five friday things.

It’s Thursday, I’m lying in bed and I’m going to drive to Berwick later to pick up my iPad !!! I am very freaking excited for that, let me tell you. I’m currently watching Criminal Minds season 11 and I am obsessed with, absolutely obsessed. I’m tweeting about it constantly and I can’t believe I’m almost on season 12.

This has been a pretty quiet week, I went for a really nice dinner with some old friends on Monday night but have spent the rest of the week “revising” whilst rolling around in my bed, scrolling twitter and watching Criminal Minds. I have however made a super sexy Urban Outfitters order and super sexy Boots order with some Essie nail polishes in it. I’m bloody excited to paint my nails later this afternoon after I go and pick it up, very very very excited.

As my life is extra mundane than usual this week, exciting is now being thrown into the mix to describe everything. New nail polish? Exciting. Criminal Minds? Exciting. Online shopping? Really bloody exciting. May the excite continue.


My new TV beau. WHY IS IT SO GOOD. I’ve tweeted and blogged about how historically inaccurate it is but don’t let it stop you, I promise, it is still amazing. The costumes are crazy beautiful whilst the music is really good, it’s kind of right up my street plus I’m a sucker for a love story or ten.

As it is on Netflix it makes things 100x times easier to watch but also means I may fail all my exams due to excessive Netflix binging. I totally recommend this to anyone who is looking for a new show to watch, especially if you are very late to the party like I am when it comes to new TV shows.


I frequented Kelso’s finest establishment twice in the last week, twice. I’m a bit keen. We celebrated my dad’s birthday on Sunday night where I had potato wedges with dips for starter, macaronic cheese and then followed by the chocolate fudge cake. Now, that chocolate fudge cake is so sexy that I had it again on Monday night when I went for dinner with a group of friends I’ve known for a really long time.

It was really nice to catch up with them all, hear about what they have all been up to, their summer plans, how university is going and just laugh about the past. As I’m clearing out my old room at the moment, a lot of old memories have risen up the surface as I’ve found material reminders of them and it is just funny to think how much we have all grown up and the different directions over lives are all taking.


I finally got the chance to where my Lady Lumps tee this week. I feel a bit awkward wearing as it practically proclaims HI THESE ARE MY BOOBS, I’VE LABELLED THEM JUST IN CASE as it is a bit loud. But they were produced for a v good reason (check out Girl Stole London for more on her story and the tees) and I shouldn’t feel silly about wearing it. It is a smidge too tight on the sleeves but y’know, if I didn’t eat four kitkats in one day that might not be as big of a problem.

My tee also has a yellowish tinge as I originally washed it with green clothes with no colour catcher because I’m a real smart cookie. For the first proper time wearing it instead of just with PJ bottoms, I went with black skinny jeans, silver strappy low heeled shoes, my beige trench and silver details. I felt quite sassy and on top of things which is always a fun thing to feel.


As my family are kind of in the processing of moving and I won’t be there in the summer to help, I’ve been tasked with packing up the majority of my bedroom at home now. And I can tell ya, it has a been a hoot. I’ve been through all the boxes under my bed and found so many hilarious reminders of my childhood: photographs from primary school residential trips, thank you cards, postcards and random nicknacks that children seem to acquire.

My first books, school jumper, all my Girl Guiding things and I had such a giggle at my old diaries. I’ve also packed up all my books into ten big cardboard boxes (!) and found so many old favourites amongst the masses.


I absolutely adored the first book in the Miss Peregrine and Peculiar Children series and I have been on the hunt for the sequel ever since. To my absolute shock horror it wasn’t in Watertstone’s but I eventually tracked it down in WH Smith’s and I bloody adore it. I’m only 1/3 of the way through but the story is already as thrilling and exciting as the last book.

I love the way Riggs combines words with antique photographs as it adds a chilling and more real contribution to the story. I swear I go to bed seeing those horrific hollowgasts which does not add to the nightmares I am already giving myself by binge-watching Criminal Minds.