Fashion Polaroids Spring Essentials

Fashion Polaroids Spring Essentials

Hey guys!

I am Joanne from Fashion Polaroids. Me and Kirsty thought we would do a wee guest post on each other’s blogs, so I figured as spring is now upon us I would share with you some of my spring fashion essentials.


I know it seems silly and a really obvious thing but I get really cold and spring is such a strange season that I can never decide exactly what I should be wearing warm wise. I tend to go for layering rather than big jumpers (although recently I have found myself reaching for my bigger knitwear again, it is so cold).

Denim Jacket

This is one of my favourite places. It is slightly too light for winter and a little too heavy for summer so it is normally my go to spring jacket. It is really cosy and it does go with everything, which is always a winner!

Lighter Denim

I try to do this, although I am always drawn back to my black jeans. I like to wear lighter jeans in the spring, I guess in my head that is it is getting brighter outside so my clothes should get a little lighter too. Plus since I have had these jeans I have not had them off, they are so great I think they may be my new favourites.

Quay Sunglasses

Quay are one of my favourite sunglasses brands. They have so many amazing designs I have always end up wanting. At last count I had about 4 different pairs and I am not even ashamed. I just love them. My argument is that you can never have too many pairs of sunglasses especially when it gets sunny!


I always find myself wearing my classic white converse way more in spring than in any other time of the year. I’m still not 100% sure why but I think it has to do with the fact that my feet don’t as cold in them. Hear me out, because they are made of quite thin canvas they can make your feet quite cold in cold weather and because I hate being cold, it does really put me off wearing them in the cold. As the weather gets warmer I reach for them more. They look great with midi dresses and light denim but also because I love them!

Midi Dress

I am a dress fan all year round but there are some dresses that you can’t really wear with tights. I have a few midi dresses which I hate with tights, so can’t really wear them until it gets a little warmer because frozen ankles ain’t pretty! I am loving this dress in particularly at the moment 1. because it is a really pretty colour, 2. because I mean look how fun the back is, 3. it is great for layering and finally it is just so fun, is it a dress? Is it a jumper and a skirt? Who knows!!

What are your spring essentials? 

And head over to my blog now to see Kirsty’s post she did for me.

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