listening to lately.

I am not a music buff in any capacity but even I have a Spotify premium account to tempt me away from podcasts galore. I thought I’d share a few of my favourites at the moment and who I’m listening to lately. Dive on in.

Has anyone else heard of First Aid Kit? Because I feel like they are getting pretty big right now. For those of you aren’t cool enough to know about them, they are a Swedish folk/rock duo (and sisters) who have beautiful soul searching songs but also make you want to dance along too.

I first came across them whilst listening to Radio 2 with my mum (v rock n roll) and we were like “HOLY SHIT WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE”.

My mum loves their newest album Stay Gold but I’ve delved into some of their older stuff which is equally as amazing. My favourite song is Ghost Town which is just so haunting (pun not intended) and beautiful. When they sing, you just HAVE to stop and listen and just appreciate the music. I feel like I sounded a bit like a hippy when I said that but it’s just so true.

One major regret I have is not going to see them in the Usher Hall in Edinburgh in February. WHAT WAS I THINKING. So basically First Aid Kit, if you ever read this, please come back to Edinburgh. YOU ARE WANTED THERE.

Just saying (try not to be too jealous) but I saw James Bay last year. Before he was all “Hold Back the River James Bay”. I HAVE A SIGNED DEMO FROM HIM. It hangs on my pin board, not being jammy or anything. He was supporting Nina Nesbitt (absolute babe) in Edinburgh at the Usher Hall. HE WAS AMAZING LIVE. I really love all his new stuff, especially Hold Back the River and Scars and his hat looks awesome. James Bay is so good to sing along too, which is great for road-trips with your friends. AND just to gloat a little more, I have had my picture taken with him too, y’know just cos.

Florence Welch is just insane. She ranks as one of my most favourite singers/musicians of all time. I still listen to Dog Days and a lot of songs from her Lungs album profusely/regularly/sing along loudly and out of tune. She is just so cool. Her songs are just so singable and great to dance too! I love What Kind of Man (I often belt it out) but the other single from this new album, Ship to Wreck is also great because it’s different. It’s still very Florence and the Machine but it’s also different. I don’t know how to describe it but it is just simply gorgeous for your ears.

How can I have a Listening to Lately without mentioning Taylor? Is she one of the best things to ever happen to me? Probably. She is beautiful. I have loved all her music, Love Story is a great song btw. And I loved her RED album, especially the song 22. So singable and makes me think of summer parties and hanging out with friends doing random stuff.

But 1989 is in a class of its own!!! I listen to this in my car with my mum (as I’m still a learner driver sob) and BEST DRIVING MUSIC EVER. Shake it Off is just so dancey and makes you happy and ugh don’t you just love songs like that?? Other favourites from this album include Style and Welcome to New York. Also I REALLY wanted to go and see her at the Glasgow Hydro this year but tickets were like £70. Em wtf money doesn’t grow on trees Taylor so unfortunately I will not being going and anyone that is, I’m INSANELY jealous and hate you all.