Money Diary 05: a whole lotta coffee and lizzo.

I’m hoping make my money diary a monthly instalment on my blog as recording my weekly spending here is a part of a wider approach I’ve now adopted to managing money. I’ve also decided to set some ground rules and discount all direct debits/monthly costs as no one really needs to know the cost of my car insurance or flat factoring charge! Instead these will be recordings of my daily spends and where I’m using my card all the time. Mostly charity shops and coffee shops and parking machines it seems. 


I’m recovering financially from an impromptu night out on Saturday (I have regrets) and buying a couple of things from Sacha’s Swap Shop. This doesn’t stop me from heading to Blend in the morning to get uni work done and beat the morning traffic rush. I have two coffees and an almond croissant during the few hours I camp out there, setting me back £6.80. 

After uni I drive back (parking is £5) to my flat with my friends from uni where we drink wine and eat apple crumble like the mature masters students we are. We do a big Uber Eats order from BRGR which includes many chicken wings, loaded fries and macaroni cheese, all washed down with red, white and rose wine. 

I’m in bed by 22.15 because I’m so tired all the time at the moment and I’ve cancelled the 7am gym class in case I have a sneaky wine hangover. 

Total: £11.80 


Due to not going to the gym I have a lot more time in the morning but still manage to almost be late. I walk to work and I’m wearing an outfit I’m super chuffed with; a thrifted green ASOS jumper from Depop, thrifted dogtooth skirt from a friend, grey Primark turtle neck and my New Look camel coat which I’ve not worn in ages. 

The only money I spend on Tuesday is paying Rachel back for the tenner I owe her from the weekend and paying Charlotte the £13.40 I owe her for the Uber Eats delivery from the night before. I’m in work late so have a quick unhealthy dinner of Quorn chicken nuggets and chips and then lie in bed doing university work. 

Total: £23.40


I’m up and off to Paisley by 7.30am which I’m chuffed about. My class starts at 9 but I like to beat traffic and give myself time before class starts to get caught up on things. I’m usually joined by Charlotte and Leigh which is nice and it means I get my blog post for Wednesday posted and scheduled on socials in good time. 

Our second class isn’t on today which means leaving uni earlier and only paying £2.50 in parking. I drive back to Glasgow where I head off to meet Cat and Thea at Kothel for some lunch. We haven’t all been together in a good few weeks so it is so lovely to have a catch up and eat some delicious food. I spend £13.58 on a prosciutto and brie focaccia, a Diet Coke, a soy flat white and a giant piece of lemon curd cake. 

Cat and I then popped to Shelter on Great Western Road which is one of my favourite charity shops where I bought a Zara dress for £5.53 as I got 15% student discount. I stopped in at Tesco on my way home before my big afternoon of Life Admin as I needed brown sugar (£1.53) for the apple crumbles I was planning on making. 

Total: £17.61


The gym in the morning followed by rushing home, showering and attempting to look nice for work. I get the subway to work because I’m cutting it fine AND it is raining so that seems only fair. It costs me £2 for me to top-up by subway card. 

I buy NO FOOD ALL DAY which feels like a much bigger achievement than it should be and dash home to make myself some cream cheese and peas pasta for a quick dinner. My new skirt from Depop is waiting for me and I’m so pleased with how it fits so I put it on and I’m back out the door again on my way to the Marion Made Jewellery blogger event which was so much. 

Marion’s collection is beautiful and I come away with some rings and Christmas presents. I literally want everything, especially all the dainty rings. I don’t want to say how much I spent because Christmas presents and that but her stuff is beautiful and so well priced. It won’t be my last visit to the Hidden Lane studio for sure! I’m also hoping to catch her at the Hell Yeah market in the south side in November. 

Total: £2 + cost of Christmas presents


I’ve absolutely fucked it with my presentation assignment so have to cancel the gym (I’ve been so bad this week) and spend all day perfecting my video presentation which finally gets submitted at about 4.30pm. I’m seeing Lizzo later so can’t do my usual submission of 11.30pm before midnight so it needs done. 

I spend all day wearing my disgusting In-N-Out t-shirt with my green ASOS jumper from Depop – eating leek and potato soup with a cheese and chutney sandwich for lunch and celebrate the submission hand in with some delicious pink gin chocolate. 

At Lizzo I buy Rachel and I drinks for £19.80 (it’s a two pint glass) and then spend £18 later on in the night for entry to Firewater, drinks and then chips and cheese from Bistro later on. I also spend £2 on topping up by subway card at Bridge Street to get back to town from Lizzo. 

Total: £39.80


I am very hungover and think I may be dying. So I spend an embarrassing amount of money on takeaway. Rachel and I order four McDonald’s diet cokes on Uber Eats at about 10am which costs me £8.11. We then order a big Chinese delivery at 6pm from somewhere on Uber Eats which is £32.70 on my Uber Eats account. I eat my food and feel sad all day. 

Total: £40.81


I’m off for lunch with my friend Anya at 1pm so I get the subway (£2 top up) and first stop off at Tiger for some frames (£8) and then Paperchase for some postcards (£3.20) as I’ve decided to spruce up my room. I end up hating all but one of the postcard/frame combinations when I get some so I’ll definitely be trying to barter those frames on Facebook sometime soon. 

Brunch at Wilson Street Pantry is delicious; I have poached eggs and avocado on sourdough toast with an oat milk flat white which sets me back £11.20. When I get home I get my car and head to Tesco in Maryhill to do a weekly food shop (£17.65) which includes some ironing water which is incredibly exciting. 

Rachel also sends me £20 for her share of takeaways from yesterday. 

Total: £42.05 (and Rachel paid me back £20) 

Definitely not my worst week spending wise but god, going out on the weekend really knocks my finances for six when I’m buying so much on Uber Eats the next day. Nothing really cures you like a Chinese though. 

As inspired by my friend Thea, I’m making another change to my financial management plans after this week by adding £30 a week to my Monzo card which I’ll use for coffees, lunches, any clothing or unnecessary interior/beauty spends to help me budget better. 

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