everything i’ve been watching recently.

It is safe to say I watch a lot of Netflix. I like to work with background noise so I often have Netflix purring away when I’m tapping on my keyboard or washing dishes. It is pretty much the soundtrack to my life. I’m aware that sharing this list of ‘recent’ conquests will highlight how much of a loser I am to you all but the things I’ll do for blog content I guess.

It is inspired by Charlotte’s post about everything she’s been reading recently as even for me there is a little more than usual on here. With Ibiza, the Easter holidays and increased general laziness this month I’ve managed to watch plenty of Netflix. You will find a whole host of things on here as my TV tastes are a bit scattered from dark and grisly murders to silly sitcoms to period dramas.

north + south.

Let’s not save the best till last and dive right in with the good stuff straight away shall we? I love a period drama as much as the next person who loves to romanticise things despite being a cynical and realistic pessimist. I’m not really sure what brought me to North and South. I had seen it pop up on my Netflix discovery quite a few times but one lazy afternoon post-holiday blues I popped it on and fell promptly in love.

Perfectly Victorian, it follows Margaret Hale in industrial Milton after an idyllic life in Hampshire where she meets John Thornton, a prominent mill owner, and becomes embroiled in industrial tension, the Milton way of life and family illness. This is now one of my favourite stories ever and I’ve since bought the book. Watch on Netflix.

pride + prejudice.

Post North and South I was in a desperate mood for more period romances in my life. Colin Firth as Mr Darcy is exquisite and I loved Pride and Prejudice even more this time around. I definitely need pick up a copy of the book as I don’t actually own one and I need to read more of Lizzie Bennet.

I’m sure I won’t need to explain the plot here but just in case Pride & Prejudice follows English aristocracy in the regency period with dances, tea, husband hunting, horse rides and the iconic wet shirt scene. Watch on Netflix.


My favourite Austen story is Emma despite the title character being an insufferable pain in the arse most of the time. Emma thinks of herself as a matchmaker and takes it upon herself to meddle in the love lives of her friends and family. It all goes a bit wrong and Emma realises who she wants to be with. It is very light-hearted and silly but v pleasing to watch. Watch on Netflix.

new girl.

This is one of my favourite shows and I’m so gutted it’s back for the final season. It is bittersweet as I’m glad they’re not taking the story too far and pushing it so it becomes rubbish but also devastated to be losing out on watching the loft and its inhabitants. Jess is one of my favourite characters as she is so kind and funny and I think this show has an amazing character list with super good chemistry. Watch on E4 (but I stream it hehe).


I have a bit of a love-hate situation going on with this show as the first season was so captivating but it has gotten a bit rubbish. It is based on the Archie comics but I personally find Archie to be incredibly annoying. Cole Sprouse as Jughead Jones is no doubt the saviour of the show.

It follows a strange little town called Riverdale (duh) where lots of weird goings on occur from murdered teenagers to masked gunmen to seedy affairs to decades old secrets. It is a bit much at times but I’m still watching so. Watch on Netflix.


The Mortal Instruments book series by Cassandra Clare was one of my favourite book series a few years ago and I love seeing it on screen. This adaption is a little better than the movie (also on Netflix) and it is a bit cringe at times but still quite good. It follows a group of Shadowhunters in NYC working to keep the human world safe from vampies, werewolves, demons and more! Watch on Netflix.

jane the virgin.

Honestly, every episode of Jane The Virgin is amazing. I smile and I cry and I laugh and this show really deserves more attention. It never lets me down and it throws up the best plot twists. The season four finale! Wow. Jane is initially a virgin who is accidentally inseminated and it follows her crazy life. I am so excited for the next season I might need to re-watch. Watch on Netflix.


I watched the first season on Westworld on a whim after seeing it mentioned in an article and god, it’s good. I honestly couldn’t believe how mental it was and how incredibly clever the storyline was. Set in a theme park in the wild west filled with humanoid robots where rich people come to drink, fight and sleep with robot prostitutes. Things start going wrong as a few robots start to become self-aware. The second season has just started and I’m so excited by it already. Watch on Sky (but I stream it).

the originals.

I think I prefer The Originals to its predecessor The Vampire Diaries as the original vampires were always much more exciting and vampire-like than the ones living in Mystic Falls. I love the setting of New Orleans as it is a city I’ve always wanted to visit and some seriously weird shit happens – from ancient feuds to prophecies to some serious witchy power.

This has just returned for its fifth season and I’m so excited by the arrival of Caroline Forbes from TVD in The Originals world. Watch on Netflix (but I’m streaming the fifth season).


I’m a bit on and off with Vikings. I go through phases of being really into it and times where I just can’t be bothered. I love a historical TV show and the Vikings as a people have always fascinated. It is based on the sagas of Ragnar Lothbrok and his sons and follows the Vikings at home and in England on their raids. Lagertha is one of my favourite women to see on TV and I wish I was as kick-ass as her in real life. Watch on Amazon Prime.

criminal minds.

Seriously one of my favourite shows ever. I love anything crime based and for thirteen seasons Criminal Minds has filled that hole for me. It follows an elite team of FBI profilers solving cases that are usually dark, grisly and gruesome in nature and often involving serial killers.

It has such a fabulous cast of characters from genius Reid to lovely Penelope to old school Rossi. There a few cast changes as thirteen seasons is a long time but it is still as amazing as ever at the end of season thirteen. Not sure where to watch but I’m streaming it.

la mante.

I watched this absolutely chilling French Nordic-noir style thriller in Ibiza on an evening before bed and it was incredible. I usually watch TV when I’m doing something else (typing this whilst watching old episodes of Teen Wolf) so the subtitles put me off a bit as I would have to actively watch the show.

Thank goodness I didn’t let myself be put off! I would be missing out. It was truly haunting. It follows the police trying to solve copycat crimes of a serial killer called The Mantis who agrees to cooperate if her son, a detective, is the one to collaborate with her. The Mantis herself is terrifying and I loved The Killing vibe this show gives off. Watch on Netflix.

the bold type.

This is another of my favourite shows and everyone needs to watch this. It follows three girls living and working together in Manhattan for a magazine styled like Cosmo called Scarlet in their personal and professional lives.

There is a real sense of girl power which is sometimes hard to find in TV shows like this and I just found it really inspiring. Living in NYC is a dream of mine and watching shows like this only feeds the wanderlust. Watch on Amazon Prime.


This was another Ibiza watch after seeing everyone on my Twitter timeline go bonkers over Marcella season two I decided to give it a whirl. Anna Friel is fantastic as the titular character and I loved the grisly storyline. The only quip I had with it is Marcella’s memory blocks – it just seems a bit convenient. A London set detective show is always a hit in my books and Marcella didn’t miss. Watch on Netflix.