my 2018 travel list.

2017 for me was a year of realising that sometimes, travel isn’t the best option for you. Leaving Camp America was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done and this year I’m excited to travel some more, without the shadow of CA hanging over me. I’ve always loved going on holiday and spending a lot of time reading travel blogs (namely the amazing As The Sparrow Flies) has ensured that in 2018, I want to travel more.

SO. Where am I heading to in 2018? Being a student means I have a huge summer break between semesters which is great to capitalise on for traveling as it allows for me to find a summer job. I have a huge bucket list (that mostly involves the USA) but due to budget and timings I’m concentrating on Europe and where the cheapest flights on Skyscanner can take me.

ibiza ~ april.

When my little sister turned eighteen, I promised I would take her on holiday. Mostly because I wanted to go on holiday but still, the gesture is nice. I picked Ibiza simply because I found a lovely hotel that was inexpensive and cheap flights through Skyscanner for the beginning of April. April was the chosen date as her birthday is in January and I have three weeks off from university so could go without feeling guilty.

I will have to take some sort of revision bits with me as I will exams at the end of April but I’m excited for a week of sunshine, wearing more summery pieces, enjoying good food and drinks and being near the sea. We have been known to argue however but I’m sure it’ll all be fine.

amsterdam ~ may.

So far all we have for the Amsterdam trip so far is one outgoing flight booked. Very organised. I’m heading to one of my favourite cities in the world (I gaged that from the one trip I took in 2015) with my two best friends so I’m very excited. We’re not heading until the end of the academic year so aren’t in a rush to plan as still have a little while …

I’m excited to see the sights I didn’t see last time, have a wander around the beautiful streets, drink all the coffee, eat nice food and explore. Hopefully we’ll have more planned by the end of March and then eventually have loose ends tied up by the end of April.

stockholm ~ may.

When I first shared this post, I was unsure about how my aforementioned trip to Amsterdam would end. And now I have an update! We have booked flights from Stockholm for the 30th of May. We’re flying via London Stanstead which does make a two hour journey into a six hour one when we include the layover but the flights were ridiculously cheap in comparison to flying back to Scotland direct.

Rachel, one of my travelling companions, worked as an au pair in Stockholm a few years ago so I’m excited to be going with her as our guide. We have a list of things to do in the city but I definitely want to drink lots of coffee and take all the pretty pictures. Anyone who knows me will know of my fascination of Scandinavia so I’m super excited to finally start visiting one of the countries I’ve read so much about.

italian adventure ~ august/september.

This is not completely set in stone yet as I haven’t booked anything but it is probably going to happen. I’m going to Italy for three weeks as part of my Classics degree to see the ancient sights and do some research on my chosen travel project – Roman bathing. I am absolutely freaking terrified to travel solo for three weeks but I’ve been doing lots of reading and Instagram stalking of other solo travellers so feeling bit better now.

The reason it isn’t completely set in stone is I’m not sure it’ll fully fit in with work but I”m hoping with explaining the situation, that lol, compulsory to my degree, gotta go or won’t graduate, will work. I’m flying out to Rome from Edinburgh (on the flights I haven’t booked yet) via London and spending around 11 nights there. I’m then heading down to Campania and basing myself in Sorrento as I think it’ll be safer than staying on my own in Naples. I’ll be doing a bit of travelling around this area, visiting Capri, Naples, Amalfi and Puzzuoli. I’ve never been to Italy before so god, I’m excited.

bath ~ september.

My final stop of the Classics research trip is to visit Bath and visit the Roman baths there. Bath is somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit in the UK. One thing I really want to do in the next few years is see more of the UK as I’ve hardly been anywhere and Instagram has really opened up my eyes to the beautiful island I live on. I’ve only been to London once, the Scottish Highlands once (which was a zillion years ago) and I’ve never really been anywhere in the UK except North Wales twice, Edinburgh and a bit of North Yorkshire.

So Bath fits into my travel resolution and I’m so excited to explore this beautiful city. It looks gorgeous on Instagram and as I’ll be at the end of my trip, I’m going to increase my daily budget a little bit and treat myself to a nice brunch and an Airbnb instead of a hostel. Truly living on the edge.

tips please!

If you have any travel recommendations for any of these designations please let me know in the comments! I’m hoping to add another trip my roster for the end of the year, somewhere in December but we’ll see how my time (and budget) planning goes …