobs but the minute I sit down in my bed at 8.30pm to tuck into another episode of The Blacklist, it’s a struggle getting back up to brush my teeth let alone mess around with some skincare products for 10 minutes.

And as a result, I’m not overly happy with my skin. I complain about redness all the blinkin’ time and thanks to a horrific breakout I had over the summer, I’ve got quite a few scars from spots as well as new spots popping up all the time. It doesn’t make for a confidence booster. But I know, as long as I sit on my arse about it, nothing is going to happen.

I think my lack of a skincare routines boils down mostly to ~ laziness ~ so when Your Good Skin (a Boots skincare range) got in touch and asked if I wanted to take part in their #28DayChallenge, naturally I was going to give it a whirl. So for the next 28 days I”m going to be using four Your Good Skin products as recommended and we’ll check back in at the end to see what I thought of the products and how my skin (and my laziness) is working out.

You can get involved to by signing up to the Your Good Skin community and sharing your stories/tips/tricks about skin woes or skin pros or head on over to my Instagram where I’ve shared a couple of snaps with more information.

the products.

oil lifting make-up removal wipes.

I’m super excited to try these make-up removal wipes (retails at £3.99, Boots) as they are ace for a lazy gal like me and my micellar water is just about to run out so fate really. I wear make-up almost every day so these will definitely be getting a lot of use but I just like to freshen up on an eve anyway with a quick scrub or wipe as it makes my face feel like a blank slate.

pore minimising + balancing tonic / balancing skin concentrate.

My pores are the root of my troubles at the moment and I can’t remember the last time I used a product like this. The recommended use of both these products is twice a day so I’m going to be aiming to keep up with that to get the best results. Starting with the tonic (retails at £4.99, Boots), I’ll then use the concentrate (retails at £16.99, Boots) to finish the job up. Both products aim to minimise your pores and work in harmony with your skin.

instant dryness rescue.

The fourth product I have to try is the Instant Dryness Rescue (retails at £9.99, Boots). This is to apply to dry skin areas on your face which for me is my forehead and above my eyebrows. It can be used on top of make-up as well which will be super useful for giving myself a touch up during the day over my foundation.

So as I said, I’ll be partaking in the #28DayChallenge and be checking back in November with how I got on with the products and I’ll be able to let you all know what I thought of them after use.

This sponsored post was produced in collaboration with Your Good Skin but all views and opinions expressed here are my own. For further clarification, please read my full disclaimer here