living stylishly on my non-existent summer budget.

Have I mentioned I’m on-the-bones-of-my-arse level skint at the moment? Because you bet your ass I am. All of the money I am managing to earn from freelancing (which is barely anything) is going towards my Italy trip at the end of August and until I get a summer job, living thrifty is how I will have to continue.

But it also something I want to continue. I’m awful with money and I need to grow up a little and be more responsible. Less pouring my money into ASOS orders and random sprees around Primark and instead snapping up statement and important pieces that can hang in my wardrobe forever.

For someone with literally nothing on at the moment (living for the trip to Italy I can’t afford) I am really motivated about the summer. Note: that might be because the sun is shining outside and I live for Glasgow in gorgeous weather.

And it might just be the perfect time to implement my new lifestyle attitudes of spending savvier but dressing more stylishly. 2018 is supposed to be my year of living stylishly after all.

look at what i have + make it work.

I have a lot of clothes. A lot. I have black jeans, white shirts, slogan tees, summer dresses in mini and midi length, blue jeans and literally every item to make up a capsule wardrobe that there is. It is time I look into the wardrobe and not on ASOS every time I need to go somewhere or fancy shooting for the blog.

I like a lot of my clothes and always moan about never wearing them so this summer I’m going to make a very conscious effort to try. And for the things I don’t like I’m going to do a huge charity shop drop off so other people can enjoy them.

buy what i need, not what i want.

I’m awful for just buying things for the sake of buying things. I recently bought a bomber jacket from ASOS that is downright awful but as I’m an idiot who just got too excited and ripped the tag off immediately I’m stuck with it. I didn’t need a bomber jacket either btw. I’m going to look into the wardrobe first before making any hasty decisions.

One item I had earmarked for ages was a short sleeve jumpsuit. This gorgeous one I’m wearing in these snaps is from JOY which was kindly gifted to me. I love jumpsuits and I knew I would get a lot of wear out of one and this is super versatile for summer and winter. This JOY jumpsuit is a real statement piece, super easy to wear and it is an investment piece. Women’s clothes can be a right bother to find at times that will last more than one season/trend but JOY is filled with lovely statement pieces to carry you through several seasons.

shop thrifty.

I’ve been loving Madelynne’s posts on shopping in thrift stores and found it really inspiring. Whilst we don’t have thrift shops in the same sense in the UK as they do in the USA I’m going to wander into the vintage stores that are in my neighbourhood more often and have a little browse.Some vintage items can be eye-wateringly expensive but I’m sure there will be a few bargains on offer if I look hard enough.

Glasgow also has a really great offering of charity shops in the West End and I only ever venture in to drop off donations rather than actually have a browse. I always mean to check there first before buying high street but I always forget/too lazy to walk there rather than a quick a scroll on ASOS.

don’t buy full price.

I remember reading a post by Erica about how she never buys things full price and it made me wonder why the fuck I do. I’m not a huge fashion blogger needing to share the ~ trends ~ of the season so why not wait a few weeks for that Mango dress I like to drop into the sale and save myself £15?

I love flicking through a sale rail so in future I’m going to try to make all purchases there unless it is something I downright adore and need immediately in my life. But that happens rarely so.

try eBay/depop.

A few of my friends purchase from the likes of Ebay and second-hand apps but I never do. I think I bought sunglasses from Ebay once. There is literally a whole world of opportunity out there so I think it is time I start having a little trawl on there, only if I need something mind.

Depop is also somewhere I need to start having a browse on more – lots of great bargains for pieces and I’m helping someone else out along the way.


jumpsuit, JOY {gift} | trainers, Stan Smiths | sunglasses, New Look | bag, La Redoute

[photos by Charlotte]
This post contains a product that was gifted to me.
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