In The Woods

In The Woods

In The Woods, an Irish crime thriller by Tana French completely trapped me under its spell. I was hooked from reading the blurb. I love murder stories, anything grisly, anything that makes you scared, anything where you just have to know the answer: that’s my jam. This book was no different. Set in a small town just outside Dublin it features a Detective who himself was the centre of a murder investigation as a child. Now with a different identity, he returns to his home town to investigate a new murder, one of a 12 year old girl.

All of the characters were very complex and interesting. I had no idea who the murderer was until it was actually revealed to me. I was completely lost in all elements of the plot. It kept twisting and turning and it kept linking back to the past and I was all over the place, exactly how I like to be when I read this genre. Always on the edge of my seat.

The two main characters, Detective Ryan (the main dude who has a history with the small town due to his own run in with an almost murderer) and his partner, Detective Maddox. These two have great chemistry, you really get to know them and the way they work was really good at explaining the case.

Basically, I cannot fault the idea of the plot. I loved that there was a past unsolved case and a present case happening in the same town including the same people and having similar merits.

But I felt so empty inside when I was finished. Ryan and Maddox fell out, didn’t speak again and she married the other detective so that little love story SUCKED. The present murder of the 12 year old girl was wrapped up brilliantly, the actual murder was so clever and I didn’t suspect who committed it. I was very pleased with that.

But the other one I hear you ask? Devastating. I’m still not over. Basically the event which happened in the past was three children went missing in the woods outside this town but only one returned, covered in blood and wearing blood soaked shoes with no memory of what happened to him and his friends. This event? It wasn’t fucking cleared up. You have no idea what happened to Detective Ryan’s friends at the end of the book. WTF WTF WTF. I felt so dead inside after not finding out, it is still bothering me now.

So yeah, it was a good book, I fully enjoyed the read but I was gutted by the ending. If this sort of ending won’t phase you, then read away my friends, read away.

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