4 reasons i’m excited for 2017.

I get ridiculously excited before every new year. I like setting things to achieve in the following year and having something to work towards instead of ambling around aimlessly losing hours of my life to The 100 (the current situation).

What’s wrong with wanting to improve yourself continuously or set goals to set up for yourself? MUCH EXCITE. You can read my lil list of five goals over here if that suits ya.

2016 was pretty good all in all but 2017 will be better. I can feel it in my creaky-almost-nineteen-year-old bones. By September, I’ll be starting my third year of university. WOAH can we slow all down there? Third year? I’m not ready for third year. More importantly, I’m not ready for a proper job and paying council tax in a short two years! That is if I actually get a job.

New years always bring new opportunities and I know it’s February but meh, still got eleven months to go of the old two-zero-one-seven.


As I said before, I’m half-way through the second semester of second year (practically anyway). I love university. I actually really do. And not just the social side of things. Last semester we studied American history from colonisation to 9/11 and it was crazy interesting.

I did a smudge of American history in my final year of high school and I loved it. Mostly I’ve done European history which I do love but there’s just something nice about doing something a tad different. Plus it’s low key kinda fun to criticise all American political decisions from the year 1778 onwards in seminars.

In third year we get to pick more specialised modules and focus on more niche topics which I’m super excited for. I also study Classical Civilisation which is my bae so I’m excited to do the same in Classics. Classics isn’t something that wasn’t offered at my high school and man, it is awesome. Bit of a crime Classics wasn’t on the curriculum.



I’m excited for summer. I have no concrete plans and it could consist of me hanging out with my mum for three months. Which would be pretty damn good with me.

But I’m excited for three months of mild responsibilities. Of simplicity. Of being chilled. Of not worrying. Of lazy days in the sunshine, well hopefully. Summer <3. I may or may not have to go and listen to the Frozen soundtrack now …

Real talk though, how am I going to cope when I get a real job and you aren’t given three months vacay every year?


Over Christmas I was like “err you are a fat unhealthy mess you muppet”.

And that kinda stuck with me.

I hadn’t been near a gym since September and some of my clothes were definitely on the tight side. I was (and still am) very unfit and my chin was definitely how I like my gins: double.

2017 is going to be my year to stop being a giant lump which is currently the situe.


I have a lot of anxiety about money and I am constantly stressed about it. God forbid the day when I have real and proper responsibilities and not the ones I have now, like making sure I pay Rachel £4.35 for wifi every month. Lolz.

I’m going to open a new savings account and save for special things. And like my future because erm, that’s kinda special yeah.