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I have really been enjoying posts like this, specifically culture consumption on Last Year’s Girl and the monthly round-up on Rbekhaj. Seeing as I’m trying to ease myself back into blogging slowly but surely, a solid monthly digest seems like the best way to get my toes wet again in blogging waters. 

A horrible analogy that I’m sorry. Seeing as I watch an ordinate amount of TV, am continuously listening to some sort of podcast and I would assume 70% of my outgoings are food related, notes on these three from the last month seemed like something I can manage to catalogue and finally press publish on. 


How To Sell Drugs Online (Fast): I love watching foreign language shows on Netflix and this six part German series is one of the best things I’ve watched this year. Inspired by true events of a Leipzig teenager dealing drugs from his bedroom through his customised website, HTSDO(F) follows two outcast teenagers in Rinselm dealing drugs online to gain the attention of an ex-girlfriend. I found it hilariously funny with dark undertones, providing the perfect Saturday afternoon escape. Watch on Netflix.****

Good Girls: Good Girls has continuously appeared in my recommended for you section on Netflix and I finally took the plunge with this Christina Hendricks led drama-comedy. I love Mae Whitman as well and with Retta completing our trilogy of female protagonists, I found the show to be hilarious, clever and the perfect dose of crime. I will admit, being absolutely obsessed with the relationship (or whatever it is) between Rio ‘Gang Friend’ and Beth makes me feel like World’s Worst Feminist. But gaging from the chatter on social media, I’m not alone in shipping them. I just can’t believe I’ll need to wait a whole year until season 3. Watch on Netflix.****

Jane The Virgin: I am so sad Jane The Virgin is in its final season but I’m confident they’ll do it justice. In a way I’m glad, I wouldn’t want them to take it too far and ruin the magic of following Jane’s life as she juggles motherhood, romances and family in Miami. The episodes so far have been great and I have high hopes for the rest of the series. Watch on Netflix. ****

New Amsterdam: If you want to get involved with some hospital drama without having your heart broken about 30 times over the 14-odd seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, hop onto New Amsterdam as it’s just finished its first season. I found the first twelve episodes to be addictive and was delighted to watch the remainder of the season when it came onto Amazon Prime in late May. I love the complex storylines, enigmatic hospital director Max and his team of captivating doctors. It has a really diverse cast and my favourite characters are Sharp and Bloom, two incredible doctors not without their personal struggles. Watch on Amazon Prime. ****

Inside The World’s Toughest Prisons: Prison documentary series always go down well with me and this three season offering on Netflix is no different. The first season is presented by Irish journalist Paul Connolly and the premise was Connolly entering a prison and seeing inside it from the perspective of both a prisoner and a guard, offering an insight into the conditions, control and culture of the world’s toughest prisons. The second and third series are presented by journalist Raphael Rowe who himself has served 12 years in prison after being convicted of a murder he did not commit. I found Rowe’s episodes even more captivating as he was able to shed insight into the life of a prisoner from a personal perspective. Stand out episodes for me where Philippines (.1.4) Brazil: The Gang Prison (2.1) and Norway: The Perfect Prison? (3.4). Watch on Netflix. ****

The Durrells: I love a good period drama and The Durrells was as enchanting, charming and special as I thought it would be. Based on the real-life Durrell family who, led by widowed mother Louisa, left Bournemouth for Corfu in the 1930s and spent four years on the island, leaving at the outbreak of war in Europe in 1939. Their lifestyle was eccentric to say the least and seeing the Durrell children and their mother brought to life on screen in this four-season show was lovely. I am planning to move to Corfu with my dog now though so I can emulate the same sort of life. Watch season 1-2 on Netflix, season 4 on the ITV Hub. ****

Three Girls: I watched the heartbreaking BBC three-piece drama Three Girls on Netflix one weekend when trawling for a new crime show. Based on the true story of the child sex ring in Rochdale which culminated in the arrest and conviction of male individuals in 2011, Three Girls follows three of the victims in their journey and the NHS, social services and police professionals they came in contact with during the investigation. It was horrible to watch but important. Watch on Netflix. ****

Murder Mystery: I had really high hopes for this film but was left feeling a little flat. I loved Jennifer Aniston (love her always tbh) and Adam Sandler in Just Go With It but I found the storyline of Murder Mystery too ridiculous, both of Aniston and Sandler’s character’s lacking depth and being unlikeable and it felt like massive chunks of the storyline where left out. An easy watch but not a great one. Watch on Netflix. ***

Sons of Anarchy: I felt in dire need of a new TV show as the month waned on and decided to plunge in Sons of Anarchy. Fair to say, I’m obsessed. Although I did make my usual error of reading the storylines on Wikipedia beforehand and am aghast at how many people kick it throughout the seven season run. I’m currently coming to the end of season three and it is my favourite thing to indulge in when I just want to watch Netflix. Watch on Netflix. ****


Unholy War by David Hair: I have really enjoyed reading The Moontide Quartet throughout 2019 and after finishing this third instalment, I can’t wait to get my hands on the fourth. Unholy War picks up with all the characters from the previous books and advances the storyline of magic, war and betrayal in a mystical world where the bridge that separates two ancient nations at war is about to sink back below the sea. This is pretty heavy high fantasy but if that is your jam, I’d really recommend Hair’s quartet. ****

In A Cottage In A Wood by Cass Green: A wonderful charity shop find (they are the best for discarded thrillers!) which I read in about one night which was a bit silly when I couldn’t get to sleep at 2am in fear of someone breaking in. It follows Neve after she encounters a woman on London Bridge before she jumps to her death and finds herself being posthumously gifted her house – which she believes will be the escape from London she needs. However, things take a dark turn in a cottage in a wood as Neve finds out things about the mysterious woman’s past and her own and how they are intwined. I found it engaging throughout but the ending fell a little flat for me. *** 


