five friday favourites.

It is Thursday evening and I have had a really good day, like a really good day. I’ve fake tanned (one of my newest hobbies) so I think I smell quite nice and I did a Garnier moisture tissue mask for the first time and I think I can already feel a different in my skin. My flatmate did tell me I looked like Hannibal Lecter which was alarmingly true when I looked in the mirror – maybe don’t do one of these if you home alone late at night after watching a horror film if you are a giant wuss like me.

It’s been a strange old week: no exams means no responsibilities (well kind of) and I’ve been ambling around the West End eating out and drinking cocktails. V nice for me, a change from my usual spirits of rolling around in my bed in a hoodie that hasn’t been washed in weeks. I have done lots of packing and lots of tidying and lots of moping around because I’m moving out my lovely flat on Sunday and I am going to miss it so much.

It feels like the end of an era: four gals will become three. But thanks to the beautiful invention of Skype/Facebook, we will survive. But yes, it is now Thursday night and I am lying in a food coma. I had the loveliest pizza lunch followed by cider at the union followed by chatting in Kelvingrove Park for ages followed by a McDonald’s McFlurry in the updated joint on Crow Road with a lovely friend. It is weird to think that in 21 short days I’ll be en route to the USA and sunny days in Glasgow will feel a world away. I’m off to watch more Brooklyn Nine-Nine (it will probs feature next week) but here is this week’s five favourites.

Riverside Museum

I have been wanting to visit this Glasgow museum since moving to this area in September. I haven’t gotten around to it until now because a) I’m quite lazy b) other things go in the way. But with nothing to stop me one Sunday and the weather was surprisingly warm and sunny, a welcome respite as it came sandwiched between two days of rain a la biblical style. I was surprised at how much I did enjoy this museum. I like museums as a general rule but this one was so interesting and visually intriguing. So many fantastic things to look at: trains, buses, trams, cars, bicycles.

The replica of a Glasgow street with a tailors, saddlers, pub, cafe and the iconic subway was so interesting and added to the whole experience more. This would be an amazing place to take children as you can get up right and close personal with the items on display and the trains are very imposing to look at. I had lunch in the little cafe which was delicious and then headed outside to have a look at the views down the Clyde and soak up some of the sunshine. I neglected to go inside the Tall Ship as I’ve been before but I was thoroughly impressed by the details of the Riverside Museum, it is so worth your time.

New Look Sale

Whilst in the city centre on Saturday searching for things for my summer in the USA, I did some browsing in New Look. My flatmate has a grey sweatshirt from New Look which I loooove so I was on the hunt for something similar. New Look very kindly had a sale rail on which to my absolute delight, I found two gorgeous sweatshirts. The first one was £10 and is a very light grey colour. It is similar to my flatmates and will be perfect for this summer if it gets a little chilly in the evenings.

The second one was only £5 and is a cropped sweatshirt in my second most favourite colour of lilac. It is quite oversized as I got it in a bigger size to normal but I love the slouchy fit of it. As it is cropped, it finishes at a nice height and can be worn with almost anything. I wore it on Sunday on my trip to the Riverside Museum with a black floral midi dress from Urban Outfitters, tucked into a belt at the front and I felt like less of a bumbling idiot than usual.

New Girl

Whilst doing lots of tidying and packing this week in order for moving out, I’ve been watching New Girl in the background. I absolutely adored this show for it’s first four seasons but ended up missing season 5 and 6. It has recently be renewed for a final seventh seasons so I thought it was time to reacquaint myself with it. I binge watched most of season 5 in two days and I’m just on episode 3 of season 6 now (Tuesday night) whilst typing this. I love this show so much, I forgot how much so.

All of the main cast are brilliant, so perfectly different yet work together so nicely. I love the romance of Schmidt and Cece, their wedding was a definite highlight of season 5! After a lot of consideration my favourite character is Winston followed by Nick. I laugh at most of the things these two guys say but Winston wins it with his adorable romance with Aly and his one on one screen time with Ferguson. I wish my cat was more like Ferguson, he seems a right character. I’m really excited to see how this show wraps up in its seventh season but all I know is I want to live in a loft from now on.

Bibi’s Cantina

Our flat is situated next-door to the most adorable looking Mexican restaurant which I have had my eye on all year. We decided to go out for a last flat dinner just the four of us as one of my flatmates is going on study abroad for a year so it was be nice to just eat together a last time due to conflicting summer schedules meaning we probably won’t all hang out again until summer 2018! Which is crazy, because like, summer 2017 isn’t even properly here right now.

It was very quiet when we went as we went for the happy hour offer on between 3-5pm for two courses for £10 plus a glass of wine/corona/margarita. I had beef fajitas for a main followed by this gorgeous invention of cinnamon tortillas with ice cream which was so delicious. The decor is so cute in this place and it is really lovely, if a little off the beaten path! Afterwards we headed to the Pacific Tiki Bar and Bag O Nails for a couple of drinks before watching the final three episodes of Friends with some popcorn. But yes, Bibi’s was lovely food and the service was great too, such friendly waiting staff! I also forget to take any pictures for Instagram because I was having so much fun and wasn’t thinking about it so that is a good sign that y’know, I do have a real life.

Paramore After Laughter

Now I’m not the most musically inclined person. I love listening to music and I get my money’s worth of my Spotify premium but I don’t have any great affiliation with any bands or artists or genres. I love lots of different types of music. If I’m in your “Friend Activity” on Spotify, it’ll probably show the most recent thing I was listening to was Disney Hits. I have a few playlists I play on repeat (Disney Hits being one of them, I am not ashamed to admit) but it is unusual for me to get enticed in by a new release. However I saw so much hype about the release of Paramore’s two new singles followed by the subsequent release of After Laughter and I was intrigued.

And bloody hell it is brilliant. I’ve been listening to it constantly. Usually in the morning whilst I’m pottering around eating breakfast and rolling around in bed. So. Many. Good. Songs. My personal favourites are Rose-Coloured Boy and Fake Happy but I really like them all. I don’t really know how to comment about music or write a review because I don’t know what I’m talking about but it is so easy to listen to and all of the songs are just great. I listened to Fake Happy 3 times in 45 minutes so I think that qualifies as me seeing it as great. If you want to read a more in-depth (and informed review) check out this post from Joseph Burrows.