how i use my bullet journal; part 2.

My bullet journal and I are a bit touch-and-go. I absolutely love the concept of it and I know some people completely adore them and practically run their lives from a humble little notebook.

I do try and do that but meh, sometimes I just don’t have the time or I’d rather be watching Netflix and numbing my brain cells by watching Gavin & Stacey instead of writing things down. Lolz.

Back in August I did a post on how I was using my bullet journal and I am proud to say it is still in use. Yeah I don’t write in it every single day but I do do it mostly on busy days and man, it is so satisfying when I manage to tick every single thing off. I did a bit of Pinterest-ing and Googling to get some bullet journal inspo into my lil life and well, it worked.

My bullet journal is back on top form (WEH-HEY) and well, I wanted to share what I was doing so here it is.

W I S H L I S T 

I found an old wish list when digging around an old notebook and I was like “hmm this would be a good way to make sure I spend my money on things I actually want instead of on enormous amounts of diet coke and oreo chocolate bars.”

I transferred it into my bullet journal and well, I’ve ticked a fair few things off. Whenever I start lusting over something or I keep continuously coming back to it on ASOS, I add it onto the wish list. And who knows, maybe in four/five months, I’ll be able to tick it off.

On the list I still have a new cross body bag, something from Kate Spade (yeah get lost laughing bank balance), a Lush face mask and a pair of white Vans.

C L A S S  S C H E D U L E

My university schedule isn’t too overpowering when you think of it by contact time. I only have ten teaching hours a week (sometimes less) which makes it look like I spend most of my time doing sweet fuck-all. I SWEAR I DON’T MUM.

I instead spend most of my time reading some sort of book and writing down some sort of notes to sound smart about in seminars. Or I’m watching Netflix and crying about my life.

I like to write up a little weekly class schedule (as it does differ week to week) in my bullet journal as then I can see where my free time is and when I’ve got an hour or so spare. Theoretically so I can see when I can go to the gym but HAHA.

T H R E E   M O N T H   G O A L S

I did this in September last year as a little list of goals to smash before Christmas. And I did three out of seven. But it was nice to look at and be like “hm I should do this sometime.”

My goals for before December 16 were to join a university society or newspaper; join the gym; apply for study abroad; apply for Camp America; get a part-time job in Glasgow; buy my domain name and start learning French.

I did manage to join the gym, write for the student newspaper and get a part-time job but meh, the other ones didn’t pan out. I’m in the process of applying to Camp America and I have since bought my domain name and I said in my 5 things for 2017 post that I wanted to learn French.

I haven’t done another one of these pages yet in my bullet journal because I just haven’t thought of anything what I want to aim for specifically yet in 2017 which I will when I get better idea about how the year is going for me.

T R A V E L   B U C K E T L I S T

 Oh YAY a cliche.

Everyone has a travel bucket list and if you don’t, you are lying. Maybe you don’t have it written down but man, it is satisfying to tick things off. Mine is HUGE and destinations range from Oxford to San Francisco to Tokyo to Venice. I’ve ticked off nine places off this list which lol, I should start saving my pennies so I can afford these flights and places to stay yeh?

It’s nice to look back at places I’ve been and helps me motivated to keep working so I can afford to go more exciting places in years to come.

2 0 1 6/1 7   U N I V E R S I T Y   G R A D E S

I’m a bit obsessed with getting good grades and I live in fear of failure (particularly academically but also in general life too). After my first year I decided I wanted (and needed) to work a lot harder or else I wasn’t going to get what I wanted out of my university career.

Keeping track of my grades in all three of my courses (History, Classics and Business) has helped me to see where I need to improve. It also means if I’m having a bad day, I can look back at my grades and give myself a miniature pep talk along the lines of YOU CAN DO IT GIRL.

H A B I T    T R A C K E R

Habit trackers are a common feature of bullet journals but it wasn’t until this month where I decided I wanted to do one too. I just thought it would be a fun idea to see how much water I drink in a day, how often I exercise and how often I spend money.

It does help me see things like when I washed my hair, what time I’m getting up and going to sleep and how often I clean the flat. It does make a bit sad when I realised the last time I did any form of exercise was over a week ago and I’ve spent money every single day of the past week. But it is fun when you see that YES you’ve woken up every day before 8.30 and you haven’t drank any alcohol in the last week.


I’m really bad at keeping track of my spending and I am also really bad at just spending. During January I was particularly bad and it came around to the sort of situation where I had £1.56 in my bank account the day before SAAS was due.

I split my finance tracker into two columns: online/card transactions and cash. It lets me see what I’m spending my money on and where I’m spending it. I am trying to live on a weekly cash budget and only spending my card or doing online orders when I am absolutely need too. Hopefully this will all help me to be a bit better at all this budgeting malarkey.

F O O D  D I A R Y

Food diaries are something I’ve tried before but I am bad at sticking too them. But seeing as I snack all the damn time and I struggle to think of easy, healthy but still tasty and fulfilling meal ideas, I thought keeping track of what I’ve eaten would be a good idea.

As of the day I’m typing this, I had 2 bits of shortbread for breakfast (I scream health), avocado on a bagel with hot sauce for brunch, some left over peanut butter chicken and noodles for lunch, I’ve snacked on diet coke and pomegranate seeds and for dinner, a stuffed chicken thingy with carrots and mushrooms.

So yeah, I should probably keep this up.

My bullet journal lacks a lot of colour but hopefully, since getting a pack of Stabilo pens for my birthday, this will change.

Oooh and I also saw in a Buzzfeed article which suggested using washi tape as a divider on pages. WHICH WAS SUCH A FUN IDEA.