i’m back people, with my 2019 resolutions as well.

Blonde haired girl laughing wearing a mustard jumper and purple dungarees.

It has been a hot minute since I last posted on The Monday Project. Beginning of December to be exact, a time where I had three weeks-worth of content planned out and all the intentions of churning out Christmas content and flying into January on a high. Spoiler: that did not happen.

I am excited about 2019. I get excited about every new year but 2019 feels like it will be a big one with (hopefully) graduating from university, writing my dissertation, travelling where and when I can and seeing as much of Glasgow as possible. I have resolutions as well of course.

In my un-planned hiatus from blogging, I’ve done a lot of thinking about what I want for The Monday Project in 2019. It is getting to the time of year again where I pay the annual payment for the upkeep of my blog and whether or not that is a payment I should be making again this year.

I am supposed to be getting my shit together financially this year, or at least I’ve told myself that.

an un-planned hiatus but i’m back (hopefully).

But I do want to keep blogging. I like having something to work on, be invested in and be creative with. I can’t really remember my life before (lol, an overstatement) but I do know when I do take a hiatus like the one over Christmas, I miss it.

I don’t necessarily miss any specific tasks itself but I feel like something is missing, even if I am crazy busy and crying every third day over the 12,000 words of dissertation breathing down my neck.

Close up of girl with blonde hair wearing glasses and a mustard jumper.

cord dungarees, ASOS (old) | mustard jumper, c/o Femme Luxe | glasses, Specsavers

So, I’m making another yearly investment in my pet project and I’m excited about it. I’ve been getting as far as 300 words deep into countless word documents in the couple of weeks as I try to put pen to paper on blog post ideas I’ve had floating around my head. No posts to show for it however, as I lost confidence in what I was writing half-way through.

But I spent Sunday afternoon at the latest Blog & Beyond workshop on creating killer content and it was just the boost I needed. The perfect sashay back into the world of blogging after keeping things quiet as I lurked about on Bloglovin, reading amazing posts by my favourite creators.

It was the breath of fresh air I needed as Charlotte spoke eloquently and informatively about how she creates blog posts and her refined process. The day before going to the workshop I wrote my first post of the year for Blog & Beyond, a simple round-up of blog posts that I’m going to do weekly and it was the boost I needed to sit back down here and write something for The Monday Project.

2019 is heralded as the ‘return of blogging’ or whatever buzzword is going around and I am very excited for it.

Ginger cake and a flat white on a black table.

yes, I make resolutions.

I will probably always make resolutions – despite the chat about ‘new year, same me’ which I am totally on-board with but I love the challenge of working on something new for a year. Or at least trying to for three weeks in January.

Blogging, in light of this post, is my biggest resolution this year. I want to keep going and scheduling a tiny bit of time away each week to work on my blog. I love writing for Blog & Beyond as it helps me hone my writing style even more but I also want to focus growing on The Monday Project instead of just plodding on.

I have a few ideas which I’m hoping to put into motion in the next couple of weeks (did someone say a newsletter?) and not less myself get overwhelmed too easily. This happens with everything and I end up shutting down instead of powering through so I want to schedule an evening or an afternoon here and there to get those words out into the world.

Another resolution I have this year is to move more. I am awful at exercising and if I didn’t walk in Glasgow as much as I do, I would probably never do any excessive moving. I have recently joined The Glasgow Club with the aims of attending gym classes at my local GC gym, Kelvin Hall, and have a pilates class booked in for 18.00 tomorrow. I am absolutely shitting it.

Blonde haired girl leaning against some railings in a check mini skirt and grey jumper holding a red bag.

grey roll neck, Primark (old) | skirt, Primark (old) | boots, Dorothy Perkins (old) | bag, Italy

I also want to get back into yoga again and have been doing a 30 days of yoga with Adriene challenge on YouTube. I’ve done a couple in the past and it is safe to say I am obsessed with everything about Adriene. I’d love to find a studio in Glasgow that is a) nearby, accessible and welcoming and b) won’t cost me my left kidney per class.

Goodreads is another app I’ve downloaded onto my phone (I have a new phone too after I lost my last one, also putting be more careful with things on the list too) and whilst I don’t know how to use it, I’ve put reading 50 books on my resolutions list. So far I’ve read The Little Book of Cacti & Other Succulents and One of Us is Lying – and I’m almost finished Big Magic which I’m loving so far.

2018 was a really good year of travel for me and I hope 2019 can be even better. I’d love to do one big trip in the summer after university finishes with a few weekend trips scattered about. I don’t think I’ll be going away until after May (unless I got somewhere in late March/early April) but places on my list include: Manchester, Oxford, Copenhagen and Rome.

And as well as exploring more of ~ the world ~, I want to see more of Glasgow. Plans including finally going Southside (aside from that one visit I made in 2016 to see The Burrell Collection before it closed) and trying out more places to eat. So far, I’ve strayed from Offshore and the Old Schoolhouse (I tend to socialise in a small area of Woodlands and that area only) and had delicious cake and coffee at Rose & Grant’s and a smashing vegan lunch at The Flying Duck.

My final resolution? Learn a new fucking language. I’ll probably try French again for 28478475thtime in my lifetime.

Photos by Claire White


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