march goals.

If I was being really honest about March goals one of them would be to pick me up some new clothes. Like the women’s joggers from Jack Wills as I am dying for a new pair of sweats. But I want to maintain some sort of ambition in March so I’ve had a little think about what I want to achieve next month.  AKA I don’t want to sit on my bum all month seeing how much of Netflix I can get through. Spoiler: it’s a lot.

I started 2018 with a spring in my step ~ like I do every year ~ and surprisingly I haven’t lost my footing just yet. Yes I’m still awful at budgeting and sometimes I can’t remember the last time I ate a vegetable (no one tell my mum lol) but I haven’t lost my zest for 2018 just yet. So in the spirit of positivity, the fact the year is moving incredibly quickly and my April holiday to Ibiza is not that far off anymore, I thought I’d think about March and what I want to achieve

make exercise a priority.

I am going to Ibiza in April with my little sister. My toned, attractive, slim little sister and I do not want to look like a beached whale next to her. You would think this fear would have kicked my butt into gear about two months ago but nah, I’ve been chomping chocolate and avoiding the gym since 2018 arrived on my doorstep.

My gym membership mostly sits unused even though I march past the damn place every single day on my way to class. So I want to make exercise more of a priority in March. I’m gonna pray for a sale from somewhere cool like Sweaty Betty and Lulu Lemon ~ and then maybe treat myself to some chill gear from Jack Wills.

Even if it just a small session a couple of times a week to begin with, I want to make a serious effort and not quit after day one. Or not even make it to day one.

be better with money.

2018 was supposed to be the year of being better with money but it is almost March and I’m yet to figure it out. I did make v positive steps in February though when I ordered a Monza card and faffed around with budget plans on spreadsheets and in my notebook.

I want to stop accidentally falling into Tesco for random snacks and finding myself in the iCafe buying coffee I cannot afford. I want to actually stick to my weekly budget, not borrow from next weeks and quit being stuck in this endless cycle of debt to myself. I have so many plans I want to do this summer so unless I start being better with money, I might not get to do them all.

do some more style stuff.

I’m shooting with Claire White Photography this weekend and I’m hoping it’ll be the start of something. I’ve adored fashion and clothes for as long as I can remember and have always coveted spending pocket money and wages on Kylie to ASOS. It makes sense to incorporate this into my blog and my Instagram as it is something I’m so passionate about.

But up until now, I’ve been terrified. My body confidence has been low for years (which I’m going to be chatting about in a blog post next week actually) and I have an awkward relationship with the camera but I’m hoping shooting with Claire will turn things around and I can finally share the things I love on my blog.

be more proactive with my blog.

University is really starting to kick into gear now (my first essay of the semester is getting submitted today actually) and I’m very aware that I am in my third year. Shit is getting real. I adore my blog but it isn’t lucrative and there comes a time where I do need to realise I can’t do everything and things have to be prioritised.

Exams start in April so I want to use March to get ahead. To get content written, photographs taken, posts scheduled. I wanna be as productive as hell and not waste my time mindlessly scrolling Twitter. Gonna schedule all the tweets, reply to emails asap and just be on top of my shit. before I have to be on top of different shit – university shit.

keep on top of uni work.

On a similar note, I also want to be keeping up with uni work. Making sure I attend all my lectures so I can take the notes there and then. Being prepped well in advance for seminars so I’m not chasing my tail all week trying to get things done I should have gotten done a week ago.

Essay deadlines are now in full swing and I have two more to get through before the semester is out. I want to be organised with them, making note of books I want to read, do my reading in good time and just work work work baby.

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