five friday things.

Damn, almost got that alliteration.Back in the older days of this blog, I used to sometimes do a weekly favourites post. They are my favourite to read on other people’s blogs as it is just nice to see joy being spread and is also a super good way to accidentally spend money.

“Oh so-and-so and from that blog is loving those new shoes from River Island, I can see why, SO PRETTY” and then *accidentally buys*. Yes, maybe that was why. These posts help to fuel my shopping addiction and money spending habits.

I gave it a whirl and did it for a month or so and then I probably went through one of my spells of “I hate everything” or just couldn’t be arsed to blog and they stopped. But after doing some intensive blog reading, I saw a few posts floating around and decided I wanted to do something like that again. I wanted to share things on a weekly basis that make my heart flutter or my money fall out of my purse.

So I give you Five Friday Things! A funsies list of five things which will go live every single Friday. It will be a little extra post to go up with the two I try to do a week as I am really enjoying blogging at the moment and have a lot of content planned but I found myself between Wednesday and Sunday just wishing for Sunday to hurry up so I could post another post!

This was an obvious sign that I was loving blogging and writing at the moment so why not put my brain to some sort of good use and actually write something down. Side note: I am writing this at 22.28 on Saturday night, a whole six days before this post will go live so I don’t know what the contents will be yet, when I should be doing my business assignment but damn, blogging.

For anyone concerned, the business assignment is complete and properly referenced, I’m just trying to read over and edit it about 2947 times so if it fails I can at least say I tried.

Further update: I kind of forgot I was doing this and then last Friday, it got to Friday and I was like FUCK. I was hungover, annoyed because Riverdale wasn’t on Netflix and craving a McDonald’s. So I just pretended it didn’t exist and vowed to try better next week.


I’m not actually sure how/why I started watching this (probably because I had a deadline hmmm) but I am obsessed. Since really being into Silent Witness earlier in February and obviously with Sherlock at the beginning of the year and now Broadchurch back on our screens again, I was digging British police dramas. So this treat was on Netflix and I’m now obsessed. I love the simplicity of the show, a murder each episode and it all gets tied up nicely at the end.

The tying up of loose ends at the end is SO like Marple/Poirot which I used to watch all the time when I was at home and had access to ITV3. The caribbean setting is so tranquil and just a little different and it is making miss The Bahamas a lot (trying to figure out how I can fund a trip back).


Nina Nesbitt is my 15-16 years summed up. I used to be obsessed with her. I remember going to see her in the Usher Hall in Edinburgh with a couple of friends and James Bay supported her and we ended up getting a picture with him and have a signed demo. Yes, James Bay. But Nina <3.

Stay Out used to be all time favourite song and Peroxide was the soundtrack to the summer of being 16. I’ve been listening to it on repeat all week when walking to uni as I listened to one song on Monday and it all came flooding back. I’m super excited to see if Nina brings out any new music in 2017!


This book <3. It blew up on the internet when it was released but I haven’t managed to get my mitts on it until now. My mum bought it for me for my birthday and after smashing through Percy Jackson and finishing Bridget Jones’s Diary, I knew this book would be next. I wasn’t disappointed.

I started reading it on the train from Edinburgh to Berwick as a treat for doing uni work on my other train and I found myself chuckling away and then almost cry laughing as Emma wrote about the woes of MSN and internet flirtations. I didn’t even give the Scotland vs. England Six Nations match my full attention as I had my nose stuck in this book.

I’m not quite finished it yet (as of typing this) but I can confirm it will be remaining in my bookshelf till I drop down dead. It’s funny, realistic, simple and fucking bloody truthful.


Two TV shows featuring in the best things that have happened to me this week, I think that sums my life up completely. I used to be obsessed with Criminal Minds when I was younger but it can be difficult to find places to stream it from. I have however, found a new website and AAAAH I’ve watched so much of this amazing show. The whole of season eight to be exact.

The episodes do sometimes scare me half to death but god is it juicy TV. The BAU agents are all sensational, although Reid and Garcia are definitely my faves. It has heartbreak, drama, suspense and even a smidge of romance.


This is all I am eating at the moment. That might be because I’ve gotten extra shit at food shopping and eating healthy and these seem to be the only ingredients I own (along with a few yoghurts and ginger biscuits). But this is <3. It’s such a dreamy combo and I could eat about 6 of these in one go. Probs shouldn’t but they are just so delicious.