Going Home And Getting Fat aka Christmas

Going Home And Getting Fat aka Christmas

“It was Christmas Eve again …” The Pogues ft Kirsty McColl

No lies told, Fairytale of New York is my ALL TIME FAVOURITE CHRISTMAS SONG EVER. I actually cannot believe the festive period is over for another year. It crept up on me so quickly and now its over quick as a flash. I’ve had the most sensational last few months in Glasgow and as this post goes live, I’ll be back in my chilly room in Murano, bliss eh. I typed this while all snug as a bug at home for Christmas.

As per usual, the silly season has been a blur of alcohol, presents, good food, family and friends and I’m not 100% sure where to begin with the post. Basically I’m just gonna give you guys a little personal insight to my Christmas holidays this year and what I all got up to. Fasten your belts, it’s a little bit crazy obviously. Jokes.

Firstly, I came home from Glasgow on the 17th December ready for a crazy night out on the 18th for one of my friend’s 18th birthday. Sarah (the birthday girl) and I started our day with Kirsten at the school pantomine which was a bit hopeless if I’m honest. Some very funny (but inappropriate) jokes but apart from that, bit rubbish. No storyline at all. We then “pre drank” the afternoon away before the rest of the team arrived and we hit the town, checked out a few pubs and ended up in the Sporty dancing to some hopeless 00’s pop. Smashing night.

On Sunday I went to Edinburgh for the European Christmas market and a little nosey around the shops. We went to the Filling Station on Rose Street for lunch (I had a delicious wrap) and then hit the shops. I bankrupted myself in Jack Wills and Topshop (as you do) before hitting up Primark with the family where I bought NOTHING. That’s right, nothing. I exerted a little self-control, shame I couldn’t have done the same in Toppers and JW. We then proceeded on down to Princes Street to the market and browsed away at cute little wooden toys, wool socks and hot chocolates.

My next few days where the taken up with lunching with home town gal pals. On Tuesday I met up with long-time best friend Kirsten (who is also in Glasgow but we never find time to see each other *sad face*) and we munched away on some nice food at the Hoot n Cat. That evening I had Monopoly night with the girls which ended up with the one person who had never played Monopoly before (Erin) winning. WHAT. The next day a few of us went to our all-time favourite restaurant in Kelso (from like the 5 you can choose from) The Waggon. Bae <3333.

Then what do you know, Christmas Eve already. It was spent snoozing, watching Star Wars and eating food *meant for tomorrow” lolz. I had the most wonderful Christmas with my family and Christmas Day was a fantastic day. I received the most beautiful presents (favourite include a mince pie candle and my beloved Doc Martens) and enjoyed spending the day with my family. On Boxing Day I hit up the town with the gals and had a great time. We even went to The White Swan this time (exciting) and then again of course ended up in the Sporty. Mad one.

I’ve also been working back at The Cobbles (check it out here) this Christmas which has been great. Not only is it money (girl needs that) but I also get to do some work and keep myself busy. Which sounds mega snore and boring but I actually quite enjoy my work. I had three shifts in a row with my friend Brogan which is always lots of fun although we are quite good at just doing nothing. Yaya dream team. We also then went to see Star Wars The Force Awakens on Monday 28th at night and OH MY FREAKING GOD IT’S AMAZING. 100% the best film I’ve seen this year. Literally buzzin for the next one to come out (roll on 2017) It was so great being able to see things from the original trilogy. I cried when I saw the Millennium Falcon and BB-8 was the cutest droid evs. So points there. Also cried when a  certain someone died but I won’t spoil for anyone who hasn’t seen it. To say I’d never seen any Star Wars before the 1st of December, I’m a big fan now. WHY HAD I NEVER WATCHED IT BEFORE. WAS I STUPID.

I went out in Kelso again on Hogmanay, can I just say I now have 3 Sporty entry brands? Winning at life over here. We started our night at Erin’s for some drinks and chillin before heading out around ten. I wore a really old Christmas party dress from Next which in all honesty, it was A LOT tighter this time round compared to previous spins. Maybe that’s a little nudge in the direction of a New Year’s resolution? Whilst in town we met up with more friends in The Black Swan before heading over to the Queens. I made a pit-stop for chips and cheese before heading out for the bells in the square. I’m not actually sure they ring bells but I wasn’t really aware of much going on. Then of course, the only way to end a night out in Kelso, the Sporty.

My fam and I also treated ourselves to another day in Edinburgh on Saturday 2nd January. I officially spent all of my Christmas money by this point. Funsies. Going back to uni skint and I love it. We did a lil bit of shopping and had a gorgeous meal at Zizzi. I had the rustica size pizza which was good and bad move all at once. I sure as hell did not need one that size but it was beautiful. We ended our day out by going to see Spectre. We got VIP seats at the VUE cinema which did make me feel like a bit of a prat but OH MY GOD Spectre is amazing. It’s the best Bond film I’ve ever seen, amazing on the big screen and the best storyline. Daniel Craig excelled and I literally cannot wait for the next one to see who the new Bond is. After the disappointment of The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2 in November, it’s been so good this Christmas to see two amazing films. I simply adore Star Wars though. Almost treated myself to a Star Wars t-shirt in JOY but I sustained myself.

​I went to Newcastle on the 4th January to stay with a friend from university along with another friend. We got the train to Durham, spent the day together on Monday before going out in Newcastle at night. It was an amazing night out and it was so nice to see them both outside of Glasgow. Hella good fun.

My last few days at home before going back to Glasgow were spent just lazing around, eating food I didn’t buy and most importantly, watching Netflix on a TV. Not that I don’t watch Netflix at uni (it’s all I do at uni) but I watch it on a laptop screen. So all funsies on a big screen eh. I also went for dinner with my friends at The Waggon one last time and then for lunch with another friend on Friday.

It’s so hard to believe how quickly the holidays have flown by but I’m 100% ready to start another semester in Glasgow and get back to being a student, not a lazy person who eats food all day long. But Netflix, always Netflix.

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Original Post Date: January 2015