five friday things.

Thursday night, two exams down and I’ve just jumped on the Lost bandwagon. I realised earlier this week every TV show I’m watching (full list: Pretty Little Liars, Criminal Minds, Riverdale, The 100, The Originals and Reign) are all realising episodes weekly so I can’t binge watch things.

Things you should not do when you should be revising but I need a TV show. Tori assures me it is very good but this post is not to chat about everything I’ve been watching on TV of late (but I mean, you can check that list out over here).

The weather in Glasgow has been quite lovely this week, with Wednesday treating us to a lovely sunny and kinda warm day. I’m gearing up for a weekend of Classics revision, ready to dive head first into Juvenal, Petronius and Plutarch but I’m sure I’ll find time for Lost along the way.

I had the loveliest coffee and cinnamon bun (yes, me who is on a diet) this week in Fika which is a gorgeous little cafe off Dumbarton Road and I will definitely be returning.

Yesterday I had the lushest day with my lovely friend Emma, first we pottered around the Botanic Gardens followed by a walk along the river Kelvin. It was lovely and sunny and Emma was vlogging along the way. We then headed to the west end branch of Paesano aka the loveliest pizza places in all of Glasgow.

We finished our day in the Hillhead Book Club for a strawberry gin mojito and then I got the subway home as a blister on my foot popped and I was limping like a right loser pants. Anyway, this week’s faves.

Lavender Sleep Spray

Sleeping, which I am often quite good at, is not something that is coming easily to me at the moment. I struggle to drop off at night and then struggling to get up in the morning, even after ten hours sleep. I am oversleeping. And it is horrible. I hate it. When I was little my mum used to let us use lavender oil to sprinkle on our pillows to make us drop off and after years of remembering this, I finally repurchased some last weekend from the Boots Botanics range.

The first night I tried it I was a bit drunk so of course fell asleep straight away but since then it has been working a treat. This, combined with 20-30 minutes of yoga before bed, means I’m dropping off a lot quicker but still struggling to get up in the morning. Maybe it’s because I don’t really have anywhere to go in the morning but I just switch off the alarm and roll right back on over and back to sleep.

Update: Today, Friday 5th May 2017, I woke up naturally at 7.03am and didn’t go back to sleep. This is a miracle of epic proportions. I am now (09.01am) sitting on my bed in actual clothes posting this blog post, I’ve done 30 mins of yoga and watching some YouTube. Mark this on your calendar folks, the day I got up before 8.30 without a struggle.

Mid Week Shopping Splurge

After days of sleeping in and always snoozing my alarm, I decided I needed an alarm clock and I needed one right this instant. So mid-revision I took a an hour or so off and went into the city centre to find one. I tried TK Maxx and found nada. Ended up coming out with two gorgeous smelling candles for £2.99 apiece and a rose diffuser and my shopping came to £9.96 in total. Still no alarm clock.

I then tried Primark to check out their homeware section but ended up getting distracted by EVERYTHING else. Basically I walked out of Primark with a lighter purse (well debit card).

I got a gorgeous palm print swimsuit (y’know for all those beaches I grace), a gingham and lace cami top (which is beautiful but a smidge too small for my boobs), a choker because I try to be hip and I’ve lost my other two, some hair bobbles, some new gym leggings because my beloved H&M ones split this week despite not being near a gym in weeks (LOL) and the most exciting purchases: TWO pairs of metallic shoes. Yes two.

I got a pair of rose gold metallic mules which was pretty wild for me as I’m not really a rose gold girl and a pair of hot pink (!!) metallic sliders. I, y’know, Instagrammed them as well if you wanna go have a lookie but both SO beautiful! And still no alarm clock.


I’ve been getting really into yoga this week. I haven’t been sleeping well so it began when I followed a Yoga with Adriene bedtime routine and then I got a bit hooked. On Tuesday I did four separate routines over the course of the day, a five minute wake-me-up, a quick wrist routine, day two of 30 days of yoga and another bedtime routine.

It has been doing wonders for my mind: I feel a lot less stressed which is good when you are me and you spend most of your time being stressed about something. I’m a bit sick of my unhealthy lifestyle, so this coupled with better eating habits will hopefully get me on a better path!

Bar Gumbo

On Saturday night, after 29 days of not touching alcohol, I went to a bar with two friends and had some drinks. And it was bloody lovely. We went to a really nice place in the west end, a New Orleans-esq inspired place called Bar Gumbo. I’ve been once before, on my birthday for dinner, but this time we just went for drinks and I had the loveliest time!

It was really nice to get out, chat and drink some delicious cocktails! There was also a live band playing from like 10 onwards which was really fun, I really like seeing live music and should do this more often! Bar Gumbo is definitely one of my favourite places in Glasgow, I love the laid-back feel coupled with the New Orleans vibe, as despite never having been, I know I would love it.

Secrets of Great British Castles

I found this delight on Netflix and immediately fell in love. I think it’s because I’ve been watching Reign and I’ve gotten all re-obsessed with monarchies, castles and wars. Anyway, there are six episodes of this BBC documentary series on Netflix and it is SO interesting. I’ve watched all the episodes (of course I have) and I have to say my favourites are the episodes on Dover, Warwick and Stirling.

I had heard a couple of the castles on the list (the Tower of London, Warwick) and I’ve been to Stirling Castle a couple of times but it was so interesting learning about all six castles (Carrickfergus and Caernarfon were the other two featured, in Northern Ireland and Wales) through history.

The episodes follow each castle through it’s history (800-1000 odd years or so), significant historical figures who lived there or have connections with the castle, any stories or mysteries related to the castle, the position it played in wars (both international, civil and uprisings) and it was all SO INTERESTING.

Honestly, I don’t think I’ve enjoyed a documentary series so much. I had no idea Dover Castle was such a stronghold and a place of political and royal importance and the episodes on Warwick shed a lot of light on the Earl of Warwick, the “Kingmaker” during the War of Roses, one of my fave periods of British history.