The January Edit

The January Edit

How can January be finished already? How can it be over? How are we one month down in 2016 already? What is going on? How?! So yeh January is over guys. A-over. It’s been a pretty bangin month if I do say so myself. I moved back to city on the 10th and I am well and truly back into the swing of all things Glasgow.

I’m sooooo glad to be back in the city, living in my little room in my cold, mingy flat with some of my favourite people again. I’m enjoying my classes this semester (not that I didn’t last semester) but the fact I’m enjoying it which makes me so much more happy with the choice I made to come to university.

Sometimes I panic. What if I’m not good enough? What if I’m too stupid? What if I should have gone  along a different path other than university?  I started January back in Glasgow by “going sober” but unfortunately, it hasn’t stuck to plan. I’ve only had two really “messy” nights since back at university but I’m loving being back in the city. January did bring along one un-fun thing which brought a little less sassiness to my life. Exam results. How gross. I’m happy with my grades (a B and a C btw) but getting them back, has in the most cliche way ever, made me even more motivated to work harder this semester.

In the spirit of all things 2016, I’m doing a health kick. I’m trying to eat healthier, really trying, but I just keep getting sidetracked by chocolate mousse and caramel biscuits. So in February, that’s one little month goal: try again to eat healthier. I’m currently eating a lot of spinach and chickpeas and spring onions. Funsies. I’ve also started going to the gym. I know, hold your horses. I don’t do if that often, or that strenuously, but it’s fun and makes me feel good about myself. I also go swimming a couple of times a week which is just relaxing and I have a thing about being in water – I should definitely go swimming more. It makes me feel clean and warm and sort of healthy.

I’ve also started a creative writing class this seminar which I’m finding really new, fun and challenging. It’s something new which I haven’t done before and it’s something exciting to do at night. I have to write a piece for the class which kind of nerve-wracking as I’m not 100% sure how I feel about strangers critiquing my work (ironic writing this on a blog I know). Another big revelation in all things me is I’ve started watching Grey’s Anatomy. AND I AM ADDICTED. It’s beautiful. Amazing. Heartbreaking. Fave TV show of 2016 I think. Along with my binges of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and New Girl. Uh huh.

Being Glasgow has sometimes make me feel disconnected from home, like I’m in a little bubble. It’s weird not seeing some of closest friends for weeks on end but occasionally I get to catch up with some huns from home in Glasgow. I’ve had two lovely lunches with people from home in Bloc near Sauchiehall Street and the Juice Garden in the West End and it was so refreshing and nice to catch up with people who get small-town life. All the fun and that.

So yeh that’s January guys and girls. I hope yours have been as wonderful and fun-filled and lets clink our glasses to February (which FYI, it’s my BIRTHDAY this month). Uh huh. Out.

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Original Post Date: January 2016