Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th

Why do I keep pretending I got lots of money to burn and it’s a-ok for me to tottter around the shops once a week? Who do I think I am? Everything out there is just so dreamy atm and I just can’t walk into a shop without buying something. Maybe when you walk around New Look and realise you own a lot of their new stuff, it’s maybe a hint to calm the fuck down?

So um Friday , what a fun day. We pottered off to the station to meet them at about 1, after I’d obviously had a long morning of revision because I’m a top student and all that. After meeting two of the people we were meeting, we stopped off at a German bar near Central Station called Bier Halle. And fuck me it was expensive. Ended up paying £4.10 for a Desperados.

Who goes to a German bar and doesn’t buy a German beer? Rachel, Shona and I that’s who. After this daylight robbery (although the whole place is very nice and you would probably really like it there if you aren’t a poor, struggling student) we went our separate ways.

Us three gals went shopping. Basic af. Our first stop was New Look (it’s never a good idea for me to go near Urban Outfitters or Topshop when I have my card out). I’m not always a fan of New Look but this season all of their clothes just seem to bang. I’ve picked up quite a few pieces from here already on online orders but don’t worry, I managed to find a couple of things in store too. I like to take a coin purse on holiday to save me taking my giant one which has everything from a Boots card to a Nandos card but sadly I lost my Accessorize one covered in elephants last Thursday after a night at the Beer Bar and Hive. Emosh timez. Howevs, I managed to find a lovely red one in New Look for only £3.99 with student discount so that was pretty nifty. Also in New Look I treated myself to this midi-skirt of dreams. It’s a gorgeous midi length in a sort of crepe paper material (it doesn’t feel like that but that’s what it reminds me of) and is really lovely shades of pink and grey entwined with the black and white. SO happy with it as I’ve wanted a skirt like this for ages. And it has an elastic waistband so that’s always fun isn’t it?

After scouring New Look, we headed to H&M. There are two H&M stores on Buchann St and appaz, they are moving into the old Forever 21 store which is a HUGE shop. And appaz it’ll have H&M homewear which is pretty damn exciting. I had a giftcard which had £7 left on it so I was pretty desperate to find something I could use it on. My dreams came true. I got a food related t-shirt for a nifty £8. It would have been cheaper but some idiot let her phone die (this also explains for the lack of pictures on this post soz) and couldn’t show her UniDays ID to get an extra 20% off. Extremely disappointed in myself. Also I can’t find a link for this tee on their website but they had about eight different designs in this one style so Rach, Shona and I all treated ourselves to one!

By this point, we had exhausted ourselves on shopping and we were in desperate need of food so we went to a Weatherspoons called The Counting House for some burgers and pints. A great end to our day out in town.Also this was the SWANKIEST spoons I’ve ever been in, legit so nice.

Laterz kidz.

(PS. Next time I’ll try be better and take more pictures and stuff, soz again)

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