Money Diaries 04: adulting is really hard.


My sister is staying so I sleep in till 8am and then make us both some toast as we won’t be having brunch until about 11.30. We head up to Byres Road where we do some mooching in gift shops and I almost buy a £25 sale dress in Oliver Bonas, reduced from £70! I have admired it all summer and when I told Louise I was going to try it on she said it was ‘very me’; probably not a compliment. 

I’m proud of my character development as whilst it is beautiful and exactly the kind of dress I’m in the market for at the moment (colourful, midi length, well made) it is a bit too big up top in a size 12 and too tight around my stomach area but I know a size 14 would be even bigger up top so I leave it mournfully behind. My bank account is happier though. 

We stop at Urban West for brunch where I have the halloumi stack and a soy flat white which Louise pays for but when I get the money out for the boiler repair which happens later that day (£70) I get an extra tenner and give her £5 as brunch was more expensive than dinner the night before. I also pop into Sainsbury’s for a Diet Coke and some tin foil to break a tenner (£2). 

My day takes a dire turn when I accompany my sister to her appointment and spend two fucking hours in a waiting room where, and I’m not joking, would have actually preferred to poke my eyes out than sit there any longer. It was total chaos, the company was a shambles and it was literally the biggest waste of my time possibly ever ?? Eventually I go home (about 8.30pm) in an Uber which sets me back an eye-watering £16.23 so I order a Dominos in a huff (£15.99) because spending more unnecessary money is sure to make me feel better. 

During this whole debacle I do pop to the post office to post a Depop parcel (£3) and also buy some more packaging as I have some eBay auctions ending tonight (£2). 

Total: £114.22 (includes that annoying boiler repair which I’m still sulking about massively)


I get the subway to work as my sister is getting it to the train station which is annoying as I’ll need to top my card up again tomorrow. I am very pleased with myself though for bringing breakfast and lunch with me meaning I won’t need to buy anything to eat today – aside from my boujie dinner out but more on that later. 

However, after sitting down at my desk I renew my railcard (£30) as it expired about a week ago and it is so annoying without it and I buy a fake Kanken from eBay (£11.99) as I’ve sold enough of my clothes to top up my PayPal balance to cover it. My actual Kanken is looking rough thanks to all the hard work it has put in since I bought it and I’m now going to be using it as a gym bag and keep this new Kanken for uni. 

I stupidly take off my tempered glass screen on my phone as I think I might have to take it into the Apple store but it starts working again as soon as the screen comes off so I think I’ll need to pop into TK Maxx at lunch as I don’t trust myself not to have one on, especially if I’m going out on Friday night. 

At lunchtime I eat my sad chicken and lettuce sandwich, post my eBay parcels (£6) and buy a new screen protector for £4.99. I make a mess of putting it on (obviously) and it now has three massive air bubbles obstructing the screen. But it works fine so I just move on and vow to try harder next time. 

After work I head to the gym for my first session since Saturday where I feel ill the whole way through due to snacking on jaffa cakes at work before leaving. I’m finished just before 7 and walk home in the wet and windy Glasgow weather. 

That evening Rachel and I head to Six by Nico for their New York menu which is heavenly. We Uber there which I pay for (£7.24) as it is absolutely horrendous rain. We share a bottle of Chenin Blanc to go alongside our six taster courses and it is so worth the money. The food was incredible and I loved being able to try so many different things in an inspired menu. This sets me back £39 including the wine and I don’t regret it a single bit. 

Total: £99.22 


My first alarm goes off at 6am which makes me want to die. I roll around until about half past before dragging myself to the kitchen to make a coffee and some toast. By 8am I’m on my way to the Subway where I top up my card (£2) and by 8.30am I’m on the train to Paisley (£5.80 for a return at peak times). 

University is a struggle, I won’t lie, I’m finding the workload intense and definitely need to work on my scheduling and time management as I am a bit snowed under. Classes are over by 12.30pm so Charlotte and I head to Blend to catch up some on some work and I’ve wrangled her into giving me a lift home. The Diet Coke in the fridge never seem to actually be that cool so I grab a black coffee and a slice of Biscoff traybake for £4.70. 

I posted a couple of eBay parcels in Penny Black (£6) on my way to drinks at The Butterfly and the Pig which eventually culminates me being in Firewater with Anya and mysteriously spending £9 – unsure if this was on entry, drinks or the taxi Anya bundled me in to go home. Just happy not to be coming home broke to be honest.

Total: £27.50


I am a tiny bit fragile upon waking up but head to work. I stop for two Lucozades in Tesco on my way (£2.50) and then grab a roll and sausage from the work cafe (£2). Thursday is a pretty quiet day, work all day and then early to bed at night. 

Total: £4.50


I wake up full of the cold and head to yoga at Two Birds, stopping at Sainsbury’s for some bits and pieces on the way back (£5.35). I feel rubbish all morning and have an emergency nap on the sofa before going back to Two Birds for gym session. I stop in at Barnados on the way there despite being on an October charity shop ban where I get a top for £3. 

After the gym session which helps me sweat out a bit of my cold and I head to Where The Monkey Sleeps for a Two Birds cold blend for £3.50. I also stop at Tesco to get some lemon, ginger and a 70cl of vodka for the small gathering we’re having later (£16.64). I forget to buy mixer so also have to stop at Sainsbury’s for Diet Coke (£2). 

We head to Mango in an Uber around 12.30am which costs me £3.09 and I also spend £8 on entry for me and my friend. I don’t actually buy any drinks myself in Mango which is a bit of a surprise. 

Total: £41.58 


am very hungover. I do nothing on Saturday except from order two different takeaways from Uber Eats. Firstly a McDonald’s breakfast order at 9.30am (£12.91) and then a sushi order from Temaki at 6pm (£16.50). No regrets. 

Total: £29.41


I’m up at 8.30am and do some household chores and make a nice Sunday morning brunch of veggie sausages, fried egg and toast. After a quick Depop browse I buy a jumper including postage for £5 which I’m thrilled about and I hope it’s not gross. Rachel and I do a practice drive to Paisley where we make it back unscathed. 

We head to the Old Schoolhouse at 11.45am to watch the Scotland v Japan rugby world cup match where we leave at 2pm disheartened and downtrodden, off in search of some food. We tick Kothel off the Trello board we have as we stop for lunch (£24) and I have a smoked salmon, cream cheese and capers bruschetta type thing, a flat white, a Diet Coke and a piece of Bakewell tart. 

The menu is gorgeous with lots of sandwich options all priced between £6-7 and a big offering of tasty cakes as well. I think this is definitely going to be somewhere I visit a lot in the future. 

Total: £29


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