how i use my bullet journal; part 3.

I thought I would do a little update on how I’m using my bullet journal as bullet journaling is something I can’t imagine not doing right now. My gorgeous hardback notebook from Paperchase has finally been filled up and for the last few weeks I’ve been using this slim notebook from Ohh Deer’s December Papergang box.

I love the cute design on this notebook and it is so light and handy to carry around. For a while I was convinced I had drawn on the cat sitting in the window myself but alas, this is not true and I don’t know why I thought that.

Since February I’ve been using a pack of Stabilo pens to bullet journal and I cannot stress enough how much this change has improved my usage of my bullet journal. They make everything so much neater and organised and I love the way everything looks as a whole.

I have also been using washi tape, both as a page divider, to stick things in and to cover up any mistakes I make. It is a really fun way of adding more colour and making it feel a lot less structured and more fun. I picked up a pack of washi tape from Amazon for something like £9 in September and I’ve also received a couple of beautiful designs through the Papergang.

I’m always looking for new ways to spice up my bullet journal, new designs to try out, new layouts to experiment with and I thought I would through another offering from myself into the mix in case anyone is the same.

As this notebook is a lot smaller than my first one, I’m almost ready to start on another which is very exciting. Sometimes I think about investing in one of the notebooks that most people have to bullet journal (y’know the fancy ones with dots instead of lines, their name has escaped me) but as I receive so many beautiful notebooks in the Papergang it seemed silly to buy another one.

Since moving notebooks, I was able to see what pages I never used and ones I couldn’t live without so it helped me streamline when working out how to use my new bullet journal.

Key and Index

This is an imperative page of any bullet journal. I use mine for finding things such as my wish list and finances for a certain week. I also streamlined my key when I moved bullet journal as I had some symbols which I had literally never used. I also changed a couple of them around to suit my style more.

For example, if I haven’t completed a task and I don’t really have any intentions of doing it in the next few days, I now score a line through it instead of doing a hyphen as this works better for me and how I prefer to see things laid out.

Goals For 2017

I did a goals for 2017 page in my previous bullet journal at the beginning of the year but when it came to transferring some content over in April, I decided to rewrite my 2017 goals. A few of my plans have changed since the beginning of the year and I like to think of this bullet journal as my 2017 starting point.

I have my goals siphoned into five categories: health, travel, financial, personal and blog. I noticed a few of my goals had changed, in particular the financial and health side of things, so it was more useful for me to re-write this list in my new bullet journal.

Future Log

As I decided to make this bullet journal the starting point of 2017 organisation in my life, I re-did my future log pages and added in the last six months of the year. I now have a 9 month log and it is really helpful to be able to see my full year as a whole.

I now know where I have a lot of free time (September, October and November are looking very empty) and where I have to be mindful of things happening (April and May due to exams). It is really exciting to look at a month and see I have lots happening and it also reminds me to start getting organised for some things: ahem, flying to the states on the 8th of June for one.

2016/17 Uni Grades – Semester Two

I find it really helpful to track my progress academically and compare how my grades are improving (or if they are awkwardly going in the opposite direction). I started this last semester and found it SO helpful to see how much I needed for the exam etc. It is also a nice boost if I get a grade back which I’m disappointed in as I can put it in next to grades I am pumped about.

Online Order Tracker

I started tracking my online orders as I kept forgetting about things and then receiving emails saying “Hermes were unable to deliver today as you were not in”, y’know those pesky ones. I have been doing a lot of online ordering recently as I’m trying to get organised for the summer and I’m spend happy so it is really helpful to see everything written down, when things were ordered and how long it has been since then. Helpful if you need to get in touch with a company to be like “where is my shit, it’s been two weeks”.

Reading List

I find my reading list to be very helpful if a) I’ve just been given a huge pile of books from my Granny and I need to remember to read them and b) for remembering what I’ve actually read when it comes to compiling a Recently Reading blog post.

