five friday things.

I go home on Sunday and I’m so bladdy excited. My parents are coming to pick me up in Glasgow which means I don’t have to wrestle the trains home with my suitcase so yay, excite to that. I can’t wait to spend two weeks at home, sleeping in my bedroom at home, cuddling my dog and eating all the scones and other worldly goodies I can find kicking around my parent’s house.

This week has been a strange one. It isn’t quite close enough to exams to make me totally nervous and panic revise  but classes have finished so my days have been a mix of the wii, going to Lidl and sitting aimlessly in the library eating a cookie whilst I try to rewrite my business notes. Glasgow did however treat us to some lovely weather which I’m going to ramble on about later in the post so that made it a little bit more exciting than usual.


The sun shone all weekend in Glasgow and it was marvellous. On Friday (the first day of sunny weather), we went for an-end-of-semester-celebration-lunch at Zizzi which meant walking home in the sunshine was lovely, even stopped for a McFlurry from McDonalds too!

Saturday and Sunday were even warmer and I finally got to wear my pink sunglasses from Ebay without looking like a massive tit. Everyone just seemed to be in a good mood and lots of beer gardens seemed to be full! It made me so excited for summer and warmer weather and I finally got to dust off my trusty espadrilles again!

Update: after writing this I headed to Kelvingrove Park for a picnic with Ali and Tori which was packed with people out enjoying the sunshine. We sat there for a few hours stuffing our faces with guacamole and tortillas and then headed to McJinty’s on Ashton Lane for a pint in the beer garden. I also broke my espadrilles so they are now in the bin. First the sole came off and then the ankle strap broke so that was sad.


Because for some reason I think I am hella rich and can afford not one but two cinema trips in one week, I went to see Power Rangers. After seeing the trailer for it at Beauty and the Beast, Tori and I both wanted to go and headed along to Cineworld in Glasgow on Saturday. It was a really good film.

My fave character was definitely Billy and the storyline was really good and it had a lot of witty one liners and funny situations! I then did a little Wikipedia on Sunday and there are five sequels planned, five fucking sequels.


I don’t know if I should start taking a picture of all the things I like in a week instead of general header photos? Would be that be sensible? I think I might give that a whirl next week so I just have a chance to take more photos and play around with taking/editing them. Okay, thanks for sitting through that brain vomit.

ANYWAY. I had the sexiest cinnamon bun on Monday morning in a coffee shop\bakery on Great Western Road called Cottonrake Bakery. I’ve never sat in here before or had any coffee from here as my only experience so far had been the dreamiest raspberry bakewell which I treated myself to after my last exam last year.

I had a few hours to kill before doctors appointment and had left the house without breakfast (intending to stop at the food truck in Partick on the way home) so I took myself down here and settled into a corner with said cinnamon bun, a latte and some serious Twitter/Instagram scrolling before I decided to face the music and start dreaded revision (spoiler: I actually instead wrote this post, scheduled some tweets and wrote a “revision list”).

It was kinda huge, had raisins in and was so tasty, I wish I had a photo to share with you but unfortunately, it didn’t stick around long. Oh, I’ve also heard the hot chocolate from Cottonrake is to. die. for.

[wow I had a lot of shit to say about a cinnamon bun]


After binge-watching quite a lot of Lily Melrose’s vlogs, I decided to check out the playlist she had chatted about quite lot in them. I am not a music expert, I don’t have any great love for any genre, I’m not obsessed with any bands, I just listen to whatever and whoever takes my fancy.

Recently I’ve been listening to The Great British Breakfast playlist on Spotify but I was getting bored of it so I tried this 70s one. IT IS SO GOOD. I honestly didn’t think I’d enjoy it as much as I do, they are a few songs which are classics, which even I have heard of but there are also lots that I don’t know which is exciting as I’m getting to discover lots of music that is new to me!


I was going to write a whole post on this but in all honesty I don’t really know what I’d say. Thanks I guess? Thank you for sticking around whilst I hash out typos and not leaving hate and giving me something to do in my spare time. I love rambling away on the internet talking about my favourite lipstick one moment to THE OH MY GOD IS THAT FROM PRIMARK top to getting all down and deep about uni and life and being stressed 6/7 days of the week.

I can’t describe in enough words how thankful I am that I discovered blogging and more importantly, that I actually had the courage to start wittering away on The Monday Project.

It hasn’t always been easy, there has been setbacks and I do cry a lot. But I don’t usually cry about blogging, I love how creative I can be on here and how I can write about whatever the hell I freaking want. I love how supportive people are of it and how people are interested to more, that I’m not a giant freak for pouring my feelings out online.

2017 is only making me more and more excited for blogging and I honestly can’t wait to see were The Monday Project goes in the future. Whilst we will be taking a couple of months hiatus whilst I gallivant around in a summer camp in West Virginia, in August I will be landing with the foot on the throttle and hopefully, I will have so much to share with you. Thanks for all being stars <3.