five friday things.

I made it to week two! YAY! I stuck with something! Congrats to me! I didn’t leave it to the last moment either, Mrs Very Organised over here. It it the last week of semester two (how the flippity flip did that happen) and as when this goes live it’ll be Friday, I’ll be tootling on to last. ever. class. of. second. year.

Only got 3 exams to trundle past between now and freedom so hm, maybe not quite free just yet. I’ve had a strange week, all of my coursework is now submitted and I just don’t have anything pressing to do, which feels weird. I mean I have like revision for exams to do but nothing which is draining the life out of me just yet.

So I ended up spending too much money in town on Wednesday, ticked off a few Glasgow bucket list destinations of my list and spent a lot of time lounging in my bed watching Criminal Minds. I have since realised by dream job as an FBI profiler is unattainable as I am not a US citizen. So that dream died a quick death.


I am almost finished my bullet journal. I’ve being doing it on and off since July 2016 and since 2017 began, I’ve been doing it almost religiously. I feel so much more in control and on top of things and my Stabilo pens have made all the difference. I would recommend bullet journaling to anyone who struggles with organisation and control and remembering things. It’s just good to have a lil flick through and remind myself of all the things I actually have done.

Since my new found love of this, I’ve written a couple of blog posts on it (find them here and here) which I dunno, you might wanna take a look at it if you are thinking of starting this up. You can practically use any notebook – I’m currently using a hardback Paperchase notebook which I got for my 18th birthday and my next one is going to be one of the ones I received in a Papergang box. Jesus, it’s a bit sad how excited I am to start the next one.


This film <3. I knew I would love it but I didn’t think I would love it this much. Emma Watson was lovely as Belle, despite some misgivings about her playing the part. The music in the film is immense, I cried from about half-way onwards as it just made me so freaking happy. I can’t express how good it is, I think you have to be a Disney fan and appreciate the magic.

I’m super excited to see what other films Disney re-releases in the next few years, as Cinderella, The Jungle Book and Beauty and the Beast have all been fantastic.


I took a day to myself in Glasgow. It was bloody lovely. I decided to go shopping and finally buy a pair of Topshop jeans and new Vans. I ended up skipping the gym so found myself in town earlier than anticipated. I decided to head to the People’s Palace as it’s somewhereI’ve always wanted to go and the glass house was absolutely lovely. It was really nice learning about Glasgow’s history and I particularly liked the bit on executions in Glasgow.

I then headed up to the Cathedral district and saw the Necropolis for the first time. It looked amazing up on the hill and the Cathedral itself is pretty stunning. I’d love to spend a whole day poking around up there.

After annihilating my bank account, I settled in Starbucks for a little while and wrote a new blog post and did some blog reading before Tori came and met me and we went to see Beauty and the Beast.


When browsing Primark for a nightie (I found one and it’s adorable, haul post coming soon), I also spotted this sweet thing hanging on the sale rail. It was a measly £3 and is the softest, comfiest thing this girl has ever owned. Whilst typing this post, I am wearing it and I am considering whether or not it would be acceptable to just wear it to uni with my pyjama top underneath.

I’m only going for one class and intend on returning home promptly so hm, is that acceptable? Does that make me a slob? But yes, get yourself to your nearest Primark and see if it is lurking there, trust me, you need it.


Tidy flat tidy mind. I blitzed the flat on Saturday because I was procrastinating from my essay and I tidied almost everything, my bathroom, bedroom, living room, hallway and kitchen. It was so so so so satisfying. I can’t express how satisfying it has been. I love having clean surfaces and less piles of mess and a clean sink and no dirty dishes. It’s just making me a feel a lot calmer and a lot less stressed about the state of the flat. It also means I’m not tidying the flat in an attempt to not do other things.