five friday things.

It has been a v busy week, let me tell you. I went home Monday to Wednesday, was in London on Tuesday, signed the flat lease for the next academic year on Thursday and sat my first exam of this lot on Friday. Now for a girl who spends most of her time lolling around, this was a big old shock to the system.

I have just sat my first exam and I just want to lie in bed for a while and not think about anything. I’m watching new episode of Riverdale (<3) and whilst it makes me cringe more than I believed possible, I still really enjoy it.

I’ve had a post exam snack of bread, brie, chillies and olives and a can of my girl diet coke. I still have two exams to sit so I can’t relax *just* yet but I’m definitely going to take some time later to watch season 3 of Reign. I don’t really have that much more to say tbh about this week.


Now about 3ish weeks ago I placed a really sexy order with La Redoute due to their 40% off everything promotion. I really like La Redoute (give their instagram a whirl if you don’t know that much about them) but v unfortunately, I can’t reply afford that much from them on my student budget which is more suited to Primark. My all-time favourite shoes are from La Redoute which I bought in a similar promotion pre-Christmas and I am in the process of wearing them to death. Everything is such good quality and is just a little bit more special than most of things I own.

ANYWAY I got sucked in by the 40% off (who wouldn’t?!) and ended up purchasing bag and another pair of shoes. I have been hunting for a tote bag since like January 2017 when I almost bought a faux leather blue one from ASOS. This gorgeous faux leather tan one was around £27 when I snapped it up and I am in love with it. It is so big and spacious and comes with a handy smaller pouch to slip inside it to hold all valuable items such as keys, phone and purse so you won’t have any issues finding them in such an abyss-size bag.

I also treated myself to a pair of espadrilles as my Dorothy Perkins ones broke at the beginning of April. I wore them so much last summer so I knew I would miss them when warmer weather finally shows its face around these parts. These ones aren’t quite as comfy but I really like the style, plus the pineapple is super cute! I think these were around the £18 mark when I snapped them up. I’m super happy with both of these purchases and I can’t wait for the next discount to hit La Redoute so I can sneak in a few more buys.


As I said at the beginning, this week has been a really busy week and a factor of that was spending all day Tuesday in London. I had to go to the US embassy for my summer visa and the only day I could get away was either this Tuesday in London or Friday in Belfast. Friday couldn’t work because of my exam and tbh, Tuesday wasn’t the best fix either but it had to do.

My sister and I flew from Edinburgh to Heathrow at the most ungodly hour on Tuesday morning, spent a whistle-stop 12 or so hours there and then flew home again at night. We spent most of our time gallivanting around Oxford Street and Hyde Park, browsing department stores and looking at things we couldn’t afford, tootling around museums and had lunch at a yummy Italian. I have a full post about my 12 hours in the capital coming to the blog v soon (I know you are all on tenterhooks don’t fret) but I really liked it.

It was my first visit to London and I was a bit nervous I would hate it. Thankfully I didn’t and left wanting more – which they always say is a good sign!


I have been “umming” and “aahhing” about a tangle teezer for a good wee while now. I watch so many YouTube videos and GRWM’s where people have them and swear by them. Since dying my hair blonde in July of last year, my hair has been very tuggy and not all that healthy. I asked on Twitter if tangle teezers were really worth the £10 and a couple of people replied saying absolutely yes.

I didn’t however make any moves for one until I was in Starbuck’s on Monday with another twenty minutes until I needed to get the train and Urban Outfitters was just staring at me from across the street. They had a 20% off student discount running so rude not to pop in really and there I saw my little lilac beauty which will hopefully tame my hair and make me less of a scarecrow.

I sat on the train brushing my hair for ages looking like a right idiot because I couldn’t get over how luscious it made my hair feel. I also saw a v nice dress in the sale rail but it was still £40 then so I couldn’t warrant it and had to walk sadly away with a dipped head.


Weird one but I have been drinking way more water than usual recently. I’m probably still not drinking as much I should be but after having a bit of a healthy epiphany since coming back to Glasgow, I can’t get enough of the stuff. I’ve wapped out my watermelon soppy cup to guzzle from in the flat, I always take my Bobble water bottle with me to uni and if I don’t have one with me when I’m out, I have to buy one and rehydrate immediately.

I’ve noticed such a difference in my energy levels and eating habits since drinking more. I’m way more awake and alert during the day and I’m not always as hungry and craving bad foods as my body is hydrated and more on top of shit. Next stop in my health quest: the gym (haha).


When it comes to studying, I like noise. I like a bit of background, atmosphere, be that voices, music or a TV show. I like playlists that are comforting and ones that I don’t need to concentrate on. During Christmas exams my absolute go to is any form of Christmas playlist on Spotify but seeing as that really isn’t the vibe I’m going for in April/May: enter Disney Hits. If you are a Disney lover, this is for you.

It has practically all the songs from Disney’s animations and the new live actions and has about six hours worth of music. My favourites have to be Zero to Hero // Hercules, Belle // Beauty and the Beast (live action), Colours of the Wind // Pocahontas, How Far I’ll Go // Moana and Try Everything // Zootropolis. The Disney films with the best soundtracks in my opinion are Mulan, Tangled, Beauty and the Beast, Hercules and Moana. Ah I must now visit Disneyland immediately.

Plus lol at me in the sunglasses reflection.