Halloumi: A recent foodie discovery for me that has become a firm favourite is Halloumi. With two Glasgow locations, this Greek tapas restaurant has been taking the city by a storm and I’ve visited twice in the last couple of months. My latest visit was a lunchtime one with my friend Cat where you can three plates from a select menu for £10.95! Madness! And it included my darling calamari. I’m ready for many more Halloumi visits in the future. ****

Cafe Strange Brew: I have wanted to visit the south side institution of Cafe Strange Brew for about a year, if not longer. I finally made my first proper visit to the south side this month where the lovely Bekah took me to Cafe Strange Brew and we did a charity shop sweep. What more can I want on a Friday! Nothing! I had the Stornaway Stack and a soya flat white which was delicious. Bekah’s pancakes looked equally divine and I’ll need to head back to sample them and the other savoury dishes on the brunch menu in the future. *****

Dumpling Monkey: My Uber Eats/Deliveroo/Just Eat addiction is out of control at the moment but I have had not had better Chinese, specifically dumplings, than those from Dumpling Monkey. My current hangover fix involves ten delicious dumplings from this Dumbarton Road Chinese. I wish I could eat it more but I’m trying to ban myself from take-out and I’m too lazy to walk there. ****

Urban West: I walk past this Great Western Road brunch spot regularly and after visiting last year, I popped in again for brunch one Friday with some friends. All of our food was delicious and the staff are always really lovely. I think it is well priced, has a wide range of dishes on the menu and it is super chilled out. ****

Kitchenetta: Whilst I haven’t sampled one of the breakfast or lunch options at Kitchenetta I did have a chocolate brownie which is to die for. This gorgeous (and extremely Instagrammable) space in Hyndland is perfect for setting up camp with your laptop to do a couple of hours work – or flicking between Twitter on the browser and your phone like I do when I’m procrastinating. **** 

Papercup: Another Great Western Road institution is Papercup, a bit further up the road from Urban West. I went one Saturday with my friend where I had poached eggs on toast (I was extremely hungover and could not face anything else, I didn’t even finish this!) and my friend had an avocado smash on toast. This place was buzzing which was not ideal for me with my head spinning and I’d like to go back in the future so I can enjoy myself properly. ***

The Buccleuch Arms: Whilst visiting my parents in the Borders one weekend in June I went to The Buccleuch Arms with my friend Shelby which is somewhere I have always wanted to eat. We booked for the Friday night which was a good idea as it seemed every table had a reservation. The menu had so many lovely things on it but we both opted for a burger from their extensive burger menu and I was not disappointed. The staff were lovely and I’d recommend to anyone in this neck of the woods to try it out. ****

Mesa: After visiting Cafe Strange Brew earlier this month, I also visited their sister cafe Mesa for the first time in the east end of Glasgow. I popped in one Sunday after for a long overdue catch-up with Lindsey and Charlotte where I had a delicious ginger blondie whilst the sun seeped in the bright, airy cafe. There were plenty of doggos to be seen and I hope to get back there sometime to try out the food. ****


Unsolved Murders: True crime podcasts are my jam and this is a recent discovery for me. Usually I stay away from unsolved cases as I find it too infuriating and upsetting not knowing happened but this podcast presents the evidence and the case in an interesting, engaging and honest way. I’m working my way through the episodes on the Apple Podcasts app and so far, so good! ***

From Yer Big Sister: Wonderful Lis has brought her authentic, honest and insightful conversation into the podcast world with From Yer Big Sister. Lis discusses mental health, work, lifestyle and so much more each episode with her guest and I am so excited to see where this podcast goes next. All episodes are fantastic but the ones featuring Charlotte and Kaite were especially delightful.*****

Doing It: I’ve been following Hannah Witton for a very long time and her new podcast Doing It is just as fabulous as everything else she has done! I have only listened to the first episode so far (featuring Scarlett Curtis) but the others available are on my list. It’s open, honest and insightful conversation into feminism, sex and identity. **** 

Hashtag Authentic: I follow Sara Tasker of Me & Orla on Instagram like everyone else but her acclaimed podcast Hashtag Authentic was something that never seemed like cup of tea. Ludicrous when a lot of my favourite podcasts showcase inspiring women making noise online or running creative businesses. My favourite episodes so far have featured Laura Jane Williams and Otegha Uwagba. **** 

What She Said: Lucy Lucraft’s inspiring podcast, What She Said, is back for a new season which I am so excited about. Episodes switch between individual discussions by Lucy or conversations with a guest so I am excited to see where Lucy takes us in this new season. ****

Zealot: Another new recent listen for me is Zealot, hosted by Jo Thornley, a podcast chatting about cults. I do find the episodes very interesting as I haven’t heard a lot of the cults Jo discusses with her guests and there is a lot of research and information in each episode. It’s interesting, funny and episodes are around an hour long so fits in perfectly with my listening habits. ***

So She Travels: I came across Vicky Flip Flop on another podcast and fell in love with her passion for sharing the world. I took me a little while to listen to her podcast but I am now head over heels with it. My favourite episode so far has been Africa, Tour Group Travel & Volunteering with Helen in Wonderlust which now has me desperate to go on one of Helen’s Rock My Adventure tours of Africa. Every episode I’ve listened to so far has been incredible and I love the celebration of female travel, especially solo adventures.*****


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