how i want to use instagram.

What am I doing with Instagram? It is now a huge part of blogging thanks to its ability to share visual content for viewers/followers to view quickly before scrolling on. The way we consume content is continuously changing and the fast-paced approach of Instagram suits a lot of people.

I had a personal Instagram for around a year before I began writing on a blog and now it is has rolled itself into a hybrid account, sharing both blog and social media content as well as my life.

I have always enjoyed sharing. And creating. And taking photos. I love curating a feed that I find aesthetically pleasing or filled with images that harbour great memories, share something useful and inspiration for myself and others. Instagram is fun, it definitely was to begin with but it has changed. Where do I go from here?

Over the summer I was in a lull with Instagram. I barely uploaded, completely lacked in inspiration for both images and captions, and instead scrolled silently as I watched my favourite accounts grow and create amazing pictures. Instagram became a place filled with ‘relatable captions’, oversaturated images from far-flung places and things I just did not enjoy so I was unsure about how I wanted to fit in there.

But over the last couple of weeks I have been slowly dipping my toe back into it and I want to make positive changes with my Instagram. I’ve looked back through my images, particularly to autumn/winter 2017 as that was when I was super pleased with my feed and I actively created images on a daily basis for the sheer enjoyment of it. I wanted to get back to that headspace of it whilst considering how I could improve and grow my account in order to support my blog.

As I looked back, I made notes of my most popular images ever in order to understand how I can recreate this in the future. A lot of the discussion I see about most popular posts that perform the best suggest that it is photos of the person themselves which succeed.

For me, this is not the case. Which I’m so thankful for. I really dislike having my picture taken (without Claire, getting shots for brands in gifted items would be impossible as she makes me feel at ease) and I love finding things to photograph.

It is so interesting to look back through your own feed and take note of what did well, what didn’t and what you enjoyed creating at the time.

what does well on my instagram?

My most popular post is a photo of me in a striped rainbow midi wrap dress from Primark which was hugely promoted by Primark this summer. It was one of their big pieces from the summer range, and I, a sucker for stripes + long sleeves + a wrap dress, snapped one up. Charlotte took the picture for me near The Doghouse in Merchant City after lunch with Hayley and it was one of the hottest days in Glasgow so I was sweating profusely.

I love the laidback aspect of this photo and it is definitely the dress which made people hit like as the comments were filled with compliments.

Other posts in my ‘top ten’ which include myself in the image are two more wintery shots. The first is actually taken in Kelso (big up) by Emma after a lunch date and the main focus is my orange scarf from Powder that was a Christmas gift. I have no idea why this photo was so popular!

I am in the frame but it is only one of three of my most popular that include me. It was however at a time when my Instagram had a lot of growth and I was uploading consistently.

The final photo of me is one of my favourite photos ever taken of me. My lovely flatmate snapped it for me when we were taking photos for a brand collaboration I was working on with Steamer Trading Cookshop and I love it. I’m wearing my favourite polka dot dungarees in the January sunshine in one of the prettiest spots in Glasgow, the mews at Park Circus.

Food and drink pictures also seem to perform well on my account which is bloody nice considering I spend a lot of time and money on both at the moment. Going out for coffee is something I love and my friends and I have gotten into a habit of grabbing a bite and a cup of something hot after our class on Friday morning.

The two snaps in my top ten on my feed include a pizza shot from Zizzi and a picture of a soya latte from the iCafe on Woodlands Road. The west end has so many gorgeous coffee spots so I’m never short of a coffee snap or ten.

There are also two interiors shots inside my top ten, both pictures taken in the bedroom I have at my parent’s house. They moved around a year and a half ago to our new house and I put time and effort into curating my bedroom. I’ve shared a lot of snaps of it on both my blog and Instagram as I do love how I’ve put it all together.

These two posts in particular have done the best, one containing a picture of my dog snoozing on my bed in the shot and the other is a picture I shared on my birthday this year with a chatty caption which accounts for the engagement in the comments.

The final bunch of snaps are all general lifestyle shots from around Glasgow. I love this because nothing makes me happier than sharing my city on Instagram! I have a couple of a street just up the road and one of Ashton Lane in the snow.

I love taking photos of things around me in general, be that whilst travelling, in Glasgow and in the Scottish Borders. I find it so inspiring to appreciate what is around you and luckily, Glasgow is a very photogenic city begging to be snapped.

what now?

From looking at these snaps, I am pretty pleased with what my most popular posts are. It is a good mix of lifestyle shots of Glasgow, food and interiors with a tiny of bit of me on my feed thrown in.  I love sharing a mix of everything as I don’t want to be pigeon-holed into one category and as much as I use Instagram to share The Monday Project, I also want it to document my life from a personal perspective.

I love going out for coffee, pottering about with interiors and exploring Glasgow whilst occasionally wearing something worthy of the ‘gram so from now I am just going to keep on looking for inspiration.

Take pictures of my coffee, stop for a moment to snap the street I’m walking down and look through my plants at my camera lens so that my Instagram feed is as much a part of me as I am of it.

Instagram does not have to be about numbers or a theme or only sharing photos of yourself. It can be whatever you want it to be and let’s not forget, Instagram encourages to see the beauty in the world by making us remember to stop and take a picture of it.

And one that note, please follow me on Instagram.