how i’m documenting my summer.

I love taking note of memories. I’m always been the one snapping a photo or the one who journaled. I like remembering things, saving things and having memories to look back on. Scrapbooking has become one of my favourite ways to store past adventures and with summer 2018 being one of my favourite summers to date, it felt only fair to document it.

I’ve partnered with Printiki to print my travel memories from 2018 and make a scrapbook. This is my 2018 travel scrapbook and every time I flick through it I do a little happy dance in my head. I’m so incredibly lucky to have travelled to these lovely places this year and the fun isn’t stopping yet either as a week today I’ll be on my way to Italy!

Scrapbooking however can be daunting. I sometimes leave things sitting in a drawer or a in folder for months before I come back to them, ready to scrapbook. I always want mine to look ‘perfect’ and Pinterest ready (which it never does) and this emphasised importance of the scrapbook often puts me off – and I just don’t do it.

I wanted to share my simple tips on scrapbooking – especially if you are not particularly crafty like yours truly. If you want to print your own memories with Printiki, make sure you enter my giveaway to win a voucher for 30 prints.

start simple.

In order to scrapbook, you need a scrapbook. Previously I’ve used large hardback scrapbooks from Paperchase that whilst brilliant, are a little bit pricey. As I wanted to scrapbook on a budget I opted for a non-lined notebook from Ohh Deer. It is compact in size making it easy to store but looks cute and can still plenty in.

print your memories.

Photographs are the most important part of any scrapbook. When you print with Printiki you can choose from photographs on your desktop, social media and services such as Dropbox making it super easy to sync your photographs and get them printed. I love scrolling down my Instagram feed as I often find lovely photos I would have forgotten to print otherwise.

Printiki offer a range of different print sizes but the size I’ve opted for here are 4×6 with a retro frame and 4×4 non-retro. The 4×4 size is my favourite as they look like enlarged polaroids and most of the photographs print really well in them as opposed to the 4×6 where some images got cropped.

Having a range of sizes however adds variety to your scrapbook and gives you more shapes to play with. For more print inspiration make sure you check out Printiki’s Instagram account. To print your own memories with Printiki and get scrapbooking, enter my giveaway to be in with a chance of winning a voucher for 30 prints.

keep note of momentos.

Whenever I come home from a trip or do something special I always save the ticket. I usually keep them all together in a little folder until the time comes to scrapbook them. I love adding more to the story by adding in ticket stubs, travel passes and postcards I’ve bought from the place I was visiting.

section your scrapbook.

I wasn’t intending to fully dedicate this scrapbook to travel but when I started pulling together my photos and momentos it dawned on me how much I’d travelled this year. I decided to section my scrapbook into chronological order and did each country at a time.

For me I broke it down into Ibiza, Amsterdam and Stockholm, with pages left at the end for Italy. This makes the whole thing look a lot tidier and if you ever share it with someone for them to have a flick through they can easily see what you’ve documented – very handy when showing to elderly relatives.

write as you like.

I personally never add in much hand-writing to scrapbooks as I like to let my photographs do the talking. However, I think adding in descriptions or general thoughts are a lovely touch and something I will maybe do in the future.

If you have beautiful handwriting or a skilled calligrapher it is art itself. For the rest of, printing out your descriptions in a nice font from Word or Canva can help your scrapbook look crafty.

One thing I do add in however is a small ‘trip details’ note at the beginning of each section. I’ve written down the dates I was there, my flight details, the accommodation details, who I travelled with and the trip highlights. I thought this was a good way to get the basics out there without writing overtaking everything.


The best part of scrapbooking is putting it all together. I looked at other blogs and Pinterest for inspiration for styling mine up. Make sure you get all of your kit together in advance so you don’t begin scrapbooking to only realise you don’t own glue. Poundland and other bargain stores are my favourite for picking up cute crafting supplies that won’t break the bank.


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