gingham shirt + silver shoes.

I read on like 37464 blogs that gingham was going to be BIG in 2017. Like actually big, not one of those little trends that whistle through H&M and Primark for two weeks and then disappear back off into the mist of forgotten trends.

Gingham reminds me on my bedroom from the ages 10-15 as I had baby blue gingham bed sheets and matching curtains, and I loved it. I still have those bed sheets and they are the softest and cosiest ones I’ve ever owned. But wearing gingham? I don’t think I’ve done that since I was about 5.

It’s quite a bold print and can be a bit like “COEEE LOOK AT ME OVER HERE” which isn’t exactly the approach I always try to go for. I have numerous gingham items saved on ASOS but it wasn’t until I was in Primark with my mum that I was willing to part with the cash. I really like the shape of this top – the tied in waist and the bell sleeves. It makes me feel elegant and a lil bit cool which are both a rare occurrence.

For going out for brunch with Emma one Monday, I styled it with some boyfriend jeans and my silver Mary Jane’s. Bad idea on the Mary Jane’s, they tore my feet to shreds and my feet were freezing as Glasgow is ridiculously chilly at the moment. I wore my favourite coat of winter 2016/17, this masterpiece from New Look which is sadly long gone online but may well be lurking in some stores. I felt quite confident in this outfit but after seeing these pictures, I’m not sure it is the most flattering outfit?

Comfy? Yes. But flattering? I’m undecided.

I did feel very at ease in it though and I don’t think it highlighted my back fat which is always a bonus.

ANYWAY this shirt is only £10 from Primark and I went a size up because I know Primark shirts can be quite pesky and tight on my arms. Primark had so many nice things when I was there and I think another trip soon is definitely in order.

The last picture was too good not to include, turns out sleeping with your hair in a bun for three days and then releasing it when it’s hella windy will result in photos like the one above.


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