his guilty secret; book review.

I feel like my guilty secret is reading non-course related books during the semester, that guilt eats away at me like nothing else when I try to snatch a few minutes on my latest fix. In order to avoid that overwhelming sense of guilt, I saved His Guilty Secret for my first day free of class, commitments and caring.

His Guilty Secret* by Helene Fermont is a little different from my usual reading forte, I like dark and grisly thrillers, intricate plots that twist and turn at every point or fantastical worlds that only exist in imagination. I’m not usually one for the mundane but the intriguing blurb on His Guilty Secret was enough for me to begin reading – and I did finish it one day as I have a thing about books where I must make it to the end as fast as possible.

I spent both my tea breaks and lunch break at work hunched over reading this book shovelling pesto pasta into my mouth to continue reading, I’m sure it was some sight.

As I’ve mentioned I love intricate novels that twist and turn and keep you on your toes. I loved the location switching in His Guilty Secret from London to Sweden to Paris, it just makes it a little more complicated and romantic. I also love hearing different perspectives from several characters, not just the protagonist, so the switching of point of views between all the characters involved also stuck a chord with me. I think it allows for a much more rounded approach to the story.

I’m in two camps about how much I enjoyed this book. On paper, it is 100% my type – sorry couldn’t resist. The initial starting point of the plot was perfect for the kind of story I enjoy. Why did Patricia husband Jacques die in a hotel room? Who was he with? What was he hiding? I love being able to ask those questions right from the off and they really draw me into continuing to read.

I did however find the way the plot developed to not be too my taste as much. The questions you were initially asking were answered pretty quickly and it was more a long drawn out road to the finish and the two women meeting. I also felt there were too many happy endings and too many affairs. I now that it is portraying a ‘modern day reality’ but it still felt a bit chaotic at times and then got resolved too quickly to feel natural.

Whilst the mystery of Jacques, his sister Coco and their secret was well explored, I found the concept of the feud between Patricia and her twin sister to be a bit baffling? I didn’t really understand what it offered to the plot and why it was included as it felt just a bit random and didn’t contribute much to the original storyline – which had me questioning what the storyline was.

I think I just like my books really complicated and difficult which I didn’t find in His Guilty Secret. It was however a very easy and nice book to read which would be perfect for grappling when you need something simple and I did read it all in one day. I also passed it on to my granny who gave it a thumbs up.

Helene Fermont has also written two prior novels, Because Of You and We Never Said Goodbye, and is currently working on her fourth. You find out more about Helene here and purchase His Guilty Secret here.

 I was gifted His Guilty Secret to review as part of The His Guilty Secret Blog Book Tour but all thoughts, views and opinions expressed in this review are my own. For further clarification, please read my full disclaimer here