spring beauty refresh ~ 5 products i adore.

I’m a bit shit at skincare most of the time, to be honest. My laziness shocks even me and the amount of time I’ve gone to bed with a face full of make-up purely because I can’t be bothered to walk to the bathroom is alarming.

But I’ve been slowly getting more in to it recently – taking the time to note my cleansers from my toners, finding a moisturiser that I like and scrubbing like crazy in the shower. My skin has felt a lot healthier aside from the odd hormonal break out and I love discovering all these new brands.

Just to clarify, I don’t know that much about the science of skincare but I am v good at putting all my money into the pockets of the people who own Boots. I love reading beauty blogs like Laurzrah but I just fancied throwing my ‘hi I know nothing’ card into the mix.

These five products have been consistently littered on my bedroom floor recently which can only mean one thing ~ I have been using them regularly enough to leave them on the floor instead of them being stored away.

glossier milky jelly cleanser.

I felt very uninspired by the Milky Jelly Cleanser when I first purchased it. It just didn’t wow me like I thought I would and it slowly fell into disuse to collect dust with 187038 other beauty products I have purchased over the years.

However a recent post by Allie pushed me back towards it and I’ve begun using it in a new light. Instead of relying on it to completely cleanse my skin at the end of a day, I’ve started using it in the morning to freshen me up and cleanse me for the day ahead. Honestly guys, it’s a whole new world.

harley street skincare anytime moisturise surge*

My skin has been really dry lately thanks to hormones, going on holiday and general life stress but this little pick me up from Harley Street Skincare is working a treat. I love the pump application bottle as it allows just the right amount out. The packaging is super chic and it is handy travel sized so perfect for supplementing in to your routine for holidays.

I’m still looking for the perfect moisturiser (the hunt continues so let me know!) but this is doing a great job at tiding me through and helping my skin through tough patches.

the body shop camomile cleansing butter.

I won’t admit how old this product is because it is a bit embarrassing and any beauty gurus might turn up my flat to remove it from me completely. It’s that old. I did pick it up from a Body Shop event many moons ago and I haven’t been to one in a while so that gives you a bit of a gage.

It is hands down one of the best cleansers I have ever come across in my twenty years on this planet. My face immediately feels smoother, clean and less irritated once in used. It also melts of that little bit of make-up that manages to hold on in the initial wash off.

glossier balm dot com.

This has changed my life. At first I thought it would just be like any other lip balm I’ve come across but no, this babe is different. It is super hydrating for the lips, can be used on your elbow and other associated areas and actually tastes pretty nice too. I tend to use this everyday at some point (keep it in a pot with pens on my desk) and always leaves me feeling hydrated. You need the balm dot com in your life people.

tea tree + witch hazel deep cleansing scrub.*

I’ve never really been that into scrubs as they always make a bit of a mess and you have to properly wash them off (told you I am lazy). But since receiving this one from Tea Tree & Witch Hazel I’ve been slowly converted again.

I use this in the shower as it can be difficult to fully wash the scrub off otherwise but it definitely makes my face feel cleanser and cleansed. It really gets into my pores and smells really clean and refreshing.

This post contains some gifted items. 
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