hillhead book club | glasgow eats.

I’m typing this on Friday morning whilst lying in my bed with a can of diet coke which has been chilled. DIVINE. And thank the freaking lord that it is practically the weekend. BUT yeah, HHBC.

Hillhead Book Club is a firm favourite for many people in Glasgow’s west end. It is a very sizeable establishment and does tempt anyone in with £3 vodka or gin strawberry mojitos during the week. Like, c’mon. I just wanted to write a quick lil post on it because new year, new blog, new content, make an effort, all that jazz.

But oh my god, looking at these pictures of all the food is making me so hungry. I’m so excited to go out for dinner again tonight to Bar Gumbo. All I can think of now is food.

I’ve only been once before for food which was also on Valentine’s Day, but last year. They have a really good menu on a normal day too (so I’ve heard) with lots and lots of veggie and vegan options. But for Galentine’s this year, Tori, Rachel and I headed off for their “Menage a trois” menu which is three courses for £18 and the third person eats free! This ended up boiling down to £15 each, £12 for the meal and £3 for the cocktail.

This is the first time I’ve had a 3 course meal in a loooong time and man, does it stuff you. For starters I had a cajun chicken salad because health and all that, for mains I had the veggie option of an aubergine and haloumi burger with the chunkiest and tastiest fries and for desert, a citrus cheesecake.

The service was a lil slow and we were immediately asked for ID on the door which was a bit frustrating as it hadn’t said that on the booking confirmation but thankfully everyone has remembered the bring theirs. I don’t know if their licence has changed or something but that didn’t happen last year!

The HHBC just has a lovely atmosphere: good music, a background of chatter and a sense of business but not rushed. Definitely a place not be missed when on a visit to the west end!

You can find the Hillhead Book Club at 17 Vinicombe Street in the west end and check out their instagram over here.