6 admin tasks to do before you travel.

There are lots of little bits you need to get in order before travelling or else you will be a bit of a headless chicken. I usually end up forgetting something and end up picking toiletries up in the airport or relying slowly on my card when away as I forgot to exchange currency and grudge withdrawing money.

I really enjoy packing so often devote most of my time to that or I spend pre-holiday prep on more trivial matters like scouring ASOS for any last minute picks or checking Pinterest for cute Instagram spots (I’m lame I know) but in light of travelling to two cities at the end of this month I thought I’d rustle up a little check list of important things to do. Tbh, this is more for me than anyone else but I have made a little PDF print out* in case anyone wants one for themselves.

*Can you tell I am procrastinating from studying by making unnecessary PDFs on Canva?


Girl get your money sorted. It is so ridiculously expensive to exchange currency at the airport – which will be your only option if you need cash on the other side but forgot to do it beforehand. I usually do mine in the Post Office a few days before so I a) don’t lose it before travel and b) you usually get good exchange rates.

Arranging a travel card is also a good thing to get organised beforehand. I usually rely on my Monzo card but I also have a WeSwap card that I upload currency on. If you are looking for a travel card but unsure of what to go for I tweeted this query and lots of people responded with different options so perhaps take a look there.


To be honest I always forget about travel insurance. I purchased mine for Ibiza the night before after a quick browse on Money Supermarket. It is something I always question whether or not I’ll need but I dread to think what would happen if I travelled without it – I’d probably break my leg or fall in a canal or something. 1Cover offers lots of great deals that will suit most kinds of travellers and have something for everybody. Hunting for a travel insurance be a daunting task but it is important one so don’t let it slide people.


I’m forever loading up my laptop to take somewhere and then realising it is out of charge. Charging your tech items the night before will avoid any disappointment of getting on a flight and finding you can’t watch the Netflix you downloaded on your iPad because the ruddy thing is dead. I always make sure to charge everything – even if I’m not sure if I’ll need it.

For me this includes my phone, my iPad, my Kindle, my portable charger and my headphones. For you it might include your camera and laptop as well! I also swear by a having a power bank with me as it is super useful for charging things on the go and if you are away from your accommodation all day. Other tech related admin to do beforehand is make sure you have relevant adapters for the country you’re travelling to.


Sometimes it is best to travel without a plan, others it is time to travel with one. I usually opt for having some sort of vague itinerary as I might just spend the whole holiday in my room watching the Netflix of the country I’m staying in otherwise. It means you can hit the ground running and not waste precious time in the beautiful place you’re visiting. It is super quick to just make some quick notes in a notebook, screenshots saved in a folder on your phone or have made a list on the Notes app.


I’m a cheapskate so try to travel with only hand luggage as much as possible. One of the only problems with this is the restrictions on liquids and having a clear bag. It is good to get all of this organised before you arrive at the airport and have to cram everything into a rubbish sandwich bag type-thing you are offered.

You can pick these up quite cheaply in places likes Boots or Primark. I also get organised with travel-sized mini versions of toiletries in advance too as it so much cheaper and it means you don’t forget anything. If you are travelling with friends it would also be a good idea to split up what you are all taking and share certain items like toothpaste.


I’m a bit like an American soccer mom when I get to an airport. You better believe I have an A4 folder filled with my passport (and sometimes my travelling companions so no one loses theirs), boarding passes, travel insurance documents, some money and any VISA documentation.

I would love to have some sort of sassy travel docs holder like this from Lisa Angel but any plastic folder from WH Smiths or Paperchase does the trick. AND OMG GOD GUYS YOU COULD TAKE YOUR CHECK LIST WHICH I’VE MADE FOR YOU! (I’m bored of revision okay.)

~ pre travel check list ~

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