money diaries [01].

Welcome to my money diary! I am trying to be a lot more conscious with my money and not waltz around Primark without a care in the world only to cry about it four hours later. I’ve always been okay with money, especially since I started working when I was 16, but in the last little while I have found myself thinking about ~ the future ~ and the sort of financial position I want to be in – or don’t want to be in.

I thought I’d share this for two reasons: firstly, so I can track my spending and perhaps guilt myself into not spending too much knowing I’m going to be publishing it, and secondly to just share for the sake of sharing and perhaps share some tips and anyone in the same situation can learn something (or teach me something, leave a comment!).


I was planning on spending no money on Monday (trying to do this a couple of times a week now as fuck me, life is expensive) but whilst I was staring at my legs and then at my diary for the week I knew it was time to bite the bullet and buy new razor blades. It does break my heart a little to place an Amazon order for them (£7.82). I had been putting this off as it felt like such a big purchase but for this price I got four separate heads so hopefully this will last me quite a while.

I spent most of Monday working from home although I did walk to the library to do a bit of work from there. Thankfully I didn’t decide to duck into Tesco and pick up something chocolate buttons or something. I ended spending another £14 in the evening as I owed my flatmate my share of the bar tab from Friday evening – I was going to have to pay her back at some point so better now than never. I ended up popping to Tesco in the evening around 8.30pm to get something sweet and spent £1.45 on a set of empire biscuits. I ended up eating three out of the four and then cried about it because I felt sick and fat. Happy Monday.

Total: £23.27


This was supposed to be a no-money spend day but my lovely mum said she would buy me a rainbow striped dress from Primark that I had my eye on. I popped along to my local store in the morning to try one on and purchase it (£20) for her to then pay me back when I see her this weekend. I walked there and back to save myself the pennies but thanks to all the diversions along Sauchiehall St it is a bit of a hassle.

Whilst walking home I popped into Tesco to buy some more paracetamol (£0.30) as I woke up with a cold this morning and when checking my medicine cabinet* I found I only had two left! I spent the rest of Tuesday working from home and sulking about having a cold.

*New Balance shoebox under my bed containing camomile lotion, paracetamol, period shit and plasters.

Total: £20.30


I walked into town to meet Hayley and Charlotte at Doghouse Merchant City. It was boiling hot and I was wearing a not sensible dress but still resisted public transport to save myself the pennies. I spent £10.55 on lunch for some fried cauliflower, halloumi fries and a soda lime. Hayley and I then headed to the iCafe Merchant City to do some work with our laptops and I spent another £2.60 on a soya flat white. I also opted for the subway home as I was melting and just could not be bothered to walk for 40 minutes in the heat. So I spent another £1.70 on the subway.

After getting home it was SO HOT in my flat so I couldn’t really be bothered to work. I was doing a lot of scrolling down social media and was overcome with a sudden craving for an ice lolly. A quick search around the freezer told me I didn’t have any so I popped off to Tesco for some ice lollies (£1.05).

Total: £15.90


I spent most of Thursday at home ‘working’. My friend popped in for a chat but we just stayed in the flat as I was feeling poorly. I headed along to the St Enoch Centre’s summer garden party in the evening. I decided to walk there in the blistering heat which was dumb to save money but as I had a lot to carry when I left I got the subway home (£1.70).

I also popped into the pub before going home to watch the England v Belgium game with some friends but as I’m trying to save money I had a lime and soda over a pint which cost me £1.80.

Total: £3.50 


Ah Friday was an expensive day. I was heading home to the Scottish Borders so I was set back £1.70 on my subway ride to the station and then had to purchase train tickets (£16.05). Thankfully I have a 16-25 railcard which saves me 1/3 on rail fares and it is a lifesaver.

Once back in the Borders I had to go to see the hygienest for a scale and polish (£11.12) and then I popped to Sainsbury’s for milk (£1.10) for my mum and some dental floss (£1.50) for me.

Total: £31.47

saturday + sunday.

I had a little lunch date with my friend for a catch up and some lunch. I drove there which meant no public transport fees. We went to Border Meringues in Jedburgh and I spent £9.40 on a cheese and haggis cranberry followed by a rocky road traybake. We did end up going to Eyemouth for fish and chips for our tea but as I was with mum and dad, they paid which was sweet.

On Sunday I had an easy day at home which involved the spending of no money! Hurrah! We did go and visit my Grandma and take her out for a cup of tea but it didn’t cost me a penny. I should go home more often right?

Total: £9.40 

the end total.

I ended up spending £103.84 this week which is a lot more than I would like. However my mum paid me back for the striped £20 Primark dress which brings me down to a slightly more reasonable £83.84. I did however have a busy week with a couple of lunches out, train ticket home and that pesky scale and polish. Better luck next week eh!