five friday favourites.

In all complete honesty, I felt like Five Friday Things was lacking a little bit. So I spruced up the name aka changed one word and BAM new post. Also alliteration, saucy.

So it is Thursday, I’ve just finished my last exam (more on that further down) and I’ve just watched the finale of season 12 of Criminal Minds. And bloody hell it was good. I’ve got a busy-ish next few days planned of packing, tidying, cleaning and I’m going to head into town on Saturday to pick up some things.

I’m going to treat myself to a new ring from the Z for Accessorize collection because, y’know, end of exam treat to myself. And I recently lost a ring on the train at Berwick and that was v. sad. Anyway, Friday Faves!

Singl-end, Glasgow

Singl-end has been on my horizons for a while now, too many tasty looking Instagram shots were floating around my feed (thanks for that Instagram algorithm) and boy oh boy, I was not disappointed. I met up with a super old friend from home for brunch and we ended up chatting away for 3 or so hours. Singl-end is just a lovely set up, really spacious and airy, lots of chit chat and really friendly staff and of course, ALL the gorgeous food.

I had a smoked salmon, pesto, boiled egg and rocket sandwich on sourdough bread which was divine and it was such a large portion. Kirsten had baked eggs which looked equally delicious and again, a really good sized portion.

We then both had cakes: I had a blueberry tart which was super tasty and light and Kirsten had the most adorable carrot cake cupcake-thing which was beautifully decorated and delicious looking. I can’t stress how much I liked this place, it was such an easy place to sit and chat, such a lovely atmosphere and really delicious food. I will definitely be returning at some point.

Bondi Sands Fake Tan

Yes I fake tanned. Now I haven’t experimented with this stuff properly since black tube skirts, house parties and elastic headbands with a giant flower attached back in 2013. But as Glasgow is experiencing some pretty delightful weather right now and I was damn tired of my pasty pins, on a whim in Boots on Saturday I picked up a bottle of this stuff.

I have previously tried Primark’s fake tan for £3 and it was a bit shit so I decided to splash out on the £14-ish on this brand. And I really like it. It applies very easily, smells lovely and provides a really good even coverage. And yes, I now have fake tan all over my sheets.

Finishing Exams

I’M OFFICIALLY FREE YAAY! I always feel that finishing exams is anti-climatic, I always feel a bit flat and unsure about what to do next when I’m finished and of course, I spend about an hour afterwards going over the exam paper in my head and stressing myself out. After my final exam of second year which was Classics, I went to Starbuck’s with two friends and had an iced latte which was pretty lush.

I’m excited now to have a week of sorting my life out aka getting organised for honours, re-applying for SAAS, tidying the flat, packing up all my shit and getting organised for the USA on the 8th of June. I have a huge pile of dishes to tackle and my room is a pigsty but it’ll be nice to do things like blogging and reading without feeling mega guilty.

DW Home Candles

A little over a week and a half ago, I headed into TK Maxx to look for an alarm clock. I still do not own said alarm clock but I did find myself mooching around the candles department. I ended up coming away with a diffuser set which smells of rose and two cute little candles.

They are both from DW Home and cost £2.99 each. I have “Jasmine Iris” and “Guava Kiwi”, two very different scents but both smell really lovely, especially for their price tag. The packing is really pretty two, a dip dye effect of two colours and reflect the scent. My favourite is Guava Kiwi as it smells a lot fruity (duh) which is what I prefer but both are really good quality for the price.

Pretty Little Liars

*spoilers for newest ep, soz not soz, do not read on if you haven’t seen it yet, you have been warned*

The new (and final) season of PLL is back on our screens and after the first three episodes, I was a bit meh about it all. Obviously I was going to continue watching as I have dedicated a lot my time and thinking space to PLL and I need to know who AD is but I didn’t feel that enchanted by the episodes.

But after watching the fourth episode on Wednesday, everything has changed. I feel it finally sunk it’s teeth in again and reintroduced all the freaky A-ness, secrets and revelations that has pulled us in time and time again.

Firstly, we got a question answered that has been bubbling for a very long time, who killed Jessica DiLaurentis? According to Spencer’s dad (and long-time fan of the DiLaurentis sisters), it was Jessica’s identical twin sister Mary (and Spencer’s mother) in revenge for telling Charles/Charlotte/Cece/A was dead and she implicated Peter Hastings by using his pills and burying her in his backyard. Is this true?

I’m not sure if this is what actually happened as with PLL you never know who is lying but I’m not going to lie, I did suspect Mary, she is pretty shady. Another revelation was Lucas and Charles knew each other? He has always been shifty so that opened another door for the characters to explore.

There was also the revelation of Sydney definitely being part of the AD squad. Honestly, what is she doing? As Aria pointed out, she barely even knows them and is connected to them through Jenna, who as earlier episodes have shown, wasn’t affiliated with AD until the beginning of this season. She definitely isn’t the big bad but at least we know we can’t trust her.

Speaking of trust, ARIA. How shady. She has always been my least favourite liar and the fact she is willing to through her friends under the bus speaks volumes. Hanna’s life has been torn apart, Emily and Alison have experienced the most insane emotional trauma in the shape of Alison’s pregnancy actually being Emily’s eggs fertilised by A, Spencer being shot and now Aria is saving her own skin and double-crossing them.

Not cool. I can’t believe I have to wait two weeks for the next episode because ugh, so many plot lines I need answers to.

Wow, what a ramble about PLL. But I’m just so excited about it hehe.