five friday things.

The first week of revision has almost been and passed us. I’m starting to write this on Wednesday night and shit me I’ve just realised it is 23.39 and I fully intended to go to bed tonight around the 22.30 mark as I’m going to try and make it to the library for 8.30 tomorrow. Shucks, that plan is scuppered before it has fully begun.

I’m back in Glasgow after two blissful weeks at home and I’ve had a week of pretending to revise (read: sitting in the library tapping my toes to 70s Smash Hits on Spotify or lying in my bed watching Netflix). I can’t quite believe how fast exams have snuck up on us but I can tell you I am already very excited for them to be over.

Oh and this post contains a Broadchurch spoiler so if you live under a rock and have not yet seen Monday’s episode, be aware. Close your eyes for that paragraph and scroll on by. If you have seen it, let me know your thoughts in the comments!


I know this post is coming to ya almost a week after Easter but it is technically within the boundaries of this batch of Five Friday Things. I’m not the biggest celebrator of Easter and I actually spent the day mostly alone as my family were away with horses in Buckinghamshire (woe is me I know). But what I do love is that you can eat chocolate for breakfast and chocolate for lunch and if you are me, chocolate for dinner. We usually have a roast which I’m never going to turn down and I love that it is a bank holiday weekend.

Easter also comes with holidays and I’ve just spent the chillest two weeks at home were I spent most of the time rolling around in my bed watching Criminal Minds/Reign/Teen Wolf eating my weight in the contents of my parents fridge and wearing the same pyjamas for days on end whilst snuggling with my doggo. It honestly feels like I had two weeks off from life, like I could pretend I didn’t exist for a little while and it was brilliant. I now feel ready to sink back into Glasgow life and hustle my butt to the library every day to study for the next four weeks of exams and then I can properly breathe (West Virginia I am coming for you).


Okay I have a few things to remark about this TV masterpiece coming to an end. Firstly, if you say you suspected Leo and Michael are a two-man rape team right from the beginning, you are a liar and no one believes you. Secondly, LEO AND MICHAEL LUCAS WERE A TWO-MAN RAPE TEAM? I was so blown away with the final episode, just the right amount of horror (Leo during his final interrogation and “I always go prepared” was chilling), sadness, happiness (that clip of Beth and Ellie with their families eating dinner outside was lovely) and content.

I didn’t switch it off wanting for more, I didn’t feel like something was missing, I didn’t think there was no end undone. Even Maggie got her storyline concluded and they didn’t spend 10 precious minutes on it.

It was simple and powerful. Broadchurch educated many (me included) on rape trauma: the aftermath, the police process and the many ways it can come about. Leo was pure evil and it is simply terrifying to think they are actually people out there who think like he does. Michael was another shade of scary: led astray and effectively groomed by Leo, it added another chilling element to the story. Broadchurch provided me with eight weeks of terrifying truthful, dramatic and stunning TV and Chris Chibnall’s writing is second to none, so poignant and concise. I’ll miss you Broadchurch <3.


I am v obsessed with tulips at the moment. In the last few weeks I have had a lilac bunch, a yellow bunch and now I’m onto a white bunch. I thought roses were my favourite but no, I was wrong, tulips. They just look so pretty and elegant and remind me of Amsterdam. Currently my white bunch are sitting in a jar on my window sill and they look adorable, instantly the room looks a lot fresher. Also v perfect for putting into flat lays and making my pictures look 1030x better.


On Wednesday I published my first really personal post. I’ve flittered a little bit about my feelings and where my head is at in the past but this is the first time I properly addressed my life and how I was feeling. And it was bloody good to get it all off my chest. After my two weeks at home, I’m seeking a calmer mind and writing everything down in some sort of organised fashion has done wonders.

What made it even more therapeutic was the response I got from people, some who I know and others who are complete strangers, people who were supportive and assured me I wasn’t alone in the way I was feeling. It made it the world feel smaller and less empty. It also made the whole thing feel less daunting and terrifying (especially considering after I pressed publish I rolled around in my bed for about two hours in fear of backlash lol whilst watching Grimm). I forgot to eat breakfast for what was like the first time in my life due to being so absorbed in writing down my thoughts, that was a small miracle.


I promise there will come a week where I get a life and don’t have a new fave TV show to include in this little weekly bundle of faves. Unfortunately, this is not that week. I was really into Grimm a couple of years ago and I watched all three seasons that were available on Netflix. Netflix then removed Grimm until a couple of weeks ago when I noticed it was back, this time with a fourth season (!!) which is v exciting.

I started watching it after publishing my Lost post as I needed to relax into something fantastical for a little while and ended up watching a good seven or so episodes. I can zone in and out of it quite easily but it is a good show, easy to watch, interesting storylines and a really good host of characters. My favourites are definitely Monroe and Rosalee and it is just an easy show to switch off to for a little while.

Oh and I also just wanted to point y’all in the direction of a blog post by Sophie Rosie, Take Yourself On Your Adventures as I stumbled upon it on Twitter after pressing publish on Lost and it made me feel so much more positive and inspired about doing things on my own (plus Soph’s pictures are beautiful!)