The May Edit

The May Edit

May is a strange month. It’s sort of the end of the year but it’s also half-way through the year. Like it’s kind of weird. I’ve finished first year this month, gone on holiday and I’m about to start my summer job at Floors. Albeit that is in June, it still kind of counts as a May thing.

For the life of me, I cannot believe that university is over. Well obviously it’s not over, I’ve only finished first year. But I’ve moved out of Glasgow for three months give or take spend the summer at home, working my little socks off to save up for another bumper year!

So what’s all been happening in May?

Exams ew gross. I am so glad they are over. I don’t want to comment too much on how I think they went as I don’t want to then explain how I’m heading back for resits, would be kind of embarrassing y’know? I don’t deal well with exams, I get super stressed about them and I wrote a post this year which had a few tips for surviving this period: check out that post if you wanna listen to my tips. I’m actually going to try and stick to my own suggestions next year, might make the whole ordeal a little less of a nightmare.

We had like a couple of sunny days in the last few weeks but I think these *might* have happened in April? I’m not exactly sure but we sat outside on the grass on blankets, drank ciders, chatted and read books. It made my heart all gooey for summer. Disclaimer: this part of the post was written earlier but since about the 9th May we have had BANGING weather. Like I got sunburnt a lot and could wear pretty dresses and sunglasses and we drank cider and Pimms and oh my god SUMMER.

I’ve been to Edinburgh this month where I spent A LOT of money on public transport  which was quite annoying but worth it to see some of my family. I had a lovely lunch and then did a little bit shopping where I got the dreamiest navy boho smock dress. So ready to hit up a beach in that boo.

I watched so much TV this month so I thought I’d tell you about all my baes: Outlander is back for season 2, very exciting. So is the big one, Game of Thrones has been back on our screens for cheeky season six and oh my god, it’s been simply amazing. But I won’t discuss it all because there is nothing worse than a Game of Thrones spoiler. I’ve caught up on New Girl and I am so fucking haps to see Sam back on the scene, he’s one of my faves. I started a new show this month, dun dun dun, Jonathon Creek. WHY HAVE I NOT WATCHED THIS BEFORE? It’s so crazy good. It’s a combination of all my favourite things in TV and even though it’s old, it’s still crazy good. I also saw Captain America: Civil War this month which was pretty damn good. Maybe I should take  a break from screens in June? Hmm then again maybe not. Also Peaky Blinders is back and Tommy Shelby is being a bae as ever and if you don’t watch that, tune into the BBC because it’s another one of those glorious BBC dramas. So damn good. It appears that the only vocabulary I can think of when I think about TV is “damn good”. Soz not soz.

Even though I’ve had exams, I’ve had a few of sassy days in Glasgow where I pretend I don’t actually have commitments. One was with my friend Emma who is also studying here (but at a different university) where we had a day of shopping and food. I wrote all about that fun time here. We also went to the Botanic Gardens on a lovely summer day and I got real bad sunburn where I look like I have wings; the joys of being Scottish with peely-wally skin eh? I also penned that little outing down for y’all to read about. It’s been so lovely seeing so much of Emma, especially with the weather being the way it has of late! I also had a big week of drinking and going out (including Bamboo twice, how embarrassing) before my German exam where I legit think I have gained a stone in alcohol weight so that’s nice and fun before the Bahamas.

One pretty big  thing this month was an event at The Body Shop I was lucky enough to go to. I went along to a VIP event where we saw the Pinita Colada range as well of lots of other goodies. I got a skin consultation which was fan-daby-dosie and I really cannot stress how good Body Shop products are. I feel we sometimes forget it is there but it is worth buying their products even if they are a little pricier as the quality is second to none. Check out all my thoughts and Body Shop gushing here. Although I was super nervous before I went, I’m just really glad I went. It was a good experience for me to take part in and a good way of seeing how the blogging world negotiates, hopefully it won’t be my last!

Toodle pip.

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