My Favourite Ways To Spend A Sunday

My Favourite Ways To Spend A Sunday

I bloody love a Sunday. A day where it feels totally acceptable to slob about all day in pyjamas and eat the best food and wake up late – but like I don’t do that on any day of the week, especially the pyjamas part.

But there is something special about a Sunday isn’t there? I love having one totally plan free every once in a while – a day where you can spend it doing anything you want. But as I’m coming to end of a very busy semester, cherishing my Sundays have been even more important.

I feel so drained by it all as I’ve been run off my feet all semester and I’m looking forward to a quiet few weeks celebrating the holidays, even if I will be squeezing a bit of work in. Sundays in Glasgow can also be lonely and quiet so I’ve found my perfect ways to spend a Sunday in the city when I have one going ..


Woodlands is such a good area for cafes and my favourite haunts are the iCafes on both Woodlands Road and Great Western Road. I wish wish wish I lived closer to a Starbucks but the iCafe has great wifi, plenty of seats and a perfect solo working atmosphere. I find sitting at a cafe staring out the window the perfect place for thinking up blog posts and inspiration. It is also a good place to devour a book, drink some coffee and treat yourself to a delicious cake.


When I say walking, I don’t mean hiking a mountain or a coastal path. I would like to do that at some point but I do mean pottering around a city park or around a new neighbourhood. Kelvingrove Park is one of my favourite places I think in the world, especially on a Sunday. It is dog galore.

I like walking through at any time in the week but it is especially lovely on a Sunday. During autumn, the trees were going amber and it was a treasure trove for Instagram (lame I know). In the summer it is the perfect place to sit and people watch on the slope or read a book (god I’m a hoot).


I blinkin’ love food shopping, especially in a bigger supermarket. In my last flat we were placed near to a large Lidl, Morrison’s, Sainsbury’s and Marks & Spencer’s. I’m not as spoiled in Woodlands with a tiny Sainsbury’s, a small Tesco and then a Lidl not too far off Great Western Road. Writing a list, having some meal plan ideas and heading off to the shop to get organised for the week is both relaxing and makes me look forward to the following week.


Netflix is my life (no joke) and watching a movie on a Sunday feels a treat. I mean, I practically haemorrhaging TV shows, Downton Abbey is my current fix, but devoting a couple of hours to a good movie just feels different. I have a blog post in the works about all the things I’ve been watching recently but I’m really into supernatural/action/dystopian films. Curling up with a blanket, my laptop, a cup of tea or a Diet Coke and some biscuits, perfect way to spend a slow Sunday afternoon. 


I live for organising things and writing lists and planning my little heart out. So Sunday is the perfect day to do a meal plan, do my shopping, make sure I’m organised with blog posts for the coming week, make sure I’m organised with uni work for the coming week. I also glance at my finances but they just upset me too much so I proceed to stick my head back into the sand. Sunday’s are perfect for some research on an upcoming trip or planning something in the future or hell, doing a load of washing.