When I moved bullet journals I eliminated some books from my previous list which I knew I was never going to read and I was kidding myself by including them. Current to reads include: I Am Malala, The Book Thief, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, How To Get Your Website Noticed and The Essex Serpent.

Wish List, TV Shows and Glasgow Eats

It seemed like a bit of a waste giving each of these segments their own page as neither of them are that sizeable. I instead smooshed them all together and voila. My wish list has slimmed down a lot as I stopped being as ambitious about things and also I have managed to tick off quite a few things.

Currently the only thing on it is NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Morocco which I attempted to get in Boots on Saturday but it was all sold out so I settled on San Juan instead. I also have experimented with a new way of displaying TV shows. I have a sizeable list at the moment: The 100, Teen Wolf, Reign, Pretty Little Liars, Shadowhunters, The Originals and Girls.

I’m awaiting the return of Game of Thrones, Riverdale and maybe 13 Reasons Why? Basically there is so much TV I love at the moment and I need to keep track of everything. Glasgow Eats is just a little list of restaurants in Glasgow I want to try, of the six on my list I have been to two. I need to try harder.

Travel Bucket List

This is just another typical Pinterest addition to my bullet journal: a bucket list that will take me eons to complete. Of the 52 places, I have been to 10. I’m hoping to check off another couple this summer. It is really satisfying to tick things off and I usually write in the month and year visited as well. For example, London Apr 2017 or Paris Sep 2014. I’m hoping this will be really full in ten years time and it’ll be lovely to look back over and reminisce.

Blog Posts + Stats

Since February I have been keeping track of all the blog posts I have posted in a month, the categories they are filed under, writing a list of goals for the next month and recording my stats. It has been really helpful for remembering posts I’ve written for scheduling tweets and has really helped me to focus on working on my twitter/Instagram to meet my targets.

I have been really enjoying Instagram recently, I’ve been uploading a lot more regularly and making use of hashtags and I’ve seen a real surge in engagement. May this pattern continue!


I have been a bit shit of tracking my finances over the last week and a half but when I do do it right, it is bloody useful. It is handy to see where I spend my money, what I spend it on and how much I spend. I also try to keep hold of a paper receipts in an envelope taped into my bullet journal so I can see what I’m buying at the supermarket etc. I’m trying to do better at managing my finances because at the moment I am a bit of a disaster.

Food Diary

Tracking what I’ve been eating is another thing I’m trying to do for my greater good. It is no secret that over the last six months my diet has been appalling and I’m really trying to turn that around for the summer and the rest of 2017.

Tracking what I’m eating for meals, what I’m snacking on and what I’m drinking has been really helpful. If I’ve had a good day of eating healthy and not feeling hungry, I use it for inspiration for other days. If I’m needing a meal idea, I find it handy to look back over other days and what I know I enjoyed. I’ve noticed I eat a lot of rice, a lot of goats cheese and a lot of hot sauce. Oh and I drink a lot of diet coke but that was never not going to be true.

Month At A Glance 

I find it really useful to have my whole month laid out in front of me, to see what days are free, what weekends I have nothing on, where my busy periods are. It is similar to the future log but is more detailed and focuses on just one month. My May page is looking quite busy in the first three weeks but the last week is completely dead aside from a hair appointment so I know I have lots of time for blogging and social media-ing then.

Habit Tracker

I adore my habit tracker. Since moving journals, I have changed a few of the things I track as some of the things I was attempting to track (go to the gym) just never happened. It is really helpful to see how often I do yoga, how often I get up before 8.30, how often I drink alcohol, shower, do uni work, read, cry etc. I can’t imagine not tracking things now as it is so helpful for helping me to get a better control of things and be on top.

 Brain Dump

I didn’t start doing a brain dump until this month as it was something that didn’t really cross my mind. It wasn’t until this month when I realised I had a shit tonne of stuff to do but didn’t know when I was going to get to do. To summarise, it is basically just a list of everything that needs done by the end of May but I haven’t allocated it to a day yet.

You can catch the other instalments on my bullet journal series here and here.


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