diy projects i want to tackle that i *think* i can manage.

Err, DIY has never been my strong point. But in my defence, I’ve never really tried. Thanks to living with my dad for my whole life until now he has always been on hand to build my flat-pack furniture and hang up the shelves I kept on buying.

I did actually hang up one picture by myself in my bedroom at my parents house AND it is squint. Well done me. And I’m too lazy to go back and fix it so my beautiful Desenio leaf print hangs at an angle on the wall. Nailed it.

However, since Rachel very kindly let me switch rooms with her and I suddenly have ALL THIS SPACE and NONE OF THE MONEY I have a whole host of DIY projects I want to tackle to make this room feel less like an empty room and instead a stylish space that I can blog the heck out of. Hehe, all for that content.

plant window boxes + have a windowsill herb garden.

I’m constantly on a mission to get more green-fingered and since reading the latest edition of one of my favourite newsletters, Stories From My Kitchen by Gem Morson, I feel all inspired to finally get some window boxes now that I have three windows to choose from. Thank you gods for the this bay window.

I want to start up my own little herb garden and grow all the things right on my window sill. In the long term I’m hoping to save myself some money whilst simultaneously spicing up my cooking with more than the odd leaf of basil that I stick in once on a blue moon.

make a hanging basket.

I have a grand total of four plants in my room – one of these is a cactus that cost me an obscene amount of money from Urban Outfitters and I don’t want to talk about it. When I came home from Stockholm I’m pleased to announce that I resurrected one of my plants that had almost died whilst I was on holiday. Yes, I am a skilled gardener.

So in order to have more plant babies I would like to make a little hanging basket as I have plenty of plant pots kicking around and even more spare time. Luke Catleugh, one of my favourite creators at the moment, did a cool YouTube tutorial on how to make a hanging planter so I’m going sit down someday soon and make one.

desk area spruce up.

Ugh, don’t even get me started on these ugly-ass desks that we all cursed with in this Woodlands flat. Honestly, looking at the damn thing makes me sad. Mine currently looks awful. I have been doing a lot of pinning of dreamy desk set-ups and I need a wire board in my life.

So I’m going to make my own. I have had an idea about scouting out Poundland for some sort of clothes horse that I can dismantle or head down to the Ruthven Mews to the junk shops to see if there are any wire frames kicking about. With a lick of spray paint it’ll look jazzy in no time. I also saw Vix Meldrew had upended a wire tray from Primark to hang necklaces on so maybe I could do the same sort of thing here?

I’m also planning to tidy up the pen area, purchase a tray of some sort, add fresh flowers in a vase and finally repurchase some new candles. I want it to be a space that I can be proud of and even WORK AT.

add something to the walls.

Honestly at this stage I would be happy with anything up on the walls. One thing about living somewhere with such tall ceilings is the space to fill is actually kind of daunting. Currently I have one Desenio print stuck up next to the bookcase with some washi tape. I want to experiment with different ways of hanging things up (I need to move on from the washi tape) and find some vintage frames that I can tidy up.

Obv Ruthven Mews will be another shout and I’ll probably lurk around TK Maxx as you never know what you’ll find in there. My friend Samuel did me a super cool painting that needs framed which I’m going to hang in my ‘office’ (my desk area when tidy) but I keep forgetting to measure it.

So YES! Wish me luck. A summer of half-finished DIY projects awaits yours truly …