five friday favourites.

It’s Thursday night at 22.49, I’ve been watching Geordie Shore (more on this new fascination further down in this post) and my little doggo is snuggled up next to me.

I’m watching Moana and so far, so good. I’ve heard crazy good things about this film and I already love the soundtrack as I listened to Disney songs on repeat in the flat. This weekend is looking up to be one of errands, more Geordie Shore (I hate me too) and something mildly exciting on Sunday which I won’t diverge into just yet.

I’m kind of running out of things to say: I’m literally just doing nothing at the moment. Oh but I did eat three packets of Hula Hoops this afternoon and then spent like 3 hours hating myself for it.

And I really should have showered this evening as I’ve been helping my dad and uncle clear out the workshop in prep for the farm sale next weekend (which I’m missing, sob!) and I’m about 3 foot under in dust but alas, let the grossness of my lifestyle continue. Anyway, this week’s faves, hurrah!


After our mini heatwave last week, my parents and I decided to polish it all off with a trip to the seaside for fish and chips. Eyemouth has been a favourite of ours for years as it isn’t too far away and Mackies does amazing food. I

had scampi and chips which despite the chips being a little bit too raw for my liking, was really yummy and it is really nice to look out of the windows onto the beach and the sea beyond. Being near the seaside always makes me whimsical and wish for holidays, does anyone else get like that? We got caught in a hellish thunderstorm when driving over but luckily by the time we had finished our dinner, it had dried up and we were able to walk along the harbour side for an ice cream.

Giocapazzi’s is another Eyemouth staple, they serve the best ice cream in the Borders. I had a two-scoop tub of Bubblegum and Kinder Bueno which was a strange combination. Both really lovely but I do wish I had had two scoops of kinder bueno instead as it was really delicious! I love eating out and I’m super excited to sample lots of new food this summer in the states.

fudge clean blonde shampoo.

Since dyeing my hair blonde last July, purple toning shampoo has been a repeat purchase for me. I have naturally very dark hair so I’m desperate to stop my blonde hair from turning a gross brassy yellow.

Toning shampoo is a little bit more expensive and over the last eight weeks at uni, I got really bad at repurchasing it and you could tell by looking at my hair. When I got it dyed again last week (I accidentally got a smidge too much blonde put in and I look like Draco Malfoy’s twin sister), I snapped up a really good toning shampoo recommended by my hairdresser.

Over the summer I won’t be able to get it dyed as it is expensive and I won’t be able to look after my hair like I usually do. Investing in a really good toning shampoo seemed a sensible fix for when I’m away and I managed to snap up some Fudge shampoo from Amazon. I have only used it a couple of times but I’m really pleased with the way it is making my hair look and feel, no more brassiness over here.

geordie shore.

I am a woman obsessed and I’m about six years too late to the party. Growing up, we didn’t have Sky in my house so I wasn’t able to watch MTV’s Geordie Shore like the rest of my classmates. I wasn’t really bothered as I’ve never been that into reality TV aside from my brief flirtation with Made In Chelsea but since watching a lot of TV whilst packing and blogging recently, I discovered Geordie Shore.

And it’s bloody brilliant. So far I’ve watched seasons 4-10 and I’m so gutted I’ll have to be taking a break from binge watching it over the summer. My favourite cast member is definitely Charlotte and I really like her, Sophie and Holly’s friendship.

It is the same storylines happening over and over again (Gaz and Charlotte, Vicki and Ricci, drunk fighting over everything) but it is so addictive and hilarious to watch. I did enjoy the season spent in Australia but the best content always happens when they are back in the Geordie Shore house in Newcastle.

lunch date.

I spent Wednesday afternoon with my friend Steph who I’ve literally known for years. We don’t see each other that often due to university and other commitments but we finally managed to catch up this week before I head off to the states. It is always lovely to see her as we always have lots to talk about and catch up on! Steph picked me up as I’m housebound due to my sister using our car for going to work everyday and we headed to The Terrace Cafe at Floors Castle.

I used to work here so it is kind of weird coming back here but they have good food and a lovely outside seating area which looks out onto the lovely gardens. The sun was shining so we opted to sit outside. There was a lot of people sitting outside so the place had a real busy atmosphere which I really like.

I had the loveliest duck and orange terrine on sourdough toast with a side salad which was super tasty, I never eat duck but I really like it so I was pretty pleased with the choice I made here. For dessert we split a piece of chocolate cake and slice of lemon meringue pie as we couldn’t decide between the two! It was so lovely to catch up with Steph and I wish I could see her more over the summer but alas, summer is calling.

I don’t have a fifth favourite this week, soz. My life is a constant repeat of Geordie Shore, packing and blogging. I wish I could lie but that’s the truth. I barely wear make-up, I’m in a repeat of gym leggings or pyjamas and all I’m watching is Geordie Shore. Maybe the weekend will be different? Unlikely but.