Making Monday’s A Project

Making Monday’s A Project

I kind of like Monday’s, just throwing that out there. That wild, almost scandalous declaration because Mondays are on par with Trump. Well, maybe.

This maybe (read: probably) will change when I get a job. When I get a job that pays my bills and when I work Mondays-Fridays. When the weekends stop being two days in a week which are a lil bit more fun and instead become the holy grail of the week. But at the moment, with my fairly relaxed lifestyle of university which is only made less fun by impending deadlines and overwhelming fear of failure, Monday’s are pretty damn sweet.

Yes, classes start again. Yes, I feel slightly guiltier when I procrastinate. Yes, life is busier. But Monday’s are fresh, new, exciting, a chance to change. I see Monday’s as a project. Or a chance to start one at least.

Mostly on this blog I talk about make-up bits I’m coveting and my current favourite TV show (which changes almost weekly as I move from one Netflix binge to the next) but sometimes (and possibly my fave) are brain vomits. Where I kind of just spew everything out of my head which is currently floating around and taking up crucial space which can be instead be filled with useless Wikipedia knowledge about Teen Wolf.

This is a brain vomit about why I like Mondays and the connotations they hold for me.

When I first started blogging which is almost two years ago (that’s when I first started a little blog on Weebly called What She Does, throwback to that gal) I never thought I would end up where I was I am now. Firstly, it was a bit of a shock that I have kept this hobby going. What She Does was a blog I made when trying (and failing) to be cool, fashionable and up-to-date. A name I thought would look great on the pages of a magazine because OBVIOUSLY that was where I was going to end up. But as I kept blogging on What She Does, it just didn’t fit.

Not for me anyway. So I brought that blog down and came up with The Monday Project. This kind of came out of my attitude towards Mondays. Now don’t get me wrong, sometimes I hate Mondays with a passion and would rather gouge my own eyes out than wake up in another one but thankfully, that feeling doesn’t resurface all too often.

Side note: the day of posting this is one of those days. I am v ill and I couldn’t buy paracetamol in the supermarket because I didn’t have any ID on me and I got ID’d. A sad time to be me. I like to think I look a lil bit older than 16.

BUT ANYWAY. Mindy Lahiri, the title character of The Mindy Project and Mindy Kaling, the actress who plays her, are both bad-ass bitches who I think are pretty damn cool. Both are smart, creative, not afraid to fight for what they want and stand up for who they are. That kind of person is who, I, occasionally try to be. And the kind of person I want to be a lot more of, more often.

So The Mindy Project become The Monday Project with some of my own charm thrown in. And because I like Mondays.

Mondays are a new week. A new week out of the 52 we get to play around with every year. I like to start my Mondays on a positive note: I like to get up before 10, I like to make sure I eat breakfast and lunch at the right time, I like to make sure I do some sort of productive uni work, tidy the flat and do some washing. I like starting the week off with a spring in my step.

And I want all my Mondays to be like this. I don’t want my Mondays to be me rolling around in my bed feeling ill and sleep-deprived because I stayed up till 3 watching Silent Witness. I don’t want it to be a case of eating breakfast for lunch because I didn’t get up before 12. I want to get dressed into something, even if it is a new pair of pyjamas. I want to maybe even exercise. Once I went for a run in a local park before 9 on a Monday and it was the best way to start a week.

And no, I didn’t drop dead at the sudden influx of exercise into my routine.

Tomorrow is Monday and I’ll be waking up at home instead of in Glasgow. I want to get up before my mum goes to work so I can say goodbye and thank her 100x plus for making my weekend at home as lovely as always. I want to make sure I have adequate time to get dressed, do my hair and do my make-up before my dad takes me for my train so I feel like the flamenco dancing emoji instead of a small heffalump who got lost in the Hundred Acre Woods and ended up on a train to Glasgow. I want to drink more tea this week instead of Diet Coke, I want to do yoga every day and drag myself out for a run even just once. I want to do all of my seminar preparation in time and I want to buy a new book.

As I’m writing this, my blog is going through a little bit of an overhaul which will be pretty dam obvious (or at least I hope so!) and I’m excited. I’m excited for a change, for new set-up, for it to be new and exciting and I can feel inspired again. I want 2017 to be my year of blogging, university and learning to accept (and love) myself just the way I am. Yes I could probably do with losing a couple of pounds and yes I would love to go down a dress size but instead of imploding with the fact I view myself as a failure every ten seconds, I want my journey to achieving what I want for myself to pretty damn ace too.

I’ve been feeling quite lost for the last few months now and I’m always in a tizzy about something, whether it be university, the future or myself. So instead of waiting for things to get better on their own, I’m getting to do something about it. I’m going to drink more tea and do more yoga and smile more often. I’m going to say yes to invites and make more plans and dream bigger. I’m going to work for my dreams and keep working on them instead of shelving them into a document on a USB or a page in a notebook. I want to take more photographs, write more blog posts, do more with my time in Glasgow.

Each new week is going to be my chance to build on that: I’m going to go with the flow whilst working on my projects. I’m going to stop putting the pressure on myself to do things that I think everyone else sees as right and just bloody relax for once. And relax in a way that isn’t watching another Netflix show but relax my mind.

Monday marks tomorrow and tomorrow marks the next step.

And WOW that was a ramble but yeah, rock your Monday.