content creators you need to be following.

Blogging is dead apparently. But I would like to disagree. Yes, content creation is changing and developing but I don’t think blogging is finished just yet. I am still spending lots of time devouring the posts my favourite writers are sharing on the internet – from travel to lifestyle to interiors to Love Island chat.

This post is inspired by Jemma at Dorkface after she shared her favourite bloggers who are keeping the community alive. I loved seeing this kind of support and enthusiasm for blogging! A few of those mention I am also massive fans of but there were a couple new ones who are now firmly included on my reading roster.

If you are not following these massive babes I’m about to mention then WHAT ARE YOU DOING (just kidding) and I would really really urge you to check them all out once you’ve read my ramblings on them. Scroll on down …

colours & carousels.

I think Charlotte is one of the best bloggers in business. Her personality really shines through her writing on her fabulous lifestyle blog Colours & Carousels where she covers personal style, travel, food & restaurant reviews and plenty more. My favourite category however is her tips on blogging.

She writes a fabulous fortnightly newsletter called Blogging Tips, has launched another website dedicated to all things blogging called Blog & Beyond and is a whizz at all things digital marketing and making your content stand out. She is also the loveliest person in real life too and someone I am continuously inspired by!

apartment number 4.

I can’t make an interiors based decision without first consulting Apartment Number 4. Victoria is one of my favourite people to follow on social media as well as she is such a positive influence on both Twitter and Instagram which is so encouraging and lovely to see.

Apartment Number 4 is a treasure  trove of interiors tips and tricks and Victoria has recently just added to this by introducing 4 Magazine. Two issues in I am loving reading this digital magazine – it looks incredible and is filled with brand focuses and

as the sparrow flies.

Sam of As The Sparrow Flies is my favourite travel blog and she really stands out to me as her travel guides are so in-depth and I love Sam’s personable voice which shines through. I now wouldn’t plan what to do somewhere without first checking Sam and seeing if she has recommendations.

I’m also a massive fan of Sam’s podcast The Travelust where she chats all things travel with her guests. I’ve learnt so much about how to make the most out of your time and money when travelling by listening to it!

being erica.

Erica is just such a positive and bright influence in the blogosphere. Her Instagram makes me smile when I look at it due to the perfect mix of colour and her chatty personality. I love looking at the world through her lens – it seems a lot brighter! Erica’s blog, Being Erica, is something I regularly scroll through the archives of.

I love all of her travel posts as she knows how to do a city break and I’ve been really enjoying all her posts on thrifty fashion. I’m on a very small budget this summer so I’ve been picking up all the tips and borrowing ideas on how to wear thrifty fashion from Erica’s writing.

i want you to know.

Kristabel is, honestly, one of the best bloggers out there. I love how candidly she talks about everything from race and finances to living in London and having big boobs. I can sit with her YouTube videos on for hours as she is so chatty and personable and comes across so well on camera.

Her blog I Want You To Know is a treasure trove of blogging resources, amazingly colourful personal style and fantastic lifestyle posts. I honestly just adore everything Kristabel does.

rush + teal.

Everything Allie seems to do, she kills it. I first started following her on Instagram and fell in love with her warmer toned feed showing off her incredible style, interiors and her honest personality. Rush & Teal is one of my favourite to read as it is honestly like a beautiful magazine available at your fingertips with Allie’s stunning photography and chatty words talking you through lots of great lifestyle content.

Her newsletter, Slow Sunday Club, which she runs with her sister is one of my favourite to open on a Sunday as it is a beautiful edit of all things lovely with some great think pieces included! They also do a Slow Sunday Book Club in the newsletter which is great for those looking to do a little more reading.

vix meldrew.

I probably click onto Vix’s self-titled blog about once a day if not more. If I’m ever stuck for something to do I give her blog a little once over as she has so many posts to discover in her huge archives with pieces on veganism, social issues and sex and relationships.

I adore her tone of voice in her writing as it really just feels like a friend is talking to me or giving my advice. Vix also now hosts one of my favourite podcasts called She Did What? where she chats to a guest each episode to discuss all things female.