five friday things.

Ah a whole week (almost) at home has been pretty divine let me tell you. I’ve spent most of this week lying in bed “revising” (aka watching Criminal Minds with a notebook open next to me), snuggling with my dog and eating a trillion mini chocolate bites from M&S. I think those chocolate bites combined with diet coke is now defining my blood type.

The weather is now perking up a little bit except the farm seems to be a bit of a wind tunnel which makes the air seem a hundred times chillier. Not fun for spring at a all.

Five Friday Things is something I am really starting to enjoy writing, it is bloody nice to look back over a week and remember all the things that made me smile. Especially if like this week when I’ve had both my period and a horrendous cold which has kept me up at night with nostrils so blocked I almost need a miner to dig them out (a gross picture I know), little things have made me smile and it is nice to remember them all in one snapshot. Here’s my five faves this week …


This week started off as a fine and dandy one the moment my parents picked me up in Glasgow last Sunday and my two weeks holiday at home began. It was a beautiful sunny day and soon we were on our way to Edinburgh to visit some family, stopping off at the service station on the way and gorging ourselves on an M&S road trip style lunch (I ate a lot of those lil rocky road snacks from the M&S bucket things, v healthy). That evening my sister drove us all to Eyemouth (v. scary) for some chip shop food by the seaside and it was so lovely.


I went to see Beauty and the Beast again because I’m super keen when it comes to Disney movies. My sister hadn’t seen it so I said I would drive and we could go, so one night we tootled off to our local cinema, an independent one in Galashiels called the Pavilion Cinema, and caught the 19.40 viewing.

It was just as good second time round and makes me so excited to see all the other Disney live actions that coming in the next few years! I just love the magic behind Disney and Beauty and the Beast wasn’t previously one of my favourite stories but it is now, the magic and love behind it and all of the characters are brilliant. I also can’t believe that it is Ewan McGregor who plays Lumiere.


These eyeshadow crayons have been floating around the beauty world for a while but I was being a bit stingy about spending the monies on them but one Friday when sauntering around Partick Retail Park (they have a new Superdrug there and it is lovely), I went a bit wild and bought one. And basically, I’m never applying eyeshadow in any other way again. It is so easy.

I actually can’t stress to you how simple it is to use. I’m not that brilliant at applying eye make-up but this tool makes me mildly better at it. I’m definitely going to be pick up more of these in the future. Oh, the shade I have is Queens of the Bronzed Age (what a name).


I really wanted to hate these, I really honestly did. They are a bit overpriced and kinda pretentious but after seeing them in Sainsbury’s with my mum when she was doing food shopping (aka me putting unnecessary things in the basket), we bought them. I can confirm, after doing lots of taste sampling, that they are delicious. I love sour sweets so they are perfectly tangy for me and watermelon is one of my favourite tastes. I am definitely going to try the other flavour of these in the near future.


I’ve been needing a trim for a good wee while now. My hair was pretty dead on the end (years of heat damage and now colouring is not doing me any favours let me tell ya) and I couldn’t wait to get it snipped off. I did however wake up ten minutes before my appointment so I had to phone and humbly say I’d be late. Obviously, ten minutes after getting it cut I regretted it but now I love it.

My head feels so much lighter, less dead and cleaner but maybe that is because I just washed it hm. I am a bit nervous to style it, especially as my hair can be quite curly and I don’t think I’ll be able to just roll out of bed and attempt to tie it up anymore so wrestling my straighteners or curlers whilst sleep-deprived should be fun. I’m also v v v excited to get more blonde in it again at the end of May.