4 stationery items that help me lead a more organised life.

I thrive off lists & plans & schedules & diaries. I can’t imagine organising something without first putting it in the diary, making a list of the things I need to do before it/for it/after it and making an in-depth schedule of what I’m going to do with my time.

It is a smidge borderline obsessive but trying to balance friends/family/university/The Monday Project/other projects can be a bit OTT at times so I rely on my paper based mechanisms to keep things looking snazzy and me not having a breakdown.

Having recently attended the Busy B Dated launch for 2018, it’s given me a new oomph of appreciation for all things paper and how much I do actually rely on the old fashioned way to keep my brain ticking along nicely and not randomly bursting out into tears in the middle of the library because I’ve forgotten to do something very important.

It got me thinking about the pieces I rely on the most and the ones I truly couldn’t live without (I know I’m not making it sound like it here but I swear there is more to me than a love affair with stationery). It is getting to the end of semester and Christmas so I’m sure everyone is busy as me trying to balance all my bits and bobs so sharing my fave four items seemed like the nice thing to do!


I can’t imagine not having a diary – not since the time I triple booked myself in 2014 and had to embarrassingly cancel/make up excuses for two things. I’ve been using an Ohh Deer diary which I received in the November Papergang last year but as it is getting to the end of 2017, all the new diaries are popping up all over the shop.

As I mentioned before, I was kindly invited to check out the Busy B Dated launch with a whole host other bloggers one evening in Edinburgh. It was such a lovely event and so much thought and care had clearly gone into what was a wonderful evening. One of the most exciting aspects was getting to choose one of the new diaries to take away and cherish for 2018. I decided on the Perfect Planner Diary in a lovely duck egg blue which is one of the best sellers from the range.

I am SO excited to get stuck into it (I’ve already written in my dates in the diary for 2018 which are already booked) as it is such a gorgeous and inspiring layout, making it super easy and fun to use. The talented Christina did the most beautiful calligraphy within to personalise it so I have my name beautifully inscribed in gold ink on the front cover which makes it even more special.

Diaries are my go to gal for writing everything in: from lunch dates to train times to work shifts to university deadlines to when a library book is due back. I would be severely lost without mine and I’m excited to get using my Busy B one in 2018.

If you are looking to get yourself a diary of the new year, I would really recommend Busy B as they had such a great range of sizes and styles – there is something to suit everyone! The diaries are such good quality at such a good price and you will get use out of it all year long. In fact all of their stationery is gorgeous which will make you just want to use it so do your thing and check out all the ranges and come away with empty pockets my pretties.


I’m not as meticulous with my planner as I am with a diary but I still find it such a handy thing to have if I need a real visual reminder of ‘hey hun, you do actually have shit to do you know’. I’ve been using a combination of two planners: a weekly one from B&M Bargains which I’ve had since my first year of university as I’m quite sporadic with it and a larger one from the February Papergang box which also has sections for doodles, notes and a to do list alongside the weekly plan.

It does seem a bit much but it is very handy to be able to have a quick glance at my week in full on the Ohh Deer planner so I can see where my free time is all at one go and have extra things like a shopping list and memos on the side.

The other planner is used for a meal plan which I try my very best to stick to. I try to write on in every Sunday/Monday after doing a food shop so I can see what I’m having and when and what I need to prepare/get out of the freezer. This week has been a bit appalling as I was in Edinburgh all day Wednesday and on Thursday evening which threw things into the air a bit and then I felt poorly so I didn’t want to eat a salad for my lunch on Friday, in fact I would have rather poked my eyes out.

But usually planning what I’m eating and when helps me to save money and be more appreciative of the things I buy as I hate letting things go to waste. It allows me to make note of things I need to buy if I’m missing an ingredient for a meal like milk, butter or sour cream – girl gotta live.

everything-and-anything notebook.

I’ve been using Katie Loxton notebooks since about June and they are hands down one of my favourite notebooks out there. I love the faux leather cover, cute inscriptions on the front, the size and the paper quality is amazing. I’m currently on my second as after my first one, I had just to replace it in when it filled up.

Yes, I filled a notebook! I mainly use mine for blogging purposes as that is the biggest thing in my life outside university & friends & family so it is filled to the brim with post schedules, post ideas, collaboration agreements and brainstorming, deadlines and the odd wish list chucked in to.

I find it so easy having something separate to maintain my hobby as it means I don’t get mixed up with university, blogging and my life so I really recommend having a notebook to do this in. It also means when I dive into it and brainstorm, I don’t get distracted by the other ten zillion things I’ve got to do.

list pad.

I write a list for everything. Literally anything, I will translate it into list form. I don’t think there is anything more satisfying that slicing through a good list and ticking things off one by one. Hell, I’ve started sharing my daily to do lists on my Instagram stories because I just love lists so damn much.

Lists are particularly handy during term time to keep track of all those pesky deadlines and work that needs to be done for seminars so I don’t just sit there like a moron and they are amazing for blogging, holidays, days out, shopping trips & hell, I think I’ve got a list of places I want to eat in Glasgow kicking around somewhere.

My go to for list pads is Ohh Deer (my huns) as I’ve received a few over the ten or so months I was signed up for The Papergang. I’m currently using one from the April box but it is almost finished after a very busy and demanding semester of uni so in 2018 I’ll be wapping out this one from the December box.

This post contains a gifted item but all views and opinions expressed here are my own. For further information please refer to my full disclaimer here.