money diaries [02].

It has been a long while since I wrote my first instalment in my money diaries series but I’m back with the arduous task of reviewing my weekly spending and seeing what the actual fuck I waste my money on.

Since university restarted in the middle of September I have actually been keeping a track of my outgoings on a Numbers spreadsheet on my laptop. It is actually painful to see what I’ve spent money on sometimes but, all in all, it has been useful to see where my money goes. I’m yet to making any massive changes to help me save but little by little I’m hoping to work on this.

I’ve started recording my budget Friday to Friday as it gives me more money at the weekend which I’m all about and whilst I’ve overspent every single week during the last six or so weeks, it is slowly cutting down and I’ve often had to overspend thanks to an unforeseen circumstance such as new glasses or a bill.


In a twist to the norm I’m in St Andrews this morning with a hangover and a sense of dread and embarrassment drowning me. We go for breakfast at a local café called North Point where I spend £4.20 on a disappointing tuna roll and a sparkling water to try and cure me. Unsurprisingly, it does not work.

After driving home from St Andrews and a brief respite of lying on my bed, we head to Ikea to eat chips and check out the plants selection. I am gobsmacked that a large fries and a soft drink costs only £2.10. The portion of large fries is huge and I, of course, finish them despite then feeling ill. I also pick up a new plant, plant pot and vanilla candle (£6.35).

Finally, to end the longest Saturday of my life where my previous night in St Andrews feels like it didn’t actually happen, we go to the pub to discuss true crime and gossip where I have a pint which is only £3.19 with my student discount.

Total: £15.84


Waking up without a hangover is forever my favourite thing about the weekend. I laze about in my flat and re-watch the newest episode of A Discovery Of Witches because I am a woman obsessed. Due to the fact my cupboards are bare (which I know as I decide to organise mine and sort things into boxes, which my flat remarks it will now be hard to steal things) I head to Lidl where I get a Big Shop for £15.31.

My smugness at the success of my Big Shop evaporates around four hours later when I realise I didn’t buy any tin foil which I need because I want to have salmon for dinner. This means I have to head back to Tesco where I spend £3.39 on a can of Diet Coke, bagels and tin foil.

Total: £18.70


I spend Monday morning rolling about my flat as I’ve slept in, again. I’m having real problems with dropping off to sleep at the moment and then staying asleep once I nod off. It makes me so exhausted in the morning and I just can’t bring myself to get up before 9am. Not the best start to the week then.

I have class at twelve and then when it finishes I meet my friend in the library for lunch before heading up to level ten where I sit studying until 6ish. On the menu that night for dinner is bean chilli I have defrosted out of the freezer with rice, cheese and broccoli.

The most exciting part of Monday? I spend zero money.

Total: £0


I spend Tuesday mornings (usually) volunteering in my local branch of Cancer Research which I really enjoy. This morning I change all the mannequins in the store including the Stand Up To Cancer window display which is fun as I get to browse all the rails looking for cute things.

I also watch sadly as an old lady buys the £20 cashmere jumper I’ve had my eye on all day. I deliberately did not bring my purse in an effort not to buy things I don’t need – in the last couple of weeks I’ve come home with a candle and a mug.

The afternoon is spent making another loaf of The Mother Cooker banana bread and doing Papal Power notes before doing a bit of dissertation work. On the cards again for dinner is bean chilli with rice, cheese and broccoli. It is a good thing I love bean chilli so don’t mind eating it for days after a batch cooking extravaganza.

I did have to pop to Tesco where I buy butter, chocolate for the banana bread and a can of Diet Coke because I am stressed. It costs me £3.

Total: £3


I sleep in. Again. I slept awfully last night, woke up all through the night and then had a horrible nightmare which basically constituted to my sister trying to kill me in a supermarket and no one cared. I had planned on studying in the library but due to a combination of sleeping in and wanting to use the good daylight hours for an Instagram collaboration I needed to do by Friday.

This puts me in a bad mood as I feel like a failure for not going to the library despite the fact I had legitimate reasons for not going. And I had the tools at home to study so I could still study. Self-inflicted pressure is a funny old thing isn’t it?

Due to spending all day in my bedroom and eating cheese and chutney bagels, I don’t spend any money despite the fact I check the Dublin flights AGAIN and scroll through the 20% off ASOS Design section. I also rearranged my bedroom a tiny bit, decided to do the Fall 10×10 Challenge after I saw Jen doing it on Instagram and watched a lot of Kate McCabe on YouTube.

Total: £0


I sort of sleep in again but do manage to get up earlier than the other two days. I had made plans with my friend to meet for food on Byres Road so I potter around the flat doing uni work until it is time to head there.

We pop into the charity shop first so she can be a witches hat for Halloween weekend and then onto Matilda where I spend £10.45 on poached eggs and avocado on toast, a Diet Coke and a lemon meringue pie. I end up getting the cake as I got two grades back and both were good so I’m allowed to celebrate.

We then head to the library for a couple of hours work before attending the class rep training together as we are both the senior honours classics class rep. May or may not only be doing it because it goes on my transcript and makes me look ~ good ~.

That evening that spirals. We go for ‘one drink’ to Cooper’s after our first choice, the Old Schoolhouse is closed for renovations and our second choice, Bank Street, is booked out by annoying university societies. The one drink situation gets out of hand and we leave another pub the Oran Mor at three and I wake up with a very bad hangover on Friday. I do only spend £7.41 though thanks to be going coerced into extending the evening by the promise of free drinks.

Total: £17.86


I am hungover and therefore the day is a write off. Tori and I lay in my bed for a bit unable to move with sore heads and discuss the antics of the night before. I have a class at 12 and it’ll take me longer to catch up than it will to actually go so I pull on gym clothes and head. It is also my most favourite class with my most favourite lecturer so I’d be sad if I missed it.

I pop into Tesco both before and after my lecture because I need ‘supplies’ which sets me back £7.20. I then head into Subway in the university union for a draught diet coke from which costs me £1.50 which I kick myself over whilst I’m waiting for my union membership card.

Despite having an atrocious hangover, I decide I want to go to the Dockyard Social event that evening but find no tickets are left. Alisha very kindly lets me tag on as her plus one and I also get to meet Rebekah for the first time which is fun.

I withdraw a tenner on the way there in case I’ll need cash but the venue kindly give us a free drink on arrival, a food voucher and a drink voucher meaning I don’t spend a penny. Dockyard Social was so much fun and I definitely want to head again as everything was well-priced and delicious smelling.

Total: £18.70

the end total.

I end up spending £74.10 this week which is a great success. I had two spend-free days, got hideously drunk and socialised quite frequently so this is a roaring success. I did a lot of batch cooking in advance which helped keep my food costs down instead of my usual daily jaunts to Tesco where I come away  with things I most definitely do not need. More weekly spending like this please!