life update: hello, remember me.

It has been a little while since I sat down and wrote something on here. I love my blog and my principal aim this summer (aside from a) save money b) drink less c) be responsible) is to write on here as much as possible. The last few months have been extremely hectic as fourth year of university is actually ~ very fucking hard ~ and I am well, exhausted, but exhilarated. There is so much to catch you up on!

I’m doing pretty good at the moment. I’m happy, healthy and excited for the future. I have a job I enjoy, goals to work towards, travel plans in the pipeline, amazing parents and really good friends I can rely on and I continuously question what I’ve done to deserve having these amazing people in my life.


A few of my favourite people are leaving my favourite city in the next few months as post-university life takes them in different directions and whilst I’m gutted to not have them close by, I know they’ll always be there. And it just makes weekend plans more fun in the future as we can travel to-and-from and catch-up where we can!

The change of seasons (this transition from spring – summer, semesters – holidays) always knock me for six and usually result in me spending an inordinate amount of time either a) crying or b) in bed wearing the same clothes for about six days watching Netflix non-stop. I find it difficult to adjust to the summer months and this year has been especially hard as well, I’m graduating! There is no comfort blanket there of coming back to the university in September because well I’m not (well I am but I’ll explain that in a moment).


I’m graduating! In less than two weeks! And I’m so excited. I got a 2.1 in Classical Civilisation and History from the University of Glasgow which I am absolutely thrilled about – and very bloody relieved. It felt like touch and go for a while. There is no denying I’ve changed a lot during my four years in the city but I think I’ve become who I always was (as ridiculous as that sounds) and I am so thankful for the opportunity to have studied and lived in Glasgow. And to continue living here!

Graduation is super close now. I’ve got a dress (finally) and I’m excited to spend the day with my parents and my friends celebrating our degrees. And of course, hopefully what will be a delicious dinner to follow at night at a Glasgow restaurant I’ve wanted to visit for ages.


Another reason I feel so misplaced at the moment is that I’m on the brink of moving. We’ve lived in our flat for coming up two years this August and whilst I have adored it, I’m ready for something new. Our flat is in dire need of some TLC and it is just time for a change. So I’m upping sticks – and moving across Great Western Road!

We have about six weeks between the two places so I’m going to move my stuff slowly and consciously (trying to find as much as possible to sell because I’m obsessed with Depop) across so I can deep clean my empty room. There is so much to sort out as well with the new place such as getting a parking permit for my car, the wifi, electricity – I feel pretty overwhelmed but ultimately excited.

I can’t wait to paint a statement wall in my bedroom in a dark blue or emerald green. And buy more plants. And visit IKEA many, many times. It is a really exciting time and it’ll be amazing to have somewhere to call home in my favourite city.

travels, festivals, summer plans.

My diary seems to be filling up very quickly and summer is definitely flying by. I’m still interning with the company I love that I’ve been interning with since November which is great as I love my job and find it very engaging and enjoyable. The people I work with are really nice people and it feels great to be starting a career I enjoy.

Aside from work, I’m trying to make the most of my newfound freedom (and increased income) in Glasgow by having brunch and coffee with friends. It is great being able to meet up with our laptops and get things done over good coffee and food. I love spending my evenings in the pub as well as I’m expanding my reach from the Old Schoolhouse to other pubs in my neighbourhood.

I have a few weekends home to see my parents spread throughout the summer months. I’m heading down soon to catch up (and get my hair done before graduation as I’m pretty loyal to my hairdresser!) and then hoping to get down at the beginning of July with a friend. I’m also planning on seeing them again before I head off on holiday in August. I’ve really struggled with my relationship with the Borders in the last few years but as university is ending I feel like this is the next step for me.

Other summer plans for me include a day at TRNSMT which I am really excited for. I can’t wait to see some of my favourite bands play live and then go home to my own bed at night. And have a shower! I’m going with a few friends and it’ll be a good day – I just hope we get good weather too. I’m also doing a charity hike with work which will take us 26 miles through the Trossachs at the end of October.

In August I’m heading to the US for the first time since I dropped out of Camp America (lmao, remember that) with my friend and I am very excited to be visiting two new cities for the first time! Our first stop is Las Vegas followed by San Francisco and it’ll be the perfect way to end the summer.

heading back to university.

I mentioned earlier that I would in fact be returning to university in September which is something I am very excited about. I’m starting a masters course at the University of West Scotland’s Paisley campus in Digital Marketing. Marketing is career path that has developed for me in the last three years – in part thanks to this little space on the internet – and I can’t wait to take the next academic step in pursuing my goal. Lovely Charlotte is also on the course so it’ll be great to see her on a more regularly basis. I am so excited about this course as I have heard great things and I can’t wait to learn and develop more of a passion for marketing.


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