My Current Make-Up Faves

My Current Make-Up Faves

Wooohooo I’m loving make-up again. Since my lil break-from-work holiday I’ve decided the best way to have a great day is going into work feeling fire and slay slay slay! I think I’ve also gotten a teeny little bit better at applying my make-up so that’s hella fun. I don’t actually own any *luxury* make-up at the moment so all of this is drugstore/high-street. Perfect for anyone trying to save their pennies for other things such as holidays and sneaky Urban Outfitters sales.



Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation

The lightest of the Rimmel foundations, Wake Me Up is working perfectly for me at work at the moment. It’s not too heavy so I don’t look too ridiculous when I sweat it off in puddles at work. It’s easy to apply (love a good pump on the bottle) and I don’t feel like I’m wearing any at all when I wear it.

Collection Illuminating Touch Brightening Concealer

This probably isn’t the best concealer I’ve ever used in my eye, I prefer Maybelline The Eye Eraser more. Coverage is okay but it can’t handle much of me at work as it tends to sweat off pretty damn quickly. But for it’s humble price tag, not bad.

Rimmel Match Perfect Concealer and Highlighter

I’m using this number as a highlighter in oppose to a concealer as I really needed something to lighten up under my eyes. I know this a firm favourite amongst a lot of people and it’s my first time using this product but I’m super chuffed with it. After putting it on, I immediately look a lot brighter and fresher. So win win am I right?

Rimmel Stay Matte Long Lasting Pressed Powder

I used to use powders religiously like a year ago but then after my last broke when I dropped it in the sink, I never bought another one and I don’t know why. I recently used this product when I was on holiday and I forgot how good it is at holding all your make-up on, especially in the heat! After browsing in Superdrug the other week, I spotted it and decided to snap it up as it really does make a difference to your make-up durability.


Seventeen Va Va Voom Mascara

This is a long-time favourite mascara of mine and it’s an essential for work. As it’s actuall brown as opposed to black, my lashes look good without too much fancy-ness for a day of waitressing. I love the brush on this, really good coverage which means my lashes don’t look caked in mascara when I try to get them looking full.

Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Liner

This is my joint favourite eye-liner in the world, tying with the beauty that is the Collection Fast Stroke Eye Liner. It has such a firm brush which means you can get a nice flick on your eye liner without looking like a panda. I have it in jet black which is such a good shade of black, so dark and doesn’t look like I’m trying to be a goth.

Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil

I’ve been after an eyebrow pencil for a long time as my Maybelline Master Brow Pro Palette just wasn’t working for me anymore. It’s not the best eyebrow pencil on the market, I’ll definitely be trying another one after I’m finished with this guy but for now, it ain’t all bad. The shade ain’t perfect but it works and I love the little brush on the lid to slick my eyebrows into shape, super handy!

Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara

My true eyebrow gem. My friend had a product similar to this and I’d been after one for ages when I found this. Whilst I’m not sure the brush is great (it’s kind of a round ball shape in opposed to a wand), this chap sets my eyebrows in the way I draw them. Lasts all day too!

Maybelline Colour Show Eye Shadow in Copper Fizz

My go-to eye shadow. Whilst I don’t wear this every day and I don’t apply it all over my lid, it’s my fave. I apply it under my lower lash line and along my upper lash line, just to give my eyes a bit of extra sparkle and make me look a lot more alive. It can be dressed up or dressed down.


(currently nothing to report here other than by an Eos lip balm but if I’m going out I got for MAC Chilli or Jack Wills Lip Crayon in Blush)


Foundation wise I’m using an own brand Boots brush which has a concealer brush on the other end, not the best in the world but I can’t afford to replace my Real Techniques one atm. Sad face. Blending wise I’m using one of Primark’s new rose gold brushes which I’m so so so impressed with and a Primark blending sponge, also a game-changer.

Powder wise, I’m using another Boots own brand which does the job just fine and dandy. I also have a contouring brush for Primark which I’m playing around with, it’s a great brush but I’m not really sure I know how to use it. The cream of my crop however is my new eye brushes from Eco Tools. Whilst I’m still planning to replace my Real Techniques eye shadow brush, this guys are awesome. Double ended, I have a “blend” and “smudge” brush and a “shade” and “define” brush. The “define” end is definitely my favourite, I can’t imagine applying my eye make-up without it now!

So what have I learnt?

Rimmel is my go-to for products. I use a Rimmel product for nearly everything. They are my go-to. But despite owning a few Rimmel lipsticks, I ain’t the biggest fan of those. Brush wise, Primark is a winner right now if you’re looking for a budget boo which gets the job done. Their new rose gold range is awesome!

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