life catch up + my summer plans.

I wanted the title of this post to have a little more pi-zazz but ‘life catch up & my summer plans’ are all I can come up with. This post is coming to you literally hot off the press, as in I’ve just written it up. It is 12.50 on Friday 18th May and I have finally finished my third year of university.

And, deep breath, because it has shattered me. I have never felt more lost and confused and terrified and upset all at the same time as I have in the space of the last few weeks and I am so thankful to be wrapping up my ring binder one final time and saying a sweet goodbye to academia for three months.

Because your girl needs it.

Everything in the last few weeks has been about revision revision revision but my personal life suddenly got very busy (that never happens) and then I was stressed about money and the summer and I just need a long lie down. I’ll get you up to speed then?

life lately.

So term officially ended at the end of March where I whipped off home to see my family for bit as I hadn’t seen them in a while. My sister and I then jetted off to Ibiza because LOL I thought it was so responsible to go on holiday for a week a month before exams. I then spent the next couple of weeks dotting between Glasgow (and studying) and the Scottish Borders.

I came home for a 21st, got horrifically drunk, still got the scars on my wrist from when I decked it outside my parents front door at about 3am. I then had some more time back in Glasgow before heading off to Newcastle for a hen weekend. That weekend was one of the best and funniest times I’ve had in 2018 so far. We drank, ate, laughed, danced, went go karting. I just had all in all an excellent time and tomorrow is the big wedding itself which I’m v excited for.

job hunting.

All of this excitement in April was v out of the ordinary for me so revision was a little hard to fit in. My exciting job opportunity also fell through at the end of April which has put my whole summer plans in a spin and I’m pleased to confirm I only cried once upon hearing it would no longer be happening. The other point of this post is I am a bit skint.

Thanks to that job falling through (sob) I am yet to find myself a summer job as I was too busy concentrating on exams and then I have ten days of holiday planned which I had planned waaaay in advance so can’t not do it now. It has made job-hunting especially tricky but once I get back at the end of May it is foot to the throttle on the job hunt. If you are Glasgow based please hit me up if you know of anything (I’m very poor).

summer online + writing plans.

On the blog front things have been super quiet recently. This is mostly due to a huge bout of imposter syndrome where I wanted to quit everything because I feel incapable of doing everything. To combat this I spent £15 on a whiteboard and some pens (hehe) and I have taken to jotting down all my summer plans! Most of them are hypothetical! I have loads of writing projects I want to focus on this year so it is all about getting pen to paper with those and some new ideas that have sprung into my head recently.

where i’m travelling to.

Travel wise I am heading to Amsterdam in less than a week! It has been three years since I was last in this city and I fell head over heels for it that time around. I’m going with my two best pals and I’m so excited to explore. From there we’re then flying onto Stockholm which is probably the best thing to happen to me, ever. I adore Scandinavia and would love to live there one day and I’m so excited to finally get my taste of the lifestyle.

I’m also supposed to be heading to Italy in late August for a three week research trip for my degree but this is all dependent on funds at the moment. I really hope I can make it work and I’m trying to be positive but until I get my finances sorted and a summer job locked down it is tricky to totally commit to three weeks gallivanting around Rome with gelato in hand.

So there, in a nutshell, is everything that has happened to me in the last few weeks. Other small tidbits of news is I’ve taken up running although I haven’t been since Sunday, I had a crazy good night out with the Classics girls post our final Classics exam and I got my hair dyed blonde again and it does look mint if I say so myself.

These fabulous snaps were taken by Claire. She is amazing and makes me feel like I actually look good and not the usual troll image I have in my head. We shot in the lovely Dean Village in Edinburgh and it was so sunny I swear my head thought I was somewhere lush in France.


top, ASOS | jeans, Topshop | sliders, Primark | bag, La Redoute | sunglasses, Primark

[photos by Claire]