Introducing the Monday Letters: a new newsletter concept from The Monday Project.

“Monday Letters is a fortnightly email promoting the power of Mondays and the start of a new week. The time to hit refresh after the weekend, the time to get up early and start your week, to pull that to-do list together and finally make it to the gym class you’ve been muttering about for weeks or have that big long lie in and a cup of tea in bed. Monday is your power day.”

So I am starting a newsletter. Please subscribe, thank you so much. Checking my inbox and seeing I have a new edition of my favourite newsletters brings me such joy. I want to incorporate my love of Mondays into a newsletter where we can share, motivate and inspire each other to get our week’s off to the best possible start. 

First edition coming to your inboxes Monday 18th February.

I’ve always enjoyed Monday – despite the fact I struggle to get up most mornings or am always running late or miss breakfast and leave with unwashed hair with a to-do list half-written and I’ve forgotten the other half by lunchtime. 

Even when Mondays don’t go right, they never go completely wrong.

I want to change the perception we have about the beginning of the week and whether you love or hate them, Monday will always be the beginning of the week. 

We are all busy people with busy lives and we all do things differently. How do you live your Monday?

Sign up to Monday Letters for your fortnightly dose of chat, inspiration and no shame for sleeping in.

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How I spend my Monday.

I’m asking everyone else what the fuck they do on Mondays so it seems only right I share mine.

6.30am – Get up! This is a new one for me as I’m trying rise early every day despite it being the world’s biggest struggle. My productivity is definitely at its best in the morning (especially for trickier or more mundane tasks). I usually shower and wash my hair if it is a hair wash day followed by coffee and breakfast. I’ve just discovered black coffee and it feels like a spiritual awakening.

My flat is always freezing in the morning so I prefer to crawl back into bed with a bowl of cereal or some toast in an effort to warm up. I always scroll on my phone or start working on my blog from here before I begin my day properly. I head to the gym straight from university on a Monday so I tend to just wear my gym kit so I have less bags to carry about all day with me. 

8.30am – After a couple of hours of slowly getting moving, by nine I like to be dressed, ready and off to the library. I’m currently working on my undergraduate dissertation (please don’t ask me about it unless I bring it up) so I like to get to the library in good time to get a seat of my choice and a couple of hours in before the place fills up. It also means I don’t feel guilty about crunching on a snack on the silent floors if the place is half-dead. 

11am – At 11 I pack up my things (don’t be that person that desk hogs at the library all day) and head off to my lecture on France from 1789 to 1914. This is a module I wanted to study last year but it filled up so quickly thanks to fourth years getting priority of choice. I am now a fourth year so I got the priority hurrah! I love these lectures as the tutor is so engaging and the content is interesting and easy to follow. 

12pm – This lecture finishes so I gather up my things and head straight to the seminar for this module. It is a bit of a slog at two hours long but I always try to engage in the discussion as much as possible even if I haven’t done as much prep work for it as I would like. The same tutor runs the seminars so they are always interesting and engaging. Since I did my presentation a few weeks ago I have really felt the pressure lift and I can enjoy the seminar a lot more for what it is. 

2pm – I’m finished with my France module for the day and head to my final lecture on Renaissance Florence. Now this class I don’t love as much as the tutor tends to drag on irrelevant points and anecdotes about all the times he’s spent in Italy as well as his powerpoint being impossible to make sense of and follow but I do try to go as much as possible in case I miss an important announcement. One of my friends from first year also takes this class so it is nice to bump into him and have a catch-up afterwards. 

3pm – Back to the library! I head back to the library at this point in my day and set up camp for the rest of the afternoon for dissertation work or any upcoming assignment. Sometimes I meet my friend for a quick half hour break beforehand to eat my lunch and have a catch-up/re-assure each other that we will both be fine with our dissertations.

I get such a sense of satisfaction sitting in here when it begins to go dark as I slog on. I usually wind down university work in the last hour and sometimes reply to emails for the blog if I have any (rarely) or do some content writing and brainstorming. 

6pm – I leave the library to head to the gym for the 18.30 Bodyjam class. I’m really pushing myself to exercise more regularly in 2019 so I’ve got myself a gym membership and try to go to 2/3 classes a week – two of them being Bodyjam. It takes me about fifteen minutes to walk there and then I have fifteen minutes to find a locker, drink some water and chill. 

8pm – By 8pm I’m usually home after walking back from the gym (takes me about twenty/twenty-five minutes depending how tired I am!) and I make my dinner. I usually do a batch-cooking session on Tuesday so I have whatever dinner I’ve written on my meal plan schedule over the weekend, usually something quick to make as I’m so hungry after the gym.

I’ll then jump in the shower or if I’m really lazy, promise myself I’ll do it in the morning. I also do any chores at this point in the day: hang up my washing, tidy away washing, make lunch for tomorrow, organise my bag for tomorrow, tidy my room and do my dishes. 

9pm – Chill time! I usually sit with my laptop doing uni work or blogging work but I have recently been watching the new season of Silent Witness. I’ll listen to podcasts if I’m still doing uni/blog bits but if not I’ll watch Netflix or YouTube. 

11pm – After a couple of hours of messing about, watching TV or doing things on my laptop I’ll get ready for bed. I try to do a skincare routine (usually fail) which consist of Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser, Your Good Skin Balancing Concentrate and Superdrug Naturally Radiant Renewing Night Cream and brush my teeth. I then try to read for at least fifteen minutes before lights out and bed. 

Phew. Monday.

And that is Monday. It is my busiest day of university contact hours wise and I always try to make the most out of needing to be on campus all day by going to the library before and after. Sometimes I don’t have a two hour seminar so I’ll use that time to eat lunch and study in the library. It is never that exciting but I always feel motivated at the end of and ready for Tuesday which is schedule free day that I use to study at home for my dissertation, do any internship work that requires my attention and blogging bits. 

Get involved.

I want to hear about how you spend your Monday and if you have any tips for the rest of us. I’m hoping to turn this section of the newsletter into an inspiring Q&A with some of my favourite bloggers about how they make the most out of Monday so if you want to be involved, shoot me an email at to be featured. 